Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning

Morning darlings.

I just had my breakfast; my favourite pedas nasi lemak and a cream puff. Wish there's a teh tarik somewhere in the house to pair it up with the lovely meal, sighhh. I rarely eat lunch and dinner now. I havent for 2 weeks dah. I start my days now with a heavy breakfast and skip lunch and dinner. Not doing it on purpose, but memang now after the big breakfast session i dont feel that hungry anymore.

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper"

So since 2 weeks ago i have been sleeping extra early (after Isyak) and i wake up way before Subuh. Which is a good thing but i am not used to it yet. But insyaallah i will. Its been raining for days now ever since the quake in Japan ... Im not sure whether the quake has anything to do with this but i cant tell when was the last time we had this kind of weather in March. And because of the non-stop rain i had to cancel my Koh Lipe trip. Its sad and such a waste because the flight and hotel dah bayar. And i chickened out after learning about the quake in Myanmar which Bangkok and Hanoi pun dapat rasa. Yeaah Koh Lipe is not that near to Bangkok but i dont want to take any chances. So its okay. I stopped using the aircon and fan because its so cold. Looking forward for the weather to be all sunny again. Soon i hope! Nak p Koh Lipe!

I have few appointments this week and gotta teman my friend to an event on Friday and i might have to miss out on Selina's birthday dinner later on that night. And was planning to tengok Kampong Boy the musical hari Sabtu but semalam check the ticket dah habis! I mean theres still tickets of course but tak cukup for me and 5 of my friends. So sad! Dah lah Koh Lipe tak jadi, ticket Bruno Mars sold out and now ticket Kampong Boy pun sold out. Sabar je lah!

Tomorrow dah Monday. Hope everything boleh settle by today. And my partner and i wants to start shooting next weekend. Hopefully sempat siap semuanya this week! The boys really need to work faster! Oh oh oh semalam Earth Hour i almost forgot! Time tu i dah in zzzz land. I participated in my dream. How was your Earth Hour? Tutup lampu tak for an hour? I hope you did.

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor passed away 3 days ago. Being a fan of classic Hollywood movies, it was such a sad news. She was amazing in Cleopatra and she was truly beautiful during her youth. She had 7 husbands, and her diamonds, oh my dont get me started on the diamonds! But all things pretty aside, she fought hard to raise awareness and money for Aids, a cause she supported with all her heart. Her class, talent and beauty will be with us forever. RIP Elizabeth Taylor. You will be missed.

PS: A shout-out to my lovely girls - Selina and Iba, wishing you two a very happy birthday! I hope you girls get what you want and may God bless you always x

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dear whoever who's reading this who has a huge kind heart and a huge extra cash to splurge,

Hi. This is my wishlist for this year. Nak sangat sangat seriously nak pretty please? Kalau dapat takkan beli dah benda merepek untuk tahun 2011. Sekian terima kasih. Harap manusia baik hati yang berkenaan membaca entry ini dan mengasihani diri saya yang memerlukan bag baru.

Alexander Wang Rocco/Coco duffel
Chanel XL vintage jumbo
Mulberry Bayswater clutch in leopard print 

One of the Olsen twins im not sure which one most prolly Ashley since shes the blonde one, the hot Kristin Cavallari, the now pregnant Victoria Beckham, a very ana-looking Nicole Richie, Pixie Lott (i dont know who is this, yes shoot me please) and Diana Vickers of the 'Boy Who Murdered Love' song fame.

Oh and i also want to go to Krabi, India, Kuching and Jakarta this year. HAHAHAHA. Dream on Melissa.

Uhmmmm, funds and donations can be banked-in into my Maybank/EON/RHB bank account. Please contact me for further details. Thank you very much.

With love,
Melissa R.

PS: Those whos in Twitter-verse please include this hashtag #jimmychoomalaysia in your tweets to get it trending. Lets help Datuk Jimmy Choo get his precious baby back! We can do it Malaysians! Lets prove to the world we're more than a country full of dirty politicians, scandal and sex tapes. teh tarik, nasi lemak and roti canai.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wishing For Better Days

I am supposed to go to Koh Lipe this Friday. Everything is paid. Flight tickets and rooms. But somehow i dont feel like going. Lately ni its always raining. Do you think its the same in Koh Lipe? And i dont know if its safe going there right now what with the tsunami and quake etc ...

