Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Perfect Wedding Ring

How do you settle on a wedding ring when you have your eyes and heart glued on this since like forever. Its so beautiful. Its so painful to see.

The smallest carat which is the 0.3 has the same price of a 2.55 Jumbo. The 1 carat above is so gorgeous i cant breathe *faints*

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bonjour Chair!


Mon Amour

Epique! Drame!

Oh oui, j'ai hรขte de!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fat Mama Goes Jogging

Good morning people! What a beautiful Sunday morning it is.

Just got back from my morning jog/walk. I managed to do 10 rounds today. Wanted to do more but my body wouldnt allow it, sighhh. Cant wait to go swimming after Raya. Its been awhile. But before that kena beli swimming attire dulu i have none! Got lah bikinis tapi takkan nak pakai bikini kan? Kalau badan banging macam Geri Halliwell takpa jugak.

Yesterday my friends told me that jogging after sahur isnt good sebab it'll cause dehydration. I have no choice but to push myself very hard this month sebab i have gain so much weight, trust me. I'll take dehydration over being fat any day! To those yang tak percaya, please lah believe me when i say i am such a fatso now. Even my mom pun ringan dari i! Damn. Macamana lah boleh allow this to happen ... I promise this will be the first and last time i'll ever gain this kind of weight!

Tension oh sekarang. Nak pakai baju apa semua rasa tak kena, tak selesa. Padahal before this okay ja nak pakai all the clothes. I refused to buy a bigger size sebab i dont intend to stay on at this weight. So hopefully before Raya boleh lah lose some weight. Tak 13 kg pun takpa as long as ada lah nampak any changes, that should be good enough for me.

Makan pun kena jaga starting now. I limit myself makan 1000-1200 calories je per day takut gemok. And drink more water. Also started drinking my herbal tea back. Hopefully by doing all of this i can go back to being 40 kg. Please pray for me people :/

*sobs sobs*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do You Know How To Touch A Girl?

I think i could like you, i already do
Feelings can grow, but they can go away too
You're taking my hand, looking into my eyes
Dont be in a rush to get me tonight

I feel something happening, could this be a spark?
To satisfy me baby, got to satisfy my heart

Do you know how to touch a girl?
If you want me so much, first i have to know
Are you thoughtful and kind?
Do you care whats on my mind?
Or am i just for show?

You'll go far in this world if you know how to touch a girl

I think i could like you, but i keep holding back
Cause i cant seem to tell, if you're fiction or fact
Show me you can laugh, show me you can cry
Show me who you really are deep down inside

Friday, August 27, 2010

Do Or Die

Started my jogging/morning walk 2 days ago. So far baru buat 30 mins for both days. But later today im going to do more rounds and nak jog lama sikit lah dalam one hour or so. I need to burn all this fat and evil carbs from eating nasi, nasi, nasi! Lepas Ramadhan nak start p swim and p gym. I feel like buying a bicycle tapi takda kawan how to ride le? :/

I need to shed off this extra 13kg in 2 weeks time, ha ha i hope it'll happen

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Makeup & Raya Makeover

Dah dapat gaji? Nak beli makeup baru? Teringin nak di'makeover'kan by a well known makeup artist?

Well look no further! This came in my mail today. Such a great bargain for you girls in Penang Island!

Dapat free makeover, doorgift and boleh redeem barang makeup or skincare products lagi. Berbaloi baloi!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

I need to lose weight in 14 days! Desperate times call for desperate measures. I cant stand being fat. Enough is enough. I am done with this weight. Starting tomorrow i will work my butt off to be thin again!

Since i am that desperate, i googled few quickie easy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks!

Cut down junk foods
Stop eating out
Drink less sugary drink
Eat more fresh wholesome food
Try to get 2 serves of fruits and 5 serves of veggie per day
Eat 6 healthy mini meals per day. The key here is to eat in controlled portions and NEVER GO FOR THAT SECOND SERVE OR A SUPER SIZE MEAL!
Work out (duh!), take a midday walk or a run daily!
Drinks lots of water, water, water

Tomorrow will be the start of a new day for me, insyaallah. 

Note to self: You better Melissa. I swear you better do it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tadi time dok browse through the net for photos of Gossip Girl Season 4 punya outfit, i found this!

I have that Topshop by Kate Moss dress yang Serena pakai tu! Brand new with tags lagi! Hehe i bought it last year but tak pernah ada peluang untuk pakai! 

Checkout this old post; Hmmmm ...

Since now dah pakai tudung lagi lah takkan pakaikan. Sayangnya the dress is really so pretty :/

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gimme That Candy

When is my *ahem* husband *ahem* coming back to life ... on air? I cant wait for my daily dose of Chuck Bass' hotness! Its been too long, sighhh.

