Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love Myself A Sequin

If you dont know yet, GLAM and Body Shop is doing a charity walk some time next month to stop child sex trafficking. So please if you could spare RM35 from your pocket, do register to join this wonderful cause. For more details please go to I hope to see you lovely people there!

That aside, i know i've not been blogging that much lately. So many things on my mind and many things to be done i dont feel like writing. But i miss writing so this is why you're reading this entry right now ...

Business is doing great alhamdulillah. I am so happy with it and im planning to bring in more things for Addara. Raya is getting near. Need to bring in more gorgeous kaftans and tunics for my lovely customers. That said, Raya dah nak dekat puasa belum ganti lagi! Ishhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nak kena ganti secepat mungkin nih.

Malam tadi tengok Mentor my oh my im so in love with Erra Fazira's canary yellow dress. The color, the cut, the fabric ... everything about that dress cantik sangat! Now i understand why Reena insisted on a yellow wedding. The color, kalau kena dengan material, beadings and cutting ... pendek kata kalau kena gaya memang cantik dan meletup! Plus, tak banyak orang pakai. Asyik white here white there white white white bosaaaaan lah! Dah Google photo dress tu but takda. Nak tunjuk dekat Reena, sighhh. Ziana Zain pun cantik sangat! I so envy these celebs, with babies but still ada a-to-die-for body figure.

Speaking about all things pretty, i am so in love with Nurita Harith and Alia Bastamam's latest collection! If only i have alot of extra moolah to splurge i would definitely get myself one or two things from their collection. We have so many talented designers here in Malaysia its amazing! I love Nurita Harith, Rizman Ruzaini, Alia Bastamam and Syomir Izwa. And im always excited to see their latest collection because its always oh so pretty!

Nak kena save duit nak kawin kalau nak baju designer kesukaan. Misi bermula in June. Harap berjaya.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New kaftans, tunics and kebayas 
Come and visit us

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sick Girl

Hellooooooooooooo, im back!

Went on almost 2 weeks of hiatus. Alot of things happened ...

Bickered with some friends, made-up with some friends, tons of work work work for Addara, got few excited mails from few people, went sick for a week, phewwwwww! All this in (almost) two weeks! Life is crazy!

I got really sick last weekend. It started with an eye infection, for two days. Then the fever came. I stayed home for a week because of this. I was totally exhausted. I couldnt sleep at night because my body got so hot. My eye was watery. Massive headache and body ache here and there. The doctor at the clinic thought i might have dengue. I cried when i told E that. I dont even know why i cried, dont ask! The doc told me to get a blood test done for confirmation.

So i went the next day, alone. After jumping from one room to that room to this room to whatever room, i found out i dont have dengue thank you Allah. I only have high fever, tonsillitis and conjunctivitis. Legaaaa! Tak pernah rasa demam seteruk ni seumur hidup. I had no energy and no appetite. My weight dropped to 48 kg. I stayed on my bed all day long. I couldnt sleep at night cause my body felt as if it were on fire. Too hot. But alhamdulillah im getting better and recovering now. Selera makan pun dah datang balik cuma not all food i can shove down my throat cause im not fully recovered.

Had to stop work because i couldnt go out to get things done and i dont want to trouble anyone. Luckily i have such understanding customers i am so thankful. Insyaallah this Monday i can go out and ship everyone's parcels.

I was supposed to go to Anne and Mudasir's wedding but i couldnt because of the eye. But i heard it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats to the newlywed!

So much to look forward to this next 7 months. So many plans to do for Addara and for myself. Hope all goes well, insyaallah.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Okay i missed blogging on two major things ... the royal wedding and Mother's day!

Everyone i know had their eyes glued on the tv to watch the royal wedding and most people already blogged about it so i dont really feel like there's anything left to say but since i am a part of *ahem* the jakun excited people who saw history in the making (i wasnt too small to take part in Princess Diana's wedding) i feel like i had to say something even if i dont want to, get what i mean? You know to look back in 30-40 years time and tell my kids i watched the whole thing went down, that sort of thing ...

So here goes ...

I dislike Kate Middleton's (who is now the Duchess of Cambridge) dresses; the first and the second one. There is no wow factor, at all. To me its just a plain, typical white lace dress. Andddddddd i cant believe she did her own makeup. Say it with me now, "Oh my goodnesssssssssssss!". What was she thinking? Thank God she is pretty with little makeup. But i applaud Kate's effort on making her wedding gown ... simple and 'decent'. From the wedding, i see that Kate is a simple girl showing us that she wants nothing but simplicity in her wedding and in her life which i doubt she'll succeed since she is married to the second in line to the throne. Sorry Kate!

Speaking of Prince William, my jaw dropped hard when i saw him! Balding, sad. Why oh why? Dont they have Yun Nam or something there? With all the money in the world he cant even save his own hair, its sad. He used to be cute. Whatever happened to him? But we're lucky we still have Harry to drool over.

I like Kate's sister's dress. And Lady Kitty Spencer and Victoria Beckham, i love you two! Effortlessly chic! And David Beckham you looked ............................................................... HOT HOT HOT!!!

I wonder how can Victoria walk on those crazyyy shoes? Mengandung pakai kasut tinggi gila dah lah heels so awfully thin, i really look up to her in that department.

Enough on the royal wedding. As we all know, yesterday was Mom's Day. I bought my mother a card. But i was ashamed of my own writing so i didnt send it to her. I have the writing of 5 year old. My friend laughed cause "your writing is as little as you" they say. Hmpphh.

Its the thoughts that matters right mummy? *cough* I'll get you something nice for your birthday instead. 

Happy Mother's Day mummy. Thank you for being an amazing mom for the three of us. Thank you for always being there through ups and downs ... no matter how many times we screw up, no matter how many times you hate us, in the end you're always there for us. You're my idol and i hope to be like you when i have my own kids. I hope i have your patience, your strength, your brain, your weight, your love for cleaning, your ability in saving money, your spirit and your kindness. 

I love youuuuuuuuu tons! x

Monday, May 9, 2011


Cardi: Eclipse silk cardigan
Pants: Addara

I am so in love with this pants and i would like to share the love with all of you! Im taking order for this pants. It comes in grey and black in S till L size. Its reaaaaaally comfortable! And the bowknot front gives it a 'cute' look. Its also stretchable so yeayyy!

Checkout Addara for more details on this current favourite item of mine!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty In Peach

Yesterday was Nadya's engagement. I was late. Like everyone-is-already-going-home late. But i am not the one to blame! Too lazy to write why. Had too much food yesterday. From the kenduri, to nasi ayam budu, to Anna's house, to Yuza's shop and Ezar's mom made laksa and cucur udang.

Too much, way too much. Im trying to pretend that i am on a diet today cause i've been munching on dried guava chunky slices i bought from Yuza's shop. (I am so hungry please helpppppppppppp!)

I love Nadya's makeup. The MUA did a great job. Her dress pun cantik, just like we planned. She requested for her friends to come in purple. I did not have any purple dress/kurung so i went in my black with green and purple flowers maxi instead. The same one i wore to Faezah's wedding.

Only three of us made it to Nadya's house. The rest was away. I tried to wear a different style yesterday (for the hijab) but i wish the hijab was wider and longer to cover the chest. Note to self; make longer and wider ones.

Nadya looked pretty in peach kan? To Nadya and Kamal, congrats on the beautiful engagement. Food was good too, thank youuu! The day of your engagement isnt going to be the happiest day of your life because there is many many more beautiful happy days to come insyaallah! Congrats again! Im looking forward for the wedding!

Photos without watermark belongs to Nadya. Credits to the official photographer