Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another One Down

So two of my oldest friends got engaged last week in a small intimate ceremony - for close friends and family only. Saf is always gorgeous. She looks gorgeous without makeup so imagine her getting all dolled up, one word - STUNNING!

We got lost finding our way there. Its somewhere in Kedah. Damn i forgot the name of the place. 30-40 mins drive from the mainland. When we got there she was getting ready. I had to pick my jaw up from the floor because she was glowinggg already. You know how they say a girl looks their best and glows all the time during their engagement period kan? But this girl i tell you, belum tunang dah glowing! Ah im so jealous. And i am so happy for the both of them.

Saf looked happy but Alwi mengigil habissssssss! Nak sarung cincin tangan shaking the both of them ha ha. Nak tangkap gambar pun Alwi jadi keras man it was so awkward looking i had to tell Alwi that i might smack him kalau dia tak loosen up. Saf on the other hand, saw Patchi and went nuts! Asking her grandmother if she could have a few right there and then ha ha then her grandmother told her off "Oh mentang mentang hang punya nak makan sekarang!". LOL. Then Alwi's family came, bincang bincang, baca doa then makan. We took few photos and left. Their wedding is some time soon. Hopefully all goes well, insyaallah.

A huge congrats to Alwi and Saf! x

Monday, September 26, 2011

Masalah Kegemukan

I gained a lot of weight some time last year, nak dekat Ramadhan. My face was so full, too full. I feel like punching myself then. I ate a lot. 2-3 times a week i ate Hameediyah's briyani because i was so addicted to it, and few other things on top of that - RVCs, macs, anything sweet i can get.

I had a blast during my birthday last year celebrating with the crazy bunch but memang teramat sangat tak happy dengan size badan and muka. Lepas tu baru sedar, i need to cut down nasi, and few other things. Cannot be lazy, jalan more whenever i can. So i find myself walking 'round the mall few hours a day and cuci mata window shopping then. Hey, its better than walking along in the park!

Then berat turun until 50kg. Happy but not entirely happy sebab i wanted to be 40kg again, which is IMPOSSIBLE i know. But nothing is impossible right? Sekarang berat 48-50kg. Tak tentu. Hari ni timbang lain, esok lain. But around that, tak pernah lebih lagi. Alhamdulillah im so happy.

Anddddddd dah boleh pakai balik baju Najjah ni, yeay! Sebab time gemok baju ni ketat gila tapi now dah boleh pakai sampai kena perli with my friends sebab dah boleh pakai haha lantak lah im really happy that i can fit into it now. Lepas ni nak kena work-out more. Hopefully sebelum kahwin boleh kurus till 40kg, amin!

Ezani and Aqilah's solemnization, May 2010

Cameron Highlands, July 2010

Iftar at Golden Triangle, Sept 2010

Azizi and Mastura's wedding, Jan 2011

Faezah's wedding, Feb 2011

Jay's kenduri doa selamat, April 2011

Lunch at Twenty One, May 2011

Finally tah-daaaaaaaa!

Safura and Alwi's engagement, Sept 2011

Kalau boleh nak jadi kurus macamni okaybye

Christmas at my Nenna's house, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choo Shoes

I am always inspired by the tales of rags to riches.

I am always inspired by how these people struggled madly in the beginning and look at them now, they can finally say they've made it.

So many example cases for this. Like Genghis Khan. He was homeless! Imagine that? A homeless guy who went on to create the largest empire in history! And you guys don't know how many times i cried watching Will Smith's The Pursuit of Happyness. I truly believe with determination and hard work, anything is possible!

Im writing this because i am amazed with our very own Dato Jimmy Choo! If you dont know the guy you're probably insane.

He was born in Penang and worked as a cleaner in a shoe factory and worked part time in restaurants to pay off his college education - he cleaned the toilets and swept the floors! He had to do a lot of things to be where he is now. He was featured in an 8 page spread in Vogue but sales was still poor until Princess Diana became one of his regulars. Then Tamara Mellon (daughter of Vidal Sassoon's empire co-founder) bought the company and both of them owned each 50% of the company.

But what bothers me the most if that, what. went. wrong? Why did he sell Jimmy Choo? All of his shares? I don't understand.  What made him do that? I can't imagine building Addara from scratch but not own it. He must be regretting the decision that he made that day. I cannot imagine him seeing his brand grow but not be a part of it, at all. He can't even use his own name. This is just sad.