This week is sort-of my 'holiday' week. I have nothing much to do right now. Because im waiting for the graphic boy and the website designer to get back to me. I hope soon. Not enjoying holiday at all. Because theres nothing much to do except sleep, sleeeeep and more sleeeeeeeep. How not to when its so cold outside? Its perfect weather to sleep.

But i think next week is going to be hectic. So i guess i have to enjoy my day off while i can. Im dying to get a haircut, a pedicure manicure, a facial and a spa session oh God pleaseee, and i've been wanting to pay a visit to my friends to see their newborns. And i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go to KL next week for Lat's Kampong Boy The Musical. Im dragging all of my girlfriends along. Sorry girls!

Oh, and just a reminder, Earth Hour is this week people! Its this Saturday 26th. You know what to do right? And please please please make lots of doa to the poor people in Japan and Libya because while we're laughing, lounging around a lot of lives there are at risk.

My heart is with the cities in Libya. May Allah protect them and prayers to all the soldiers and rebels fighting their hardest for a democracy in Libya. And also to the 50 workers staying behind to handle the Fukushima disaster. They are heroes to Japan and to the world.

The world is a beautiful place. We are the ones ruining its beauty. Its a sad thing.

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake" - Jeannette Rankin

#prayforjapan and #prayforlibya

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Week

I've been 'working' hard last week and i kinda took a 3 day off. I slept so peacefully these past few days and as much as i love doing nothing, i kinda miss the rush and hectic-ness getting a job done. HAHAHA. I cant believe i am saying this but yes i love what i do.

Gotta work my butt off this Monday to get things done. July is only few months away. And i am super excited about the future plans. Especially the collaboration with a good friend of mine. Im gonna work hard for it and here's hoping all goes well, insyaallah. There are few more things to settle and im hoping for everything to be done in April. Insyaallah you can do it! *trying to convince myself, lmao*

Besides that project im doing with my partner, last week was really stressful trying to squeeze everything in a week. I had to monitor the situation in Japan every 10 minutes because i was so worried about my family. A lot of readings had to be done in order to understand about the nuclear leak/plant/thingy. Things that i never thought i would self-taught myself in a million years. It was stressful and worrisome. And i cant help but cry whenever i read about whats happening there. Eventhough my mother and her family is safe, i cant help thinking that they're thousands of people there who lost their lives and homes, living in a shelter or some living without water, electricity and enough food. I am so thankful that i live in Malaysia. After reading someone's tweet saying - 'Japanese nuclear worker on the news; "I am prepared to die to avoid a meltdown." I will not complain about my life anymore because what they're going through now is so incomparable to any of my life problems.

Other than the upcoming project and the quake/tsunami watch, i had to arrange and finalize everything regarding my Koh Lipe trip next week. 2 friends back-out because they were concerned about the tsunami. Husband said no so there is nothing much i could do to make them go. So its only me and two of my friends now but im hoping for 2 more friends to join us. But they can only give an answer on Sunday so i have to wait till tomorrow to reconfirm on the hotel part. Flight tickets paid. And next week paying for the ferry tickets. Hopefully everything will be finally settled on Tuesday. That said i have to call the ferry uncle later, kept forgetting to do that.

I dont know if its safe to go to Koh Lipe next week but i asked the hotel and they told me its okay. Gotta call the ferry uncle later to reconfirm on this. If its not safe, im guessing i have to cancel the trip. But its alright. I know i can always back anytime.

Earlier i got my parcel from a blogshop. Since i slept the whole day ... (it was raining the whole day, the weather was just too perfect for a good rest that i've been dying to have since last week), i only managed to have a look at my dress a hour ago. The dress is alright but its too body-hugging for me. I dont mind but its not appropriate to wear hijab with it. Well, if i lose 20 kg i dont think it'll be that tight anymore HAHAHA but no i dont think i can lose that much. And my goal now is to shed off only 10 kg. I dont plan on being ana-looking. But enough on that. The blogshop also gave me a free cocktail ring! It was a surprise and yeayyy thank you. The ring is lovely. Dont you just love it whenever you get surprises from people, be it in a small or big way ... it changes your mood doesnt it?

