Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Close cycles. Not because of pride, but because that no longer fits your life" - Paulo Coelho

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair Fall Problem

Ever since i started to wear tudung, i hardly take good care of my hair. Cause i thought, hey nobody is seeing it so why bother? Boy i was so wrong to neglect it!

I changed to a new shampoo and conditioner recently and noticed banyak sangat rambut gugur! Like a lot sampai panik okay. Macam segumpal segumpal like that! I dont want to be 24 and bald! So i tweeted to ask for a home remedy solution or a good shampoo to use to cure this problem. Jumie my ever so helpful friend, suggested pakai minyak kelapa. And i asked my aunty, she said the same thing and i asked her to get it for me the next day.

But since im the type of person yang tak sabar, i googled and found few articles saying yang olive oil ada banyak benefit for the hair. I suddenly remembered there's a bottle of olive oil inside the fridge because my sister suka masak spagetti. Kesian duduk dalam fridge dah lama so i took it out, bagi warm sikit and then i poured some on my head. It doesnt smell awful, nasib baik! Berminyak jugak lah kepala for awhile cause i kept pouring them. I also self-massage my head sebab i read its good for blood circulation or something, i cant remember. Lepas dah massage, i wrapped my head with a towel and let it dry and went to bed with it. Not sure if its a good thing or not sebab supposedly lepas few hours boleh straight cuci but i do this before i sleep so lepas buat ni go straight to bed mana larat nak tunggu for few hours. But good thing about olive oil is that minyak tu serap cepat so it doesnt drip at all. At first yes but wait for about 20-30 mins, you dont have to put a towel on your head anymore cause the oil memang tak drip.

Then lepas bangun, i deep cleanse my hair with my shampoo, twice (sebab pakai minyak kan takut the oil wont go away in one wash) and i slather on very little conditioner. Lepas tu let the hair dry and comb it. I am so happy with the result even though baru try 3 hari but my hair is much much much better alhamdulillah! Hair fall sangat sangat kurang! And my hair is much softer than before.

It is said that extra virgin olive oil has a high level of mono-unsaturated fat acids and antioxidant vitamin E that moisturizes, protects and nourishes the hair. Makes the hair grow stronger. So im guessing that is why my hair doesnt fall as much anymore.

I will continue to do this as least 4 nights a week and a hair spa once a month. Oh btw, i pakai this Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Insyaallah next time nak try guna virgin coconut oil pulak as suggested by Jumie. And im going to change my shampoo and conditioner since the one im using right now isnt suitable for me. Nak try Herbalife sebab Amy cakap its good for hair loss. I'll update you girls on this okay?

Those with the same problem as mine, try this insyaallah you'll be happy with the result! Good luck

Photos credit to Google images

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I realized that i've been mean lately. Its a choice that i made. Its something that i had to do.

Its so crazy when you thought you knew someone but that person turned out to be a shady person. Tak expect sebab selama ni nampak okay saja. But who knew they've been doing things behind my back. Tak sangka seriously. But kantoi jugak. Its funny and sad at the same time. Because i know i can never bring myself to be friends with them like the way i used to.

Another person, i wont ask. Another person, i did. She explained, but the weird thing is ... why the explanation to prove you're not that person, why bother ... i dont get why, when after the confrontation you went straight into doing that thing that obviously tunjuk you are that person.

Im turning 25. And honestly i am tired with drama. Im ancient. So if there's something bothering my mind, i usually say it out loud. But kadang kadang its not a good thing to do. You jadi a proud person when you know you're right. That is something that i dont want to be. Something that i want to avoid. But that person, what she did memang tak sangka cause she's like my close friend. To do something behind my back and pretend like nothing is up, girl im telling you, you're not good in keeping your tracks clean. I had to confront her sebab i cant sleep because of this. Im the type of person yang fikir banyak okay. When i think about something, i will think and think and think about it sampailah i get the answer. So when i joined the puzzle, i couldnt answer it myself, i had to ask her.

Whats done is done. I dont want to talk about this anymore, buat sakit hati saja. I write this sebab it'll be a reminder to me to not lupa diri and to always remember, to forgive but not forget. So im putting this thing behind. Malas nak fikir.

Just remember, you can steal ideas all you want to climb that mountain faster. But by doing so, lagi cepat lah terjatuh cik kak. We're all human. Semua pun buat silap. Live and learn. And always remember, that karma might bite you in the back anytime, anytime.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Being the eldest grandchild to my Malay grandparents, it used to be easy when my grandparents were still alive because they pampered me silly. Especially my Maktok. Oh how i miss her, tremendously. She was such an amazing and a loving grandmother. I wish i had more time with her.