He sold his part for £10 million. Had he waited and held on to his 50%, he could've gone off with RM350 million today. The company is now worth RM700 million.

I truly hope one day a miracle will happen and that he'll get to use his name back. *crossing fingers for him*

Photos credit to Google images

Friday, September 23, 2011

Jugglin' Baby

Juggling few things at the moment and earlier yesterday i spent 4 hours in front of the laptop replying my customers' queries and emails *dies*

Yeah i know i cant complain. This is all rezeki, i am grateful eventhough tired sangat sangat. Addara is blossoming and going on strong alhamdulillah. I love my customers for the support. Fussy customers, tons of emails to reply everyday, delayed shipments, kena tipu with supplier, not-so good reviews ... you cant break me. I work on improving my flaws and service and i know nothing is easy. This is all a part of the business. But walaupun i had to go through a lot of things, i am happy because i love doing this. My mother - she doesn't approve ... at all. But i can't blame her. I hope in time she'll accept and understand. I am still learning. And people may say "oh this is an easy thing to do lah", yeah my girlfriends thought so too. When they see how i struggled (customers and suppliers can be hard some times), they know it ain't easy.

Okay enough with the sob stories.

So insyaallah in a month's time Addara will be featured in a 2 page spread for a magazine. I cant tell you who what where when yet. I will do so soonnnnnnn. My two gorgeous girlfriends will be modelling for me, yay! I love you guys for helping out. Besides the spread a friend just contacted me asking me to sponsor clothes for her (singer) client's music video. But its such a short notice. They need the outfits on Monday. Tak sempat. So i have to pass. Ruginya. But its okay, im sure there's more opportunities for me in the future. I am also in the midst of designing a new collection for Addara. Harap semua baik baik lah with this plan. And also nanti time Eid Adha nak buat something special for my darling customers. Banyak nya benda nak buat kan?

Addara aside, i have few days left to plan a friend's surprise birthday party (kek belum order, invites belum give out). Next month kena plan event for 200 pax for a friend (satu apa benda pun tak buat lagi). Kelam kabut la nak juggle semua benda.

Harap all goes smoothly. Doa for me please! Need tons of doa!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


A friend of a friend just posted a disturbing status on Facebook. A goodbye note to everyone and especially his girlfriend. He is suicidal! He is planning to take his own life at 5, did not say am or pm!

OMGGGGGGGG i don't know what to do. My friend and i - we're trying to figure out a way to get to him or help him (i don't know him at all!!!). I tried to call his phone but its off. My friend tried to call Befrienders asking for help but they said there's nothing they can do if the person's phone is off.

Im really truly sleepy right now but i can't be selfish and i can't sleep peacefully knowing that someone somewhere is trying to do this! And if he does it at 5am it means there's only 2 hours away to stop him!

Ya Allah i really don't know what to do. He is not a Muslim, he is Chinese. So please don't start. His friends commented on his Facebook but no reply. I just hope he doesn't do it. Because this might haunt me forever.

I just pray that someone out there somewhere is able to get through him and calm him down. I hope he doesn't go through with this.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Wish I May I Wish I Might!

Imagine you dancing barefoot at your own wedding, a garden wedding, dancing to Nino Rota's La Dolce Vita ... it would be oh so perfect.

If i could (i would bore the guests to death i know), i want to play Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday non stop at my wedding! Or play Casablanca on repeat, ah thats even betteeeer!

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental things apply as time goes by, as time goes by ... and when two lovers woo, they still say "i love you", on that you can rely, no matter what the future brings, as time goes by ...."

And when i have babies, i will hum these beautiful songs for them. I will play them Breakfast At Tiffany's, Sabrina, Roman Holiday ... ahhhhhhhhhh!

*slaps self - goes back to reality*

Yeah whatever, no Lady Gaga and Beyonce for my kids.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lord Of The Ring

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time you should know that i refused to settle for anything else than my dream wedding ring. Click here to refresh your memory.

The perfect cut, perfect setting and the perfect brand, everything a girl wants in her wedding ring.

But, this was before i went to Tiffany & Co and tried on the ring myself. I was dissapointed. For a ring that's almost 20k, the diamond ciput okay and not sparkly. Dont lecture me on the 4Cs because i am no expert. Before, i wanted the ring so badly but i can happily say not anymore.