Okay i think i have to stop now. Its already Subuh. Im going to buy breakfast and jog. I'll write more soon. Insyaallah. Have a great weekend everyone.

/ edit

Oh i forgot i am also planning my friend's birthday party shit i forgot and its only next week *smacks own head* Nasib baikkkkkkkk she just texted me. Now now now now i gotta come up with a food menu. You're such a great event planner Melissa, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little Goes A Long Way

Few days ago, as usual before i sleep i'll blog-hop. Its the same when we were a kid, we read books before we sleep but now semua pun dah advance so baca blog posts je lah. And i came across Mia Suraya's blog (one of my faves blogger now) she did a post on how to help-out the people in Japan. I want to thank her for doing that entry because by doing so, boleh tolong jugak sikit eventhough its not much but i believe in the saying "Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit".

After donating ... it felt good. You'll always feel good after doing something good to others i believe so. I have also reached out to other bloggers asking their help to do a blog entry on this because i know the traffic that they have could help Japan in a way. I reached out to a few but so far these three kind-hearted gorgeous ladies were the ones yang dah buat an entry on this (in Facebook/blog). Thank you to Mia FarrisShazreeyanaShazwaniReena, Adriani, Ami SchaheeraAliaaWawan AzwaniMarina Shah and Jumie. I hope others will follow suit. Im sure they will insyaallah its only a matter of time.

To those yang dah donate thank you very much for helping out. You should be proud of yourselves for your kind hearts. Good karma will come to you.

As of today, at least 4000+ people have died and almost 900 people is still missing. Let us pray for them and keep them in our hearts. "The nation will persevere because they are remarkably resilient people", in the words of my mother. That said, i am counting for the days for her and family to be in the safer shores of Penang insyaallah.

/ edit

Reena just posted this one her Facebook and i just have to share this with everyone. I am so moved and touched by Japan's unity and togetherness that i cant help myself that i really feel like crying now. I truly wish we have something like this right here in our country.

Read: Life lessons from Japan

Thank you Reena for sharing this!

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unity And Togetherness

If you have RM3 in your bank account you can help to donate. Lend a hand to those in need. The money will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross via Malaysia's Red Cresent Society.

Here is the link to donate; 


The earthquake timeline

2.46pm in Japan, massive earthquake 9.0 magnitude unleashes a huge tsunami sweeping houses, boats, cars and people. In Tokyo, hundred miles from the quake building shakes violently. More than 50 aftershocks follow - seven at least near to 7.0 magnitude, the size of the quake which struck New Zealand in February.

Japan's government launches a massive rescue mission. More than a 1000 of people have died. US military vessels and aircraft carriers are sent, along with relief teams from South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. Japan requests help from UK. An explosion erupts in Fukushim Dai-ichi nuke plant. The operators at the nuke plant detected 8 times the normal radiation levels outside and 1000 times inside. Death toll rises to at least 1300 but thousands more are missing. More than 200,000 people living in shelters in 5 prefectures or states. More than 1 million households have no water. 4 million buildings are without power.

Japan's nuke safety agency says the cooling system of a third nuke reactor at Fukushima has failed. Experts constantly monitors the levels of radioactivity in the quarantined area. Around 170,000 people have been evaquated from a 12-mile radius around the Fukushima #1 nuke plant. Their Prime Minister said this is the country's worst crisis since the WW2. 160 people were taken to hospital after possibly being exposed to radiation while waiting to be evacuated. 

Second hydrogen explosion reported. Six people injured. Japanese stocks nosedive as the huge cost of the disaster fuels fears about the country's economy. The Bank of Japan injected 15 trillion (£114.4 billion) in the money markets to stabilized it. 

