Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adult Kindergarten

Drafting Sent few emails to few people. I want to be the bigger person & insyaallah a better one next year.

I want a clean slate for 2012.

I want better things to myself and for Addara and The Quirky Birds next year. I've got so many things that i want to do, money i want to save and important things i need to buy.

I need to start being a better Muslim. That's the most important part. I'll be 26 next year. And i know too well that time flies fast. We might be dead tomorrow and the saddest and scariest part is, we might not have anything to bring with us. Someone i know tweeted this few days back "There's a thin line between syukur and kufur, you maybe the achiever. One may not have the dunya but they may have the akhira". Its true isn't it? We're too caught up in the worldly goods, things like these are often left out.

I've my highs and lows this year. It was a good year for me alhamdulillah.

I stopped making new year resolutions some time back. Because i know i'll end up not doing it. I believe its better to know what you want to do and what you must do in your heart and mind than to write it on a piece of paper. Papers go missing all the time, don't they?

I want to mix with the right crowd, with people who inspires me. With positive people. People who wants to do right things the right way. People who'll push me to be a better person. People who'll grow together with me. I wasted my teen years by not doing this. But looking back, it was worth it. The lessons. What i learnt by just being myself during the previous years taught me a lot, made me grow. It made me who i am now. There are some things that can't be learned from a book. The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased. It can only be accepted. And i have accepted my past, the bridges i've burned, the people that i've loved and lost along the way.

I will learn to let go, learn that its okay to say no, learn that nothing in this world comes easy, learn that its okay to show/tell another person that you love them, learn to smile more, learn not to assume and judge, learn to wait, learn to be nice and learn to not over-think things.

Happiness is a choice. Honour your dreams. Make amends. Live, learn and love.

"For what its worth its never too late or in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There's no time limit, start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find that you're not, i hope you have the strength to start all over again" - Benjamin Button

Goodbye 2011. It was nice meeting you.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

I got my Christmas presents a wee bit late this year.

A clutch (comes with $$$ in it, jjjjeah!), a sleeping pants and Topshop tops. Unfortunately i can't wear the tops because they're one (or two) size smaller, sigh. And its short sleeves! I can't blame my uncle and aunty though. They haven't seen me since forever. And i was skinny 3-4 years back. But hey, its the thought that counts right? Maybe i can wear them as an inner or something. Topshop top as an inner, fancy schmancy. So long RM15 a piece inners!

Bbbut the bestest gift i got was on Christmas Eve morning. My tiny hamster (her name is Miu Miu) finally gave birth! This was her second try. Her first try 6 of her pups died. None survived. And i was clueless back then i didn't know what to do. But after that incident, i read alot about hamsters pregnancy, what to do and what not. Saw the videos, prepared shredded tissue papers and bought enough food and vitamins. 5 pups came during the second try. 1 died on the spot. Poor thing. And another one died later. The mom ate both. Which is a normal thing for hamsters. Especially for the mothers. It gives them protein. And another 1 died 2 days ago shortly before Subuh. Now there's only 3 pups left and i've been monitoring them since. The babies are well. They're as big as a thumbprint. Makes little noises and can't move much. The tiny ears just popped out yesterday. No furs yet, and still blind. Their eyes are still unopened. I have been facsinated ever since they got out. Masyaallah couldn't believe that a tiny hamster like mine can produce milk for her babies. Can you imagine that? A little thing milking 3 much much more tiny things! Seriously im in my 'jakun' phase right now. I can't wait for their eyes to open. Can't wait for them to be a month old so that i get to hold them in my hands. I really hope the babies will make it through because the sibling that i mated with the mom ran away few weeks ago. And he's the only sibling who knows how to well you-know-what, sigh. My sister's hamster is now a great granpa. Imagine that? Haha. And he's real old alright? When my sister brought him here he was healthy. Not really fat but he was a round shape. But now badan dah bongkok bongkok macam orang tua and he sleeps alot. Im really worried about him because my sister loves him too much. I hope the vitamins i put in the food/drink are doing their job.

My pups look like this, minus the fur. Not that much yet

While we're on the topic, let me tell you about me and Christmas. I don't know why but i love Christmas. Yes, L-O-V-E. Ooh especially the songs! I had a phase few years back. Whenever i was moody or feelin' down, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas will be on repeat. Something about the song that makes you feel all jolly and giddy inside. But its really weird right listening to festive song during unfestive days.

Yes i am uncool like that

Photo of the pup above taken from Google search

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend

Diamonds + girls = BFFS FOREVER!

Thats simple math. But to choose one ring for your wedding. Just one. One that you will wear everyday till you're crooked and old. One that's within your budget. Thats just plain hard.

I am a long time fan of stacked rings.

But the ones i saw are all commercial diamonds. As much as i love stacked rings, i know i need to find myself a certified diamond ring. Its not that important. And yes nobody will know if your ring is a D color or an I color or if the cut is flawless and what not. Its for self satisfaction.