I wonder whats going to happen to Chair. I hope they'll get back together. Chair is epic! Chuck and Blair are meant to be together! Dont you people agree? And oh, did you girls check out the outfits for the latest season? Its to die for i tell you. Especially Serena's! Her clothes are always gorgeous. But i dont like her character on GG though. Quite annoying i must say. Chair is the only reason why i watch GG religiously.

That Georges Chakra dress worn by Serena is just to die for. 

How clever to mix it with men's wear. Blair's Moschino is too flowery for me. Oh can anyone tell me what bag is Blair carrying over there? I am dying to know. And below is the one and only reason why you should watch GG ... *drumrolls*

"Dude, im Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means"

HAHAHAHA. Epic! Cepatlahhhhhhhhhhh GG Season 4 habis shooting. Nak tengok sangat :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The reason mainly why i havent been blogging is because im juggling few blogs and FB accounts. Started my online boutique more than almost a month ago and alhamdulillah the support i got from my family and friends, i cant thank you you people enough!

Ramai orang tanya why did i chose the name Aleena Hijabs. Choosing the name for the boutique is the most difficult part ever. Mostly the names that i like are already taken such as Puteh and Cengkih. Yes i like classic Malay names like that. So one day i was browsing through the meaning of names in Arabic when i found Aleena and i liked it on the spot. Aleena means 'Silk of heaven'. To me, a hijab/shawl is the silk of heaven. Sutera dari syurga untuk menutup aurat hehe so know you understand why i chose the name.

As of now, Aleena Hijabs dah ada 6 collections. 2 collections dah sold out and another 4 still running but insyaallah i'll be adding up another 2 more collection next week. Raya is getting nearer im sure people would want to get their hands on a nice shawl/hijab to wear, doesnt matter if you're a permanent hijab wearer or nak beli saja saja i always believe every girl mesti kena ada at least few nice shawls.

Oh yes, this one i believe semua orang must buy. Its truly gorgeous and glamorous. Even if you wear a simple baju pun trust me this shawl will help you do all the talking and all eyes will be on you sebab its so cantik. I took for myself few colors for personal collection. I took 30 stocks of this and not even a month dah habis terjual 20 pcs. I am so happy. Me and my bffs will be wearing it for Raya, in different color lah of course mana boleh boria pakai color sama tak best lah hehe

Nad and I fooling around at her house with the tudungs hehe and below photos of a friend wearing the same shawl in different colors for her convo. Ana dear, congrats darling on your graduation!

SP Hot Pink, the gorgeous color ever. I forgot to take one for myself  :/

Mummy Ana in SP Purple with baby Awish

Other collection from Aleena Hijabs ...

Tudung Balqis

Shawl Lycra 3 Tones

Shawl Pakistan in Brown and White, Shawl Colorful Chiffon in Blue and Magenta

Pashmina Pelangi Net

Syria Lycra Set

Thats all for now folks. Insyaallah Aleena Hijabs will be adding new collection every week. So check out the website okay. Click dekat my link on your very right. Nampak tak? Hehe and thanks a bunch to my darling friends yang baik hati to help me out whenever im in need hehe love you people! And thanks for my customers for purchasing from Aleena Hijabs! Love you guys.

PS: I cant wait to meet up with everyone for the Ramadhan iftar gath. Excited! Dah lama tak jumpa all of them. Girls make sure you come okay! The last one was in 2008. So damn long adyyy. We need to take new photos, update ourselves and such!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

War Museum

War Museum photos people hihihi sikit only photos taken by my not so good handphone. This place is quite fun, if you're the adventurous type that is. And a little walk down the memory lane for some history learning, i am all up for it. I went with S only, just the two of us. The entry fee is RM30 for adults from morning till 7pm. Lepas 7pm, the night tour is at RM40 ke RM50 im not sure. But let me tell you this, i dont think its a good idea for you guys to go for the night tour. Going there around 6pm is already so creepy hehe there are tunnels everywhere and its easier to walk if you're in your work-out attire but since this was an impromptu go, we were of course in our trusty jeans and slippers.

I would love to go back there again and go inside the tunnels and everything. To those who has a thing for paintball, you can play it here too. The place is open everyday including public holidays and its in Batu Maung, Penang. You can see the canon firing bays, the cook houses, wells, sleeping quarters and etc. Its advisable to bring your mosquito repellent along and lots of ice cold water to drink because trust me its one hell of a tiring tour. But okay jugak lah can lose weight what? So stop complaining now, thats a two in one package aint it?

Okay enough babbling on to the photos ...

Me and my senget tudung all the time, sighhh

Ada lagi more photos nanti lah will upload 'em okay. I know i havent been blogging. Nothing to write hehe sorry darlings. Insyaallah will try my best to update this blog from time to time okay.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ya Ramadhan Kareem!

