Saturday, April 21, 2012


Change is good. But i don't think i like the change that i am having now.

One of my closest friend just accepted a job in Alor Setar. And another one is moving to Ipoh end of this month to manage the business that she'll be running with her fiancee. So going to miss pillowtalk sessions in her bedroom, us girls fighting sapa mandi dulu, us girls scolding Wani because she's forever lembab, oh and the nasi daging bawah rumah yang ze bomb, sigh.

So its just the 4 of us now. I miss the old carefree days. But we're adults now. Taking responsibilities, going on different paths, Its exciting but really scary and the same time.

I was in KL for 2 weeks for Safura and Alwi's reception. It was a lovely one. The bride, gorgeous as always. And i am so happy to hear that she has a bun in the oven. This time around next year they will be parents. Damn. Saw alot of familiar faces, especially Penangites. The food was excellent. I like going to weddings yang tak serve makanan/dishes yang typical/boring. We had cendol, ayam percik (i think!), goreng pisang and banyak lagi lah sampai tak larat nak makan.

Selina's engagement was also that same week. A lovely one too. All food cooked by her Indonesian grandmother.  The grandmother so baik and so cantik for her age. My friends and i loved the food. Banyak Indonesian dishes yang tak pernah rasa tapi semua sedap sedap. There was a singing session too with the band. Her Indonesian aunties sang. Suara sedaaaap and their face ish flawless! Orang Indonesia memang pandai jaga badan and muka kan? Me and the girls tak habis habis puji her aunts. Oh, bestie and i did the makeup for Selina. I was NERVOUS sebab lama tak makeup orang. I guided bestie through and helped her and alhamdulillah we made it. Nasib color muka sama dengan skincolor. I really hate it when i see foundation lighter/darker for the person's skincolor. We tried our hardest to avoid that. I know i need to brush up my skills but what's important is that Selina liked it.

They've been my closest friends since forever and im truly happy for the both of them. I am hoping to launch Project X in June, insyaallah. This might be one of the biggest risk and responsibility that im taking in my life. I am grateful for this opportunity and i can't help asking myself over and over again if im really the right person for this. I guess i need a slap to wake me up and move my ass, fast.

I've got great friends behind me, the ones that sticks by me through thin and thin, i've got E and my sister for their honesty which is crucial when i need to hear someone else's real opinion, not the suck-up ones you know. And few friends that i kept bugging for their views and opinions, im sorry for being a bug-a-boo but please know that i appreciate it so much you guys! And a team that im building for Project X that i know will help each other in need, insyaallah. Here's to the future and all great things, amin!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project X

Alhamdulillah, a great opportunity just came my way. But it comes with great responsibilities too.

I am super grateful for this! Hoping i can settle the first major thing this month which is finding the right X spot. I've always been a planner, now its time to juuuuuuuust do it! :)

Hoping i can get my girlfriends to squeeze some time to teman me X spot hunting before i leave KL. May this be the first start of many other great things, insyaallah.

Will reveal more soon about my little project.