Dangerous levels of radiation leak from the Fukushima plant after a third explosion, in the #2 reactor. The Prime Minister urges those within the 19 miles of the area to stay indoors.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Japan. Hopefully the chaos ends soon. Insyaaallah.

Photos from Google and

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Magnitude Earthquake In Japan

My thoughts and prayers to those in Japan. And i really hope my family is safe. I am so worried not being able to get through my mother's phone. Its so crazy.

For more news: or


I. I cant get a hold of my mother still, but my cousin in Hong Kong just spoke with a contact of his at the Tokyo American Club and apparently Yokohama hasnt suffered much damage. Alhamdulillah. Im glad to hear this. I hope everything is well with my family there.

II. Tsunami alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii and others. Waves
expected over the next few hours, caused by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan.

III. When the earthquake hit, my brother and step dad were out on the road and my step dad managed to contact the neighbor only few hours after that to inform about their wellbeing. They got stuck in the massive jam for few hours and went home safely around 11.30pm Malaysian time. My family is safe and sound, alhamdulillah. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers dear friends. May God bless your kindness.

IV. 60 dead, 59 missing. A ship carrying 100 people was swept away by the tsunami. Widespread fires burnt out of control. Four million homes were said to be without electricity. Masyaallah. Let us all pray for those in Japan and those affected by the tsunami.

V. The waves destroyed more than 3000 homes. 548 missing, 178 confirmed dead and 947 injured. A ship of 100 people were swept away and trains went missing. My heart and prayers goes out to Japan during this difficult time. May Allah SWT make it easy for you people. Amin.

VI. Photos of before and after; Move your mouse over the photo to see the damage

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Too sleepy but i havent blogged in days so im gonna do a quick and short one here ...

I've been busy with things. I've got a project coming up real soon insyaallah hopefully in April with my partner. And i've been sleeping less because of this but i hope all goes well. Besides that, someone offered me to be a part of something huge. And i am super excited about that offer but i cant tell you people yet but i will soon once it is official. Insyaallah.

It has always been a passion to do 'that' and hopefully i can explore more and give more to both projects. I am lucky and thankful to find a partner who shares the same drive and passion like i do. And i am making a promise to myself that i'll try my hardest to make it work because i have got so many plans in the future and i am super excited. And most importantly i want to make my mother happy.

Besides these two projects i am also helping out a friend with her engagement and another friend with her wedding and another friend with her birthday party. And my cousin's friend is asking me to do her makeup in April and on her wedding somewhere end of this year. Phewww ... And i am also planning a trip down to an island end of this month and another one insyaallah in September.

Thank God ( ... and my mother and Mia, lol) for my Blackberry and organizer. I am officially attached to my organizer now thanks to you Mia! Hahaha. I bawak everywhere i go now. Life is so much easier now. And i think i really need a iPad. I hope my mother reads this. Hahaha. Kidding! Dont get a heart attack now please hehe

Well anyways, thats all for now folks. Im really sleepy and hopefully i can wake up early later to do some jogging because i know i've been saying this for months now but i still am fat. So screwed, ummm yes. Maybe i should donate my fat to Mia because shes so thin. I hate her for that. Okay enough blabbering. I shall write more soon insyaallah. Wish me luck people. And i hope good things will come your way too. Amin.

Goodnight x

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sad, Angry, Happy And Hopeful

Busy week! So many things to do, so little time! But insyaallah, hopefully good things to come!

I had dinner with Mia earlier and managed to discuss about a little something something. I am so excited and i cant wait for it! And Mia, thank you for the organizer! You're so nice. I can now happily sumbat everything inside. Easier! Your organizer ada banyak benda gila weh! I saw! Hahaha.

I had this ... Terlupa lah nama apa. One of Sticks' specialties.

Imho, tak sedap sangat. Lagi sedap my aunt's olio or Dome's. Or the one dekat Hard Rock Cafe pun sedap! Mia had something, i cant remember. And terlupa nak snap a photo of her dinner. But each of us had 2 Cokes and i wanted more but malu nak order. It was hot okay? And i was so damn thirsty i dont know why, ughhhh.