Hari ni iolls pergi cucuk untuk kegatalan yang teramat sangat sejak 3-4 hari lepas. Cucuk jauh nun di Kulim sana. Setelah iolls gigih mengoogle mana klinik pakar kulit yang bagus, Klinik Arun di Kulim menjadi pilihan hati. Juga disebabkan bff iolls juga mendapatkan rawatan cucuk disana.

Cucuk tak rasa sakit. Cuma iolls terkejut sikit. Bff iolls cakap cucuk bontot tetapi sebenarnya cucuk dibawah pinggang. I olls dont think that area is the bontot yet. Anyways, iolls kena pantang sebulan ni. Hopefully berpantang ni juga boleh bagi iolls kurus lah. Iolls tak larat nak bawak badan dah ni.

Senarai benda sedap yang iolls kena pantang, sedih tetapi harus ...

Telur, ikan kembung, ikan pari, ikan bilis, kerang, sotong. ayam, udang, daging lembu, cempedak, rambutan, durian .. setakat ini saja yang iolls dapat ingat.

Sedih kan? Apakah yang iolls harus makan selepas ni? Iolls cuma makn koey teow tadi. Walaupun masih lapar dan walaupun tak sesedap seperti nasi ayam budu tapi iolls kena sabar dan bersyukur ada jugak makanan dari tak ada apa apa. Bulan Ramadhan ni kena banyak bersabar kan uolls?

Walaupun iolls kena pantang permakanan tapi iolls gigihkan diri jugak membuat private event di FB untuk gathering sahur bersama sama kawan kawan iolls kat kedai feberet iolls iaitu tak lain dan tak bukan kedai nasi budu iolls. Kawan kawan yang baru makan sekali pun dah tersangkut. Iolls juga tengah menulis entry ni sambil mengenangkan ayam gorengnya yang sedap.

Itu ditepi, iolls juga besar kemungkinan akan ke bandar Kuala Lumpur minggu hadapan bersama sama bff iolls untuk gathering berbuka bersama sahabat handai di sana. Last year weolls berbuka di hotel JW Marriot. Banyak pilihan makanan yang sedap sampaikan weolls tak larat makan. Harganya dalam RM60 plus. Lebih kurang 100 pilihan makanan.

Mari tengok gambar gambar weolls ketika menjamu selera di sana tahun lepas

Cucur badak itu yang paling sedap

Marble cake itu bersama caramel pudding yang juga sedap teramat

Z, N, J, R, I, A, M; turutan mengikut kiri. Bff iolls takda :/

Beg weolls memang demanding nak seat mereka sendiri

Multi-tasking, sibuk berkamera dengan makan

Untuk tahun ni weolls belum decide lagi dimana weolls nak berbuka. Nanti malam sikit iolls google tempat yang best best untuk berbuka. Kalau uolls ada suggestion boleh lah komen di bawah entri ni. Jangan takut iolls tak makan orang. Uolls cuma komen sebab bedak sejuk muntah belut tu, tak baik tau. Iolls selalu tertanya tanya siapakah pembaca senyap iolls.

Okaylah iolls nak pergi memakan ubat-ubatan iolls yang 10 biji semuanya perlu iolls makan sekaligus. Pengsan iolls. But alhamdulillah lepas iolls cucuk tadi pagi, semua kegatalan itu telah pergi jauh dan iolls harap ianya akan pergi jauh selama lama nya. Okay lah, ciao uolls.

Salam Ramadhan. Hope weolls can make it until hujung Ramadhan, insyaallah

PS: Iolls tak dapat upload photos launching Resort Natasya last week sebab tempat tu masih tak siap lagi jadi pihak Natasya tundakan tarikh launching itu. Tapi iolls tak tahu pula bila launchingnya sebab setahu iolls kenduri kawan iolls bersama tunangnya Jimmy Yezza yang fofular itu dalam bulan hadapan. Jadi untuk pembaca i, tunggu okay nanti iolls pasti upload. Sekian harap maklum.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dearest readers ...

