Wednesday, August 18, 2010

War Museum

War Museum photos people hihihi sikit only photos taken by my not so good handphone. This place is quite fun, if you're the adventurous type that is. And a little walk down the memory lane for some history learning, i am all up for it. I went with S only, just the two of us. The entry fee is RM30 for adults from morning till 7pm. Lepas 7pm, the night tour is at RM40 ke RM50 im not sure. But let me tell you this, i dont think its a good idea for you guys to go for the night tour. Going there around 6pm is already so creepy hehe there are tunnels everywhere and its easier to walk if you're in your work-out attire but since this was an impromptu go, we were of course in our trusty jeans and slippers.

I would love to go back there again and go inside the tunnels and everything. To those who has a thing for paintball, you can play it here too. The place is open everyday including public holidays and its in Batu Maung, Penang. You can see the canon firing bays, the cook houses, wells, sleeping quarters and etc. Its advisable to bring your mosquito repellent along and lots of ice cold water to drink because trust me its one hell of a tiring tour. But okay jugak lah can lose weight what? So stop complaining now, thats a two in one package aint it?

Okay enough babbling on to the photos ...

Me and my senget tudung all the time, sighhh

Ada lagi more photos nanti lah will upload 'em okay. I know i havent been blogging. Nothing to write hehe sorry darlings. Insyaallah will try my best to update this blog from time to time okay.

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