Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Hope Its Not Too Late

I had a truly long day today.

I wish i could pour my heart out here but i know its not fair of me to do so. I am very tired and very sad. And i would never ever wish this feeling/situation upon anyone.

Its just so hard to be in my shoes. When it rains, it pours i guess. I just hope this unhappy feeling will go away. Whats done is done. I can only try to make things better. After what had happened today, i know i need to try hard. And i know i've been selfish. And i know i need to sacrifice things that i don't want to. But isn't that is what sacrifice is about?

I know im strong. Insyaallah i know i can handle this.

If you're not good in being the person you're supposed to be, please at least try your hardest. You can't stop trying. Its just not fair. Dont neglect those who needs you. Because one day, you might need them. And one day, all the people you care about now might be gone and this person that you've neglected might be there for you.

I need to remember this. So that i'll stop being neglectful and start caring. That person might be irritating, but i know i need to be there for her right now because she needs me now more than ever.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freebies And Vouchers

Banyaknyaaaaa orang nak kahwin this year!

Next week one of my girlfriend's engagement, then a wedding, then another three weddings, ah don't we all love weddings? Nasi minyak oh yums! Few girlfriends will be popping out their babies anytime now. I wanted to set-up a mini reunion for Amani but i am the only one left in Penang so i can't get it done, sigh. Kesian her. But i've promised myself i'll make her a beautiful diaper cake for the baby boy insyaallah.

I thought of clearing out my wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new something like that but i haven't gone shopping for quite some time now. The last baju i bought was my Dressing Paula dress, that was like early this month i guess? I'll be 26 years old this year so i want to get few pieces that is suitable for my age and appropriate to wear with hijab. So lucky i found Dressing Paula. A lot of beautiful blouses in silk and chiffon material that covers the bum and most importantly long sleeves! Dressing Paula did a campaign few weeks ago offering a voucher worth of RM500 (if im not mistaken) to their customers. I tried my luck but i didn't get it. They wanted a full length individual photo but i gave them the one i took with my girls during Anna's birthday. Then i kept reminding myself to email them again but sigh i forgot then tengok tengok contest dah habis. But eventhough i tak menang i got myself a voucher worth RM200 from them. So yeay, i just have to add less than RM150 on top of the voucher to get two beautiful tops. Their tops are roughly around RM130+. I've not seen anything above RM500 there yet so lets just hope it'll stay that way.

Earlier this week i the postman brought in a half year worth of Kotex pantyliners that i had ordered a month ago. Sampaikan my aunty ingat Kotex now has delivery service lol but no that wasn't it. I bought a voucher from one of the voucher companies online i cant remember if it was Groupon/Milk-A-Deal or Mydeal. But seriously it was cheap! I don't think i paid above RM25 for all of that. Great bargain kan?

And oh, i still have a spa session and hair treatment session voucher. But i don't know if i can still use it takut dah expired. I guess thats the downside buying lots of voucher. You lost track of what you bought and when should you use it etc. I burned few of my facial session last year because i was too lazy to go or because i couldn't find the right time. I kept thinking ah takpa lah its cheap. I shouldn't repeat this attitude again this year. I'll call the spa and my darling Ezanee tomorrow to check if i can still use the vouchers. If not, better luck next time i hope!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby V

"Hello my name is Vera. I think i was an actress in my past life"

Few facts about me:

I was named after the designer Vera Wang. I am a big as my master's palm. I sleep, eat and poop a lot. I used to stink when i was a baby because i kept sleeping in my own pee pee and got all wet and smelly because of it. But those days are over my friends

My master tried mating me with my own pappa but it didn't happen. We're bffs now. I like all things sweet. I know i look grumpy all the time but really i am just a fat happy hamster. My master thinks that i am a human being trapped in a hamster's body. Because i am so smart. And i am photogenic and my master told me she has never seen a hamster with the ear poop as big as human's ear poop. I don't know why, sigh

Thats all for now. You know you love me, xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tough Love

I would like to believe that my boyfriend and i are cut from the same cloth. But the more i think of it, we're not that alike.

He is soft spoken, i am not. He is a man of patience. I hate waiting and i get ticked off with little things most of the time. Perhaps we got separated at birth? Maybe his mother wanted a girl and got him. And maybe my mother wanted a boy and got me. Don't get me wrong. He is a manly man. But at times i feel like he's this little baby you know. Maybe he's like that because he's the only male among his siblings. He has 2 elder sisters and 2 younger ones. Yes, maybe that.

I got a little too hard on him tonight. Poor thing. I've been stressing out with a lot of things. And i know he's agreeing to disagree lately. I just can't help it. And i feel so bad that he's probably very down tonight because of what i did. This tough love thing is a hard thing to do.

"Although i may try to describe love, when i experience it, i am speechless" - Rumi