For your info i tak jual bedak sejuk muntah belut tu ye because alot of people mistaken and thought im selling it. Im actually using it and i pun suruh a friend belikan from Terengganu/Kelantan. I think its available at the pasars there im not sure which pasar though. So far dah 10 orang messaged me asking about this bedak and yes i am happy to help (with the help of the baik hati someone in Terengganu) but im not sure if the stocks will be enough for everyone. Someone just ordered 5 dozens hehe tu tak termasuk dengan orders from orang lain lagi so i'll have to get back to you guys on this sebab kawan i yang nak tolong belikan. PS to this person nanti i p KL i belanja you okay hihihi

So to those yang messaged me awal awal im going to give priority to them first. Ikut turutan lah ye baru fair and square. And please note you have to bear the shipping cost okay! And to those early birds insyallah esok i'll post your bedak. Anything girls text me on my cell okay because i know i gave some of you my number. Insyallah this bedak will do you good like it did to my face. But it doesnt help on my itchy dry skin though because i read someone tulis kata bedak ni boleh tolong cure itchiness but sadly doesnt work for me but nvm that, it works on my face thats all i need for now

Im gonna siap siap now and go makan with my girls nasi ayam budu. I am hooked! Esok dah nak puasa tak boleh nak makan dah. With this i take the opportunity to wish everyone ...

Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak, Ramadhan Kareem to all the Muslims in the world! Hopefully this year's Ramadhan will be better than the last one. Insyaallah ...

"Whenever Ramadhan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained" - Prophet Muhammad SAW

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go slow on the berbuka food people hehe

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Famous Bedak And Nasi Ayam Budu

I missed watching Nona just now. NNMK and her bedak muntah belut is getting famous these days! Hehe after trying it for almost 2 weeks i have to say it does make my skin soft and gebu, no kidding. My face is much better thanks to it. But it could also be the Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion that im using now. I dont know. But i think wearing both has made my skin condition better than before and here's hoping it'll stay that way for a loong looonggg time. Good face aside, i must do something with my weight. I think i am growing bigger. That is a big no no no. I love eating, alot. I dont know why no matter how much food i take i always end up getting hungry an hour later. I baca doa makan and bismillah okay! I dont know whats wrong with me. And as a result of that and not eating healthily and work-ing, here i am today with extra few kgs!

I dont know how much i weight now because i dont have that weight thingy at home and honestly i dont want to buy it because for sure tengok my weight now i'll pengsan. Ramadhan is coming soon which means i cant work out during Ramadhan. Arghhhhhhh. My jeans are getting tighter! Oh dear!

Must be thin back. Must be thin back. Must. Must. Must. Must!

PS: I tried the nasi ayam budu yesterday. And its true, nasi tu memang sedap. Because of the ayam goreng lah. Google 'nasi ayam budu', you'll see what i mean. Lepas ni for sure jadi pelanggan setia. Hmphhhhhh macamana tak gemok :/

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mana lagi cantik? 

GST in black or Classic Flap in black?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dear _________.

Thank you for writing that, for the sincerity. I appreciate it. We've grown, the both of us. What happened between us was forever ago. And i am ... sorry. It was childish and stupid. I've grown and learned from my mistakes. I am truly happy for the both of you. I hope its not too late to say congrats. Best of luck you two.

Melissa R.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There is no words to explain how grateful i am right now. Alhamdulillah. I am so thankful for it. I waited for 5 days for this, to tell that person this because of fear. Fear of rejection. But finally i pushed myself to tell her today because time is running out. And i got the answer i wanted, alhamdulillah.

I am still crying. But its not because i am sad. But because i am overjoyed and sangat grateful, you have no idea. Thank you for everything. It means a lot to me.
I havent been blogging ... because i've got nothing to write. Truth is, as my blog becoming more known to the public, my interest in blogging goes down, little by little. I used to think how fun it is to become a blogger, especially a popular one (but dont get me wrong, i am nowhere near that now) .. but it all comes with a price.

I see no fun in writing anymore. I cant be personal without not poking this person or that person. Hey, unless you're alone and lonely, i know you wont be poking at anyone. But my life, and yours, and yours, isnt like that. So please forgive me if i dont update this blog as much as i want to. But i promise i'll try my best to update when i have something interesting okay?

Ramadhan is just around the corner. Hopefully dapat puasa penuh this year, insyaallah. And hopefully you will too. So ladies, whats your baju raya for this year?

I am loving Rizman Ruzaini's and Zery Zamry's Raya collection for this year. Sangat cantik! Esp RR's collection sebab they use chiffon mostly. And the kaftans are to die for. The colors, beadings ... pendek kata semua lah memang cantik. Check it out if you havent okay? And oh, Jovian's and Mimpikita's too. They're all so pretty.

This weekend i'll be going to Cameron Highlands for the launching of Natasya Resort. I'll upload the photos next week okay? My bff isnt tagging along because shes going to Langkawi. So its just me & S. I hope it'll be fun since alot of people is going to be there.

I'll upload the photos next week. See you people soon! *kiss*

PS: I went to the war museum on Sunday, HAHAHA. I blame S for the sweaty trip along memory lane. Photos will be uploaded when i rajin okay?
Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong but ... nothing's turned out how you wanted

Do you know what your fate is?
And are you trying to shake it?
You're doing your best and your best look
You're praying that you make it ...