Monday, February 28, 2011

Wise Shopper

I rarely check my Formspring so please please please email me or tweet me or drop me a message at Facebook if you have any questions to ask. I am so sorry for the late replies. Sebab dah lama tak log-in, password pun dah tak ingat. Sorry sangat sangat!

Okay enough about that. Can anyone tell me who doesnt love cheap bargains? Especially girls kan? Why but something at a normal price when you can get better cheaper deal somewhere kan?

Let me tell you my secret. Before this, tak pernah fikir pun about price tags if i have enough or a lot money in hand. This bad habit of mine menjadi jadi whenever i go out with my mom dulu. My mom lives in Japan. So whenever shes back here, i'll ask her to take me pergi groceries shopping. Sebab for me groceries shopping ni sort-of therapeutic for me. Walking down aisle by aisle pushing your shopping cart, carefully identifying what things you want to buy, tengok gelagat orang and etc. Time budak budak mana nak fikir apa kan. I usually shove everything i want inside my cart without looking at the price tags apatah lagi nak compare this brand to another brand. Buang masa kan because i already know what i want so why bother?

So bila dah besar ni dah pandai lah fikir and pandai jimat. I look for awesome bargains. Dan pandai dah compare price tag. Brand A compare dengan brand B. Beli dua brand A lagi murah dari beli satu brand B ... things like that you know. Itu kalau shopping dekat luar lah. Whenever i am home, i look for cheap deals online. Sekarang dah ada banyak places you can go to get cheaaaaaaap deals such as Deal Guru, Madness Deal, Milk A Deal and so on. You can get almost everything there! Except for clothes. Buuuuut clothes is the easiest to shop online because they're so many online boutique nowadays sampai pening nak tengok! Everyday ada saja benda cantik yang mata ini berkenan. Lepas tu mula lah malam tak boleh tido or mimpi.

I mentioned in my entry dulu that buying online is very addictive. But for me, the addiction goes away after some time. Mula mula memang gedik hari hari nak shop but lama lama dah bosan. I usually get something if i really feel like i need it or boleh guna time emergency ke ... things like that. Nasib baikkkkkk.

I think i spend wisely now on things rather than before. And i think my mother tak rasa macam tu pun lol but honestly yes i am proud to say and be a bargain hunter than a dumb shopper!

Im getting 6 tops online for RM 250, well thats a steal to me! We all know how much a Topshop top is right? Buying online you can get alot sebab one top is around RM50-70 only. But most importantly buy from boutique that you know quality bagus. And sometimes baju yang sampai tak seindah dalam photo. Kalau murah saja pun tak guna kan if the quality is bad. Kalau besar can alter. But if buruk macamana nak buat kan? And i also got a return trip to India this September for only RM331 for a return trip, hows that? And 2 weeks ago i bought a facial deal worth almost RM400 for only RM18!

So darlings, if you have an extra one or two hour to spend everyday, find yourself great bargains! Not only you can save a lot of money by doing so, you'll be happier and proud when you managed you grab an awesome deal.

Errr ... at least thats how i feel. Try it, and let me know if you feel the same way i do!


I got a free facial session today at New York Skin Solution, yeayyy! Dapat an SMS from myDeals earlier and i made an apointment dah for next week. Bought a tudung also online to wear on my upcoming trip! Murah saja around RM24 inclusive of shipping! And im so tempted to get this - Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? 3 Texas Ted from #1901 at only RM10. Grab it at #MilkADeal !!

Should i? I am always in KL. Hmmmmmm think think think Melissa!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Im a happy girl today. Alhamdulillah i managed to settle few things earlier. Im looking forward for March. And looking forward for more good and great things to come, insyaallah. Its time. I hope lady luck is with me this time.

Friday, February 25, 2011


"The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination" - Marian Zimmer Bradley

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kraaaaaabi Trip!

Sawadikappp! Sorry for being MIA. Internet was down but i am back on track now people!

I went to Krabi earlier this month with six of my friends. Two boys (our drivers slash bodyguards slash awesome not-gay boys lol) and five of us girls. Trip ni tak plan lama pun like i usually do whenever im going somewhere. We were having our seafood supper dekat Jalan Alor that night then suddenly all of us was like "Eh jom p a vacation somewhere bla bla ...", then two weeks after that terus p Krabi.