How fast time flies that sometimes i feel like im stuck in time. Like the other day i wanted to buy a bag from Love Raina for my 'little' cousin. I thought she was 13. But she's not that little girl anymore. She's not my little cousin anymore. She's grown and she's taking her SPM this year. I had to check her Facebook to make sure she's 13 but boy was i so wrong. Thank goodness for social networking.

Is it just me? Am i the only one who sees my cousins the way i see them when we were kids? Because thats the fondest memory that i have of them; us playing hide and seek, ponteng puasa and making a lot of noises during Raya. I used to hate that they would follow my every move just because im the eldest. But i love being the eldest because of my Maktok. I miss being spoilt rotten by her. I rarely see my cousins because most of them live in Kedah and they hardly come down here and whenever they do i am never home. I guess thats why i still see them as kids because the times we spent together are the longest when we were a bunch of silly smelly kids.

And my dad, oh my Abah. He spoiled me too much. I miss being in the house just the two of us. Quiet just the way i like it. I think thats why i dont really enjoy family gatherings because i love the quietness of being in a house, the result of staying with him for years . Its much more peaceful. I cant function when there is too much noise going on. I get stress out. And im the kind of person who gets annoyed easily you see.

I know some might not agree with what i want in a family, you can have it anyway you want. But this is the way i prefer mine. We're all not the same. But i dont have my own family yet, so i dont know if in the future i would still like for mine to be this way. We shall see, insyaallah.

Father's Day is this weekend. I need to get fresh flowers for my Abah's grave. I have not seen him for quite some time. But i should this weekend. I should make time for him.

Happy Father's Day Abah. I dont write much about you because it breaks my heart to write things about you.

It makes me sad. I wish you were here.

I love you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Twenty Wishlist

Okay so here is my #20 beauty products wishlist. But urm, not really a wishlist since most of it dah pernah pakai.

1. Creme De La Mer moisturizing cream
Since my skin is going crazy right now and after reading an awful lot of reviews, i desperately need this star product. But then again, good products aint cheap so i might have to starve myself for a month to get this. Please pray for me girls. Pray that i have enough strength not to shop anything i like online. Do i really have to say more? This is the king of all moisturizing creams. And after reading the reviews, im an idiot if i dont save up for this with my skin condition now.

2. Lancome Creme-Mousse Confort
Used this before for few months. Skin was excellent then. I dont know whether its because of this or was it because i went to facials religiously.

3. Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
I used Estee's Advance Night Repair before but like i said, i dont know it worked because of the facials i had of because of the product. But since my pores are gigantic now, i would like to try this.

4. Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
Heard good things about this so we'll see

5. Giorgio Armani  Diamonds perfume
This is one of my favourites

6. Benefit That Gal
The answer to a glowing complexion

7. Benefit Speedbrow
Im not a fan of coloring my brows. Only when im extra rajin. So i love this. I brush my brows and voila - perfect just the way i like 'em to be!

8. Dior Diorshow Mascara
The bestest mascara i have ever tried. A little pricey but its so worth it. No need to curl your lashes. This mascara will do it for you honey!

9. Benefit High Beam
I love using this during nights out with my girlfriends. Gives you a stronger glowing complexion than That Gal. Suitable for night use. Dont scare the people during night time lah its not good.

10. Benefit Dandelion
No Dandelion, i die.

11. Nars Orgasm Blush
Google please malas i want to write about this amazing product. Im dying to try this now that Sephora is here, yeay!

12. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick For Body
Yes i am aware its for the body. But i love the color so much they're so perfect. And im all covered up. Im not some Victoria's Secret model strutting down the runway. So face instead of body okay?

13. Benefit Coralista
I swear by this and by my MAC blusher. Only this two blushes i will use till the day i die. But on second thoughts, they might not look so nice on me when im all saggy and wrinkly, sigh

14. Benefit 10
The quick answer to a nice looking cheekbones. I want!

15. Bobbi Brown brush sets
I need new pretty brushes

16. Anna Sui lipstick
There is this natural rosy color that i used to love. And i love how to products are all rose-smelling

17. Shu Uemura lash curler
Best selling product of all time. Selalu nak beli tapi tak jadi because of its price. 

18. Chanel Coco Madamoiselle
Two of my girlfriends use this and i love how they smell!

19. Benefit Benetint
Tried this once, suka sangat. But i bought the balm instead. When its cold, its nice. But when its not cold, it get sticky. I still have alot left so rugi. Next time nak beli the tint, not balm.

10. L'Occitane Sunscreen Veil High Protection SPF 30
They dont have this in Penang. Im sad the salesgirls told me its discontinued. I hope they're kidding. BUT PLEASE IF YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE ME WHERE AND WHEN PLEASE. I NEED THIS.