After dinner we went for a movie. Wanted to watch that Jason Statham movie tapi lambat sangat around midnight so we settled for Beastly instead. That Alex pretty face tersangatlah hot in that movie! And theres my two favourite uber stylish people in it too! Vanessa Hudgens and one of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate Olsen.

And the funny dude in How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris too! Hahahaha. He was blind in that movie but still, funny as always! I cant say it a good movie but its a fun movie to watch! Its a modern take on the classic 'Beauty and Beast' story. Obviously Alex as the scary beast and Vanessa as the sweet beauty and Mary-Kate as the evil witch! Who would've thought? But shes a perfect pick for a witch. Her everyday clothes is very 'witch-like' dont you think so? With the messy hair and crazy eye makeup! Perfect choice for a witch kannnn?

All the happiness aside, i lost my Gucci slippers. I was too sad earlier, i had no mood and cried. Yes i am a crybaby. I cry over silly little things. I dont know who took it. And i dont know if i misplaced it or anything but i really think someone took it but i really truly hope i left it at Wani's house or something together with the 2 missing Aldos. If its cheap i dont mind but its not, sighhhh.

Please come back. I'll treat you good after this. I wont baling you here and there anymore. Please?

Whenever i am sad i always talk to Ezar but we're not talking because of something and i felt so lost not knowing who to talk to. My bestie has her own problems and shes been sleeping a lot for few days now. I cant burden her with this stupid problem of mine. So i lash out on Twitter. It was stupid. Shouldnt have done that.

Tadi dah okay but writing about this made me sad. Harap harap jumpa balik. I really truly hope.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nerds Anyone?

The sexiest nerd so far in my eyes is none other than this 'doctor' ...

Matthew Gray Gubler a.k.a Doctor Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds! 

Its safe to say that nerds aren't my type. Im the type of the girl who prefers bad boys to nerds. But there is something in Reid that made him sexy in my eyes. I cant figure out what ... yet! Its so frustrating! Boy is too thin! Definitely not my type. Carries gun? Yes please. A genius? Maybe that's the X factor? Ughhh i dont know but boy is sexy alright!

Is there any Criminal Minds fans out there? Can you please tell me if you feel the same way about him? Or is it just me? If its just me then something is definitely wrong with me! 

No nerds for me in real life though. I'll settle only, O-N-L-Y for Reid if i have to.

Other than that, no thank you please.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Railay, I Miss You!

I miss Krabi ...

Honestly i dont mind staying there for the rest of my life. Especially if its in Railay. In our awesome two-bedrooms villa to be precise. The villa is just so perfect. The wonderful people, the amazing place, the cheap but delicious dishes, the excellent view ... I can go on and on about this. Its just too perfect!

Please people if you're going away for your honeymoon, look no further ... this is the place to be! And i am definitely coming back to this place for my honeymoon trip! Errrr, not that im going to be married soon but yes, i'll come back to this place. The honeymoon part is just an excuse, ha ha!

PS: Koh Lipe, please be nice to me! Hope you'll be just like Krabi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Many Events, So Little Clothes!

Baju kurung semua dah pakai. Invitation kenduri sana sini. Adoi. Baju suitable nak pakai dengan tudung pun dah kurang. Need to stock-up more clothes! Tapi sejak gemok ni dah malas dah pakai jeans. Asyik pakai jeggings or long sarong/skirt. Tengok orang pakai maxi dress nampak cantik like this girl ... but i have none yang suitable nak pakai keluar lepak. If maxi dress suitable untuk ke kenduri macamtu ada lah, sighhh ...

Oh besides nak stock-up maxi dress. I seriously nak this one Maysaa pants. Perfect color and perfect cut! Soon i shall, yes soon insyaallah. Nak post the photo i cant i dont know why but checkout Maysaa website under the 'Trousers' section ya and you'll find it, the one and only there.

And i am crazyyyyy about FitFlops now! Memang suitable sangat untuk orang gemok malas like me! Hahaha

So many types to choose from the brand and it aint cheap! But its an investment in my opinion. Plus i read so many good reviews about this sandal. So i guess its worth the price, no?

Wish it was nipis sikit though ...