I went to De Gem with bestie 2 weeks ago and the SA told me that since its a De Gem so it doesn't matter if you choose an I color. Dalam hati furious gila. Like what the hell? An I color means its an I color. Hey you might be fooling people around you but seriously if it was me mesti dalam hati tak tenang sebab cincin tu bukan dari color/cut/clarity yang baik. I know im psycho like that. Bridezilla mode, sorry!

I used to think that a ring with a big stone tu cantik sangat. But after i self-taught myself the 4Cs i now know that bigger is not always better. A smaller stone might worth more than a bigger stone if its from excellent carat/cut/clarity. So girls, please buat research before buying your ring okay? This is important. Unless you're the type yang tak kisah sangat. But then again, to each its own i guess. Certified diamonds or commercial diamonds, it depends on you. You're the one yang nak pakai sampai bila bila kan so its up to you.

But still, do educate yourself the 4Cs before buying. When i was in Diamond & Platinum with bestie. We saw the Forevermark range there. The rings was nice but its a bit too trendy for my liking. Im looking for something simple and classic. Because i keep reminding myself that i'll be stuck with that ring for the rest of myself so i must find myself something decent and something that won't go out of style. And most importantly something that suits all your outfits/watches/accessories. I tried on a small diamond. Bestie insisted on a huge rock. The one i tried worth more than hers simply because the one she tried was a lousy grade diamond. I told her that but she refused to listen (no dia tak beli, only tried for fun). I tried educating her there and then but dia takmau dengar, sigh. But i won't stop! I will try again next time and i will force her to drag me or i will shamelessly self-volunteer whenever she decides to buy her ring.

I've decided what i want but it needs to be custom-made. Its because i have small fingers. Soon insyaallah. I simply cannot wait! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New

3 days left for 2011 to end, now that's super fast am i right or am i right? Can't believe that i'll be 26 next year, sigh. But im grateful that i am still alive and breathing until today, alhamdulillah.

Okay so here is the recap for this year!

  • Mastura got married. This was the first wedding that i truly enjoyed being there!
  • Got fat, no kidding. Like, puffy face real fat fat
  • Awesome roadtrip to Krabi with the crazy bunch
  • Celebrated V-Day by lying on the bed next to bestie doing nothing
  • Wasted my Koh Lipe and Jakarta flight ticket! Arghh still pissed about this
  • Tsunami hit Japan
  • Started Love Raina with a friend
  • Went to this amazing event hosted by GLAM magazine
  • Started Addara
  • Prince William and Kate got married!
  • Nadya got all pretty in peach
  • Kim K got a gigantic engagement ring and all the single girls everywhere cried blood
  • My two oldest friends got engaged!
  • Managed to shed off few kilos, not that much though
  • My darling Ezanee changed her status to wifey
  • Got conned by my supplier
  • Had that MAD deal and got myself some extra cash
  • Lost my Blackberry in The Curve's toilet. Classic me
  • Addara went live on air during Eid Mubarak thanks to the beautiful 8TV Quickie female hosts 
  • Ami Schaheera wore Addara's Bahiya kaftan for her Jelita photoshoot
  • My friend a.k.a sensational blogger Jumie got married. The food was so good!
  • Amy Winehouse passed away. This is super sad because i am a big fan
  • The end of an era. I saw adult Harry Potter on the big screen. Can't believe its over, sigh
  • Steve Jobs passed away. God bless his soul
  • Lost an heirloom
  • A thief broke into bestie's car during out stay at Nikko Hotel (yeah what the hell right?) and stole our things! That includes the kebaya that i wanted to keep as an heirloom! Arghhh
  • 5 of my hamsters died
  • Started The Quirky Birds
  • My baby hamster gave birth to 5 pups and sadly all died
  • My boyfriend proposed :)
  • My baby hamster got pregnant again and gave birth to 6 pups. 2 died on that day and she ate it (its normal for hamsters to do so) and another one died just now, sobs :/
So there you go, my highs and lows for this year. I am hoping next year to be a much better year insyaallah! I can say that i have grown and learned a lot this year. I felt more like an adult. The past years i didn't really care much about anything. I spent my money like nobody's business. I glided through life without a care in the world. But now, i see things differently. And i do things differently. I might not change that much to some people but i know that i am really working hard to be a much better person. I really need to stop doing and talking about useless things, about things that don't matter to me. I need to start ditching people with negative vibes. In short, i've got to do things differently next year. And by different i mean i must do it better next year.

And i know i need to get myself a new phone. I need to blog more. I need to be more responsible. Insyaallah lets pray that we'll all do our best next year! 

Till then, catch you people again soon!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Letting The Cat Out

So i might have said yes ... and yes we are planning and yes we're hoping for everything to go well insyaallah.