Thats all for now girls. Now its time to starve for a month and go buat facials lah ye cik Melissa

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey ho readers!

How was your week? Mine pretty lifeless as usual. Work and im only out to pay/buy important things and to deliver customers parcel. A friend ajak keluar few times i had to say no, im sorry! I am useless this week and tired! Next week okay babe?

A friend got married last week. Lets just say because Tuhan wanted us to find out and i did - shockingly told by his infamous wedding planner and apa lagi i told the rest of the girls lah. We're shocked alright? But we sort-of expected it from the behavior shown by the person last few weeks. But i think its about time lah sebab that person isnt getting any younger. And plus most of the friend are married so i think dia pun mesti rasa something missing. Dah berumur, no people to lepak and party with anymore. Lebih baik kahwin at least ada someone to cuddle and talk to at home kan?

I feel should go out later. I feel like having cendol and something pedas. Oh yums! And oh, im in the midst of designing a few things for Addara so watch this space okay!

Love you people x


I went out! Went rock hunting in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay! But sadly, none that i like. Sorry i tergatai edit the photo sampai jadi macamni i only took this one photo tadi. Yes i know, my brows sama macam Shrek.We're friends like that.

Next week MUST do brows and upper lips!

Shawl: F21
Cardi: Eclipse silk cardi

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dirty Conversation

This is the conversation i had earlier with my supplier via text

"Boleh send 1 kg first instead of 2 kg?"

I didnt get to read the first line of her reply sebab i tengok just like that je dalam BBM. But i saw the second line i was shocked! Real shocked!


Gila wei wei wei sapa tak terkejut! Belum sempat nak reply, bestie called so i told her and we laughed hysterically about this.

I forgot for a sec that my supplier is an Indonesian. *smacks head*

So when i told bestie she was like ...

"Imagine hang kata dekat aku ... "Boleh tak hantar barang ni dulu?" Then aku reply but*h lah".


So i told my supplier but*h dalam Malaysia maksudnya penis/kemaluan lelaki. She too, laughed hysterically and apologize. I told her i was shocked for a while then she explained "Means needed urgently yang mana".

A conversation i will never forget, ROTFL.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


20.5 carat diamond engagement ring OMGGGGG

Oh Kim Kardashian you lucky toot! And yes, gigantic is the perfect word for this ring! *cries*

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pinnish Oledi

I went to the post office in Queensbay today to send my customers' parcel. Kebetulan Habib Jewels tepi post office je kan so i went lah nak tanya pasal cincin. But the lady kesian so clueless so i showed her satu photo contoh and she told me dekat situ takda that style. Okay fine ...

Then i went to Goldheart. Bila tanya tak paham (kata kerja kedai emas segala bagai) so i showed the salesboy the photo dekat dalam BB. Bagus si apek ni bawak BB pusing satu kedai tunjuk dekat his friends tanya ada ke takda then when he came back to me he said ...

"This wan oledi pinnishhhhhhhhh"

Lepas tu i told lah a friend what happened. Kat Habib takda, kat Goldheart depa kata pinnish oledi. I told her lah mesti tipu lah kalau pinnish takkan lah tak boleh order. Maybe takda style tu but they didnt want to tell me that

My friend saiddd ...

"_______ finish? Gila kot? Ingat aiskrim rainbow?!?!?!?!"

Weh sumpah at that time it was lawak nak mampos. Its a ring lah dei how come it can be pinnishhhhhhhhh! Lepas tu turun bawah to Tomei. Takda jugak. Her showed me lah rings apa yang they have there. Then i showed the salesboy the photo. This clever dude said to me ...

"Ah i think this wan you can find in KLCC. In Tiffany"

Wah Ah Boy you so smart telling me to get it in Tiffany since the photo of the ring IS a Tiffany & Co. ring. I juuuuuuuuuuust want to compare rings of that style lah of course i know where to get the real one, oh sigh!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Week

The weekend is not over yet i know but i nak sum-up my weekend in few photos because its such a great (albeit crazy) week!

Recovered from this ...

Shipped out these ...

Babysit this ...

Got these ...

Had this ...

Found this ...

Bringing in these ...

Planning this ...

Talked about thisss ...

Alhamdulillah customers tak putus putus supporting Addara. Thank you so much. I love you people. Happy customers = a happy (fat) me!

I hope June will be a good one for me. I have 2 months left before Raya. I need to achieve my goal - 150 to go!

PS: That hamster is NOT dead alright! Itulah gaya makan sambil tidur si gemok tu