We went by F's Alphard which is very nice of him nak drive all the way there, but with S' help too of course. We were on the road for 8 hours. Letih but satu pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan. The locals 90% naik motorcycle tak pakai helmet. Naik pulak satu motorcycle 3 orang. Memang berani. Kami cari jalan malam malam buta berbekalkan map pekak haha and luckily we managed to find our beautiful hotel in Ao Nang that is The Cliff. But sebelum sampai tu we asked help from the locals. Local #1 tak nak ambil duit yang kami bagi pun but we really forced him to take it. The locals memang baik baik and friendly. Locals #2 (sorang perempuan, seorang lagi perempuan jadian or as they call it there 'ladyboy', dan sorang lagi baru ala ala nak jadi 'ladyboy'. The locals there tak boleh cakap English so kena lah pandai pandai hentam bahasa bagi depa paham. Ladyboy #1, her/his name was Mona, sempat lagi hit on F and bagi no phone hahaha siap ajak kami lepak dekat this bar/club yang dia selalu lepak with her/his friends. But we didnt go lah sebab after check-out we went straight to Railay.

Railay memang satu island yang cantik sangaaaaaaaat and sangat sangat romantik! If ada sapa sapa yang finding a place to go for a honeymoon trip, please go to Railay and stay at our resort. Its the best! We stayed at the two bedrooms private villa. Ada own pool and jacuzzi. Duduk situ memang tak perlu nak keluar mana sebab the room itself ada semua benda. Bukak lah lagu sampai pecah speaker pun i dont think people will come to bother you. After midnight semua lepak dekat dalam pool and we played games. It was fun. Im starting to miss the trip and the crazy bunch, sighhhh. Sebab that day sampai dah lambat, we didnt do any activities pun. Lepak dekat bilik lepas tu pergi dinner. Seafood dinner. Sedappp! But from what i see kan, dekat sana halal food is kinda pricey. So dari mengelakkan kena tipu, better ask or check-out the price first. That night we played 'Truth or Dare'. Haha man it was a scary game i tell you. Too much infooooo we all got haha thanks to the game!

The next day we went snorkeling! My first time. I was scareddddddd. But the boys was with us all the time so tak lah takut sangat. We passed by Poda Island or Chicken Island sebab pulau tu bentuk macam kepala ayam hehe then we went to the beautiful Maya Bay. The place where the movie The Beach was shot at. It was beautifuuuuuuuuuul. Air crystal clear color biru okay? And you can see the fishes and corals all around you. Then we went to few places i cant remember ... hidden lagoon dengan apatah lagi. Hidden lagoon pun sangat cantik. Pendek kata, semua lah cantik dekat sana.

Had lunch at Phi Phi Island. Out boatman was very friendly and nice. Bila approaching Phi Phi Island dia cerita yang the island tu is his home and he lost his family, he lost everything masa tsunami. Kesian dekat dia. Oh before sampai Phi Phi Island, kaki Selina kena corals sampai berdarah teruk so we went to the hospital which tak nampak langsung like a hospital, more like a clinic dekat the island. Had lunch, mine wasnt good. Bought few souvenirs for the ones back at home.

After Phi Phi we went back to our hotel. Mandi mandi then get ready for dinner. The first night at Railay we didnt get to check-out the island so on the second night we went. Turned out lagi banyak restaurants, resorts etc and it was so lively there. We ate dinner at this restaurant yang at the end sekali. Service was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal slow but the food was great so it made up for the tortoise service. The live band was good too. Definitely going back there again whenever im in Railay. After dinner us girls went for our massage and manicure/pedicure session. Wani, Selina and i did the coconut oil massage. It was so goooooooooooooood and our body smelled so delicious lepas tu. Ida and Intan did the traditional Thai massage. And we did our nails too. We were excited sebab manicure/pedicure only RM20 sebab tu nak buat tengok tengok you know why it was so cheap? They didnt even scrub apa apa, tak rendam kaki apa pun, tak buff the nails pun! They shaped it lepas tu color terus. Color pulak cheap ass nail polish but we didnt mind. It Krabi, not London. Takkan nak expect nail polish from O.P.I kan?

Then balik to our room kemas kemas barang and tengok dvd. Lepas tu pukul 1am lapar gila so i bugged Saiful, Firdaus and Wani suruh temankan beli makanan so we went back near the restaurant we went earlier. Everything was closed so we settled for burger je and two Pink Ladys. Sedaaaaaaap!

On our last day, Firdaus went on the boat alone to check-out his car. He was worried sebab tinggal dekat Ao Nang for 2 days. We went later after. Sempat lagi beli rotee pisang sebelum balik. Rotee pisang sedap sangat. Rinduuu rotee pisang. I had 7 rotee when i was there okay. You must try it. It is to die for!

