Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When I Grow Up

I am a Gossip Girl die hard fan.

Ask me anything from the books or the show, i'll happily answer you.

Chair is my favourite pair of all time. Sorry Rick and Ilsa! I can't stand Serena. I don't know why but she comes off as err, slutty to me. No offense to all the Serena fans out there. Its just a character, chill!

Besides Chair, the thing that i focus the most when i watch Gossip Girl is Lily. She is one fine classy lady. Always dressing to impress. Modest (in their sense) at times, she plays a lot with bold statement accessories. Her hair is always perfectly coiffed and she doesn't wear too much makeup which is a good thing.

A simple red dress, pair with red lips and bold chandelier earrings

Going bold again here

And again. 3 things that sums up Lily; statement accessories, champagne and a clutch

Perfectly coiffed hair

Ummm that last photo, i dont fancy it much. I can't find anymore good photos of her. Tried googling everywhere. These are the only few i fancy. I hope when i am 40 i will be like this. 

I hope. But nah, i am only 25 now and my fashion sense is beginning to head down towards the drain. I don't know why but im not as adventurous as before. I think i know why, but i won't blog it down here. 

I need to find myself back again. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I just read about this celebrity. Her family ni memang dulu susah sangat. Dia terpaksa tolong parents dia jual nasi lemak. Adik beradik pun ramai. She just got married on the 11th of November with a VVIP ni. Tapi bukan VVIP kertu. Quite good looking okay? Tapi yang kesian, terpaksa bersanding sorang diri. Maybe sebab the husband nak jaga muka atau takut dengan first wife i dontch know.

Baju kahwin from Hatta Dolmat. Hantaran RM111,111 (kau mampu?), hantaran lain; handbag dengan kasut LV, handphone Gucci, a set of diamonds, a black mini cooper, 5 million house and SHE IS NOT EVEN THAT FAMOUS OKAY? Banyak orang kutuk kutuk dia in few gossip blogs. But i think i get her you know. She had a truly hard life. Duduk flat PPRT dulu (kat mana ni?). Kita yang tak rasa of course we dont know what she has gone through. So now its like payback time you know? You cant blame her for that.

This is not the first case of celebrity going from rags to riches. Get a hot face, a hot body, show off some cleavage, few months down the road, walla you're a Datin ... or a Puan Sri if you're luckier.

Oh while im at it, a little birdie told me that another hot young celebrity is getting married next month. This is quite shocking because you see, the future husband is still someone's husband. But i dont know if this is just a rumour or what. I guess we'll just have to wait and see next month.

You know you love me, XOXO

Monday, November 14, 2011

Who Is This?

The situation: Lying motionless on the bed
Feeling: Drop dead tired

The phone rang, with the voice on the other line asking me, "Who is this?"

My goodness i really truly seriously hate whenever people call and ask me that. Sebab its so obvious kot, hang yang call mesti hang tau hang nak cakap dengan sapa kan? Ridiculous question sungguh lah call orang lepas tu nak tanya macamtu.

So i said to her, "You called and now you're asking me who am i?" To cut the story short, she got my phone number for a friend. Dia nak tanya pasal kaftan, sigh. Then she said to me (politely takda lah jerit macam customer psycho hari tu) "Is this how you answer you phone, bla bla bla ..."

I explained to her why i did what i did. Honestly i didnt mean to be a b*tch. Im truly sorry but please please please people dont lah call lepas tu tanya orang tu sapa. You can just say "Can i speak to Addara?" or something else even if you're unsure whether Addara is the name of the label or my real name. Kena pulak time orang bad mood. Eh, tak time bad mood pun memang tak suka orang tanya soalan tu, sigh

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rainbows And Butterflies

My boyfriend is being extra nice lately. Like your-wish-is-my-command nice.

And when im hungry in the middle of the night, he's like Santa. Minus the gifts, pile on the glorious food. And he has to cross the bridge to come all the way here. He lives 23km away from me (i Googlemap this, no kidding)! I cant imaging moving my ass in the middle of the night just to do this. He brought me tons of his mom's cooking on Eid Adha. The mom is a great cook. Oh dear i am salivating right now. Enough on the food.

He's amazing and i am so grateful. And he needs a haircut. Haha.

Im going down to KL to meet-up with my girlfriends this weekend for Intan's birthday dins. And few birthdays on the row, i am in charge of ordering the wedding cake. You see, we love our cakes. Anything sweet. Desserts are good. No Secret Recipe cake for us, no offense. Its too easy. So we like to try new things. We had an amazing red velvet cake from That Last Slice on Sazzy's birthday. It was so good i tell ya. Habib called me few days after asking me to order 3 cakes for him. Thats how good it is. So i asked Intan what cake and i gave her few options ... she chose the rainbow cake.

You see of course i want to order from That Last Slice again. But its so far and with bestie and Sazzy being working girls now, i dont think we can afford going all the way to Shah Alam just for the cake. So i have put an order with another well-known bakergirls. They've got so many good reviews and i cant just wait to get my hands on them!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Heartbreaking Goodbye

Since i week ago i was prepping myself up to be a godmother to my hamster pups. I read every article i could find on the net regarding the pregnancy, what to do before and after, what to feed and such. I was nervous! The mother, Miu Miu is only few months old. She is the only female among her siblings.

I mate her with her brother. It so gross of me i know but it just ... happened! Tengok tengok perut dah bulat, muka dah chubby, makan dah banyak, tidur pun banyak. Before i went out just now i went to check her cage, hoping to give her some cheese cause she needs her protein. I got a shock when i saw red ants surrounding her but they didn't bite her (you dont know how thankful i am for this). Then, i saw something truly sad. The babies ... 3 of them on the tissue covered in a lot of blood with even more ants. I swear i heard my heart break into tiny pieces. I got panicked and i called my aunt to hand me over a spoon (never touch the pups with your hands), i collected the pups and sadly found 2 more under the beddings.

I feel so sorry for Miu Miu. She looked lost and so tired. She didnt even touch the cheese i bought her. I covered her cage with a blanket to get that 'fake night' effect. Then i left to do my things.

Bought green grapes and carrots for all of them. Then i realized 2 of my adult hamsters also died. Ya Allah sedih sangat. Rasa guilty gila because i always tak berapa layan both of them. Sebab garang. But i loved Lola. Lola was Miu Miu's mother. So sad to see her go. My sister was devastated too.

I collected all the bodies, covered them with tissue and bury them next to each other. I didn't cry. I did when my first hamster died. But i didnt this time. But i feel so guilty to the babies and to Sookie and Lola.

RIP my little darlings. I love all of you so very much. Im so sorry.

I wish i'd spent more time with the both of you. You'll be missed.