Sampai dekat Ao Nang, we bought more souvenirs. Wani and Intan bought paintings. Cantik sangat and it was freakin' cheap! Ida told me pernah nampak something like that dekat Ikea for almost RM600. Lepas tu terus balik. Time balik tu semua lapar gila. Bila dah keluar Krabi susah nak cari kedai makan yang halal. Jauh jugak before we found one. Dekat kedai tu jumpa botol Fanta yang kaca haha semua terus jadi jakun! I wanted to bring back 10 bottles tapi tak boleh sebab they must return it back to the factory. Gila classic botol kaca! I wonder if Malaysia still has it.

Makanan dekat situ sedaaaap. Especially the ayam percik. We had alot for lunch! Time nak balik tu, nampak coconut sweets dekat counter tu lepas tu nak beli lah and masyaallah susah sangat nak make the locals to understand what we wanted. We wanted to get 3 but they only had 2 on the counter. 30 minit jugak lah berdebat dekat situ sampai fed-up pun ada but we didnt give up! Sampai terpaksa gunakan pinggan tunjuk. Contohnya; pinggan #1 + pinggan #2 = pinggan #3. Ya Allah memang the locals tak paham langsung English or Malay. When they finally know apa yang kami nak and went to get it, me and my friends high-fives each other crazily and jumped with joy hahaha we made a scene there! The customers ... locals too recorded us using the phones and laughed together with us. It was an unforgettable experience!

I miss Krabi a lot and i reaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go back there again soon! But this time nak naik scooter dengan elephant there! Tak sempat buat during this trip sebab we were only there for four days. Banyak masa habis dekat atas jalan. But overall it was a great trip with a reaaaally great company! Many thanks to Firdaus sebab without him i dont think this trip jadi.

Insyaallah end of next month we're going to Perhentian Island or to Sabah, but without the boys. Sebab we heard the corals there lagi cantik dari dekat Krabi. We'll see about that. Watch this space! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got these from bestie on Valentine's Day lol

And i found thisssssssssssssssssssssss, my 'treasure' box hihihi

My pocket size dictionary, purse E's mother bought from Mecca few years ago, an old tee given by E, funny fridge magnets, hotels receipts/bills, jewellery boxes and receipts, Starbucks straw i wanted to give my grandfather (was too late, he passed away before i could do so :/ ), old photo of me and E, Justin Timberlake's Justified cd i *cough* stole *cough* from E, Gossip Girl label stickers, a Gucci box given from Awy (i lost that leather phone case i bought from her, sighhh ), and cute little papers bagsss! Yes i am a weirdo! I collect PAPERBAGS! 

I have a lot of 'treasure' boxes lying around somewhere in the house. Each boxes ada many many things and they represent a period of time from the past and bila tengok rasa rinduuuuuuuuuuuuu sangat zaman dulu dulu! Especially old photos of me and E! Its crazy that i am 25 now and he's 28! 8 years gone by, how fast! I have a box of my father too somewhere but i cant find it, sobs :/

Beli buku LC tu dah lama tapi tak baca pun sebab baru baca sikit pun dah bosan. Tepi tu kotak macaroons Laduree. Takda lah sesedap seperti yang digembar gemburkan or maybe i have bad taste hehe i would love to try Blair's favourite macaroons! From Pierre Herme! Bila lah agaknya dapat rasa! Dan entah bila nak buat entry pasal Krabi, sighhhhhh tengok lah esok lusa. 

I hope my internet connection will be okay by this week. Dah tak larat nak hadap screen BB yang kecik tu!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Photos only, story later when i am not so lazy okay?

I had an amazing time in Krabi with my bestest peeps. Definitely going back again with the same crazy bunch!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt VS Aznil

Was in the room with bestie reading tweets about whats happening in Egypt. And i was telling her how kesiannnnnn the unrest in Egypt fighting for their rights when suddenly she blurted out (she was reading the newspaper btw) ...


Aznil as in Aznil Nawawi. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Punya lah dok try to enlighten her ... and my friends about whats going on in Egypt but this girl obviously feels Aznil's concert is much more important, sigh sighhh sighhhh.

Somebody shoot me please.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bye Penang, hello Krabi!

Going to Krabi tomorrow with 6 of my friends! 

I'll be staying at The Cliff in Ao Nang and Railay Bay Resort & Spa in Railay. 6 long hours on the road, roadtrip and Krabi here we come!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Abu Qatada reported Allah's Messenger (PBUH) as saying: "The good vision are from Allah and the evil dreams are from the Satan. If one sees a dream which one does not like, one should spit on one's left side and seek the refuge of Allah from the satan; it will not do one any harm, and one should not disclose it to anyone and if one sees a good vision one should feel pleased but should not disclose it to anyone but whom one loves.