After that i went to Cartier with my sister. Fab rings they have. And tiny stones with my budget. I tried on a few. One with the 10k price tag i cant remember. It was a-okay. Then i tried on the 17k diamond. Same tiny size but hear this, after we got in the car my sis said "Kakaaaaaaak yang 17k tu diamond dia punya sparkle tu macam dok panah mata aku". Haha it was sparkly alright. But way out of my budget. I manusia sedar diri okay.

Like my dear friend Reena, i am not into jewellery too. Thats why i feel its okay to spend a bit more on the wedding ring because i know lepas tu memang takkan beli anything dah. For me a nice looking wedding ring (in my eyes) and a good watch is enough dah. Tak payah dok pakai berutas utas rantai emas rantai berlian segala mak nenek. I am no anak mami uolls.

After that ring hunting session, i decided not to look anymore. Until i went into this shop in Gurney Plaza to ask about nak polish my ring when i saw it ... i saw her, my dream ring, my love, the perfect size, the perfect cut, the perfect everything!

I looked at her and she looked back at me smiling, asking me to try her. I was scared to try because i know mati lah kalau try lepas ni memang semua sleepless night la. I tried a smaller stone walaupun hati menjerit suruh try that dream ring. And i managed to peek at her price tag, i heard and felt my heart break into thousands of tiny pieces. Thank goodness tak try.

I took out the ring i tried on, said thanks and left.

Price tag of my dream ring?

RM40,000. Double the price and size of the Tiffany & Co. ring.

Damn you beautiful rings for being so expensive. Damn youuuu

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Life; a cycle. A series of events, meetings and departures. Friends discovered, others lost, precious time, wastes away. Big droplet tears are shed for yesterday, but are dried in time for tomorrow, until all that remain are foggy, broken memories of a happy yesteryear." - Daniela Gallo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Old Fart

E turned 28 yesterday, what an old fart.

I pretended like i didnt care that yesterday was his birthday and it worked. He was pissed because i gave him the 'whatever' treatment yesterday and today. But darling you've got punked!

I have planned something special for you this weekend and i hope you'll love it. I wouldnt miss your birthday for anything in the world ... okay i take that back, i might miss it for Chuck Bass. But that aside, you know i love you like a love song baby (sorry i just had to put this in, i cant get this song out of my head).

Oh how i cant wait for the weekend, i hope all goes well, insyaallah!

Happy birthday to my bestfriend, my teacher, my rock, my pain in the ass - the only one who can make me laugh and cry at the same time, the one who pushes me to be a better person everyday, the one who nags at me all day everyday, the one who i bug all the time, the one who has never read my blog, the one who stands by me through the good, the bad, the happy and the sad, here's wishing you a very happy 28th love :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Kaki ku dan rahang ku sakit akibat berdiri lama selama 3 hari berturut turut. Rahang aku pula kerana asyik tersenyum mesra.

Okay scratch that - feet hurts, jaw hurts but its all worth it and its all because of loveee! Finally dah selesai all the receptions, both side Ezanee and Syed, phewwww! I went to their akad, and both side kenduris. I didnt go to her 'khatam quran' and 'berinai', tu pun dah kena pot pet dengan dia. I woke up around 2ish yesterday and i managed to get to the Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang around 4ish. Late i know but knowing her, she will kill me if i didnt go so lambat pun lambat lah asal kan she saw that i came.

Syed's side today was at Kompleks Tabung Haji, a lot of familiar faces. Nak upload photos but i dont have them yet. Kena tunggu official photos from their photographer. Ezanee's makeup cantik sangat. I have always liked Idy's work. He is the mua/wedding planner from Jalinan Kasih. Her makeup was perfect today! She was glowing and looked every inch like a princess. Pity Syed kena food poisoning but he managed to make it till all the guests went home and everythough he was in pain but he was all smiles! I hope he gets better! 

And oh im so jealous with the YSL Muse he got Ezanee. I have alwayssssssssssss suka Muse. Its not a classic bag, its an It Bag but it managed to stay and it won the hearts of many celebs and friends. Maybe i should start to save up for it. Ezanee's size is perfect. 

I hope i get the photos soon. We had to lie on the grass yesterday for photos. The photographer tortured everyone yesterday, luckily not so much today. Nad caught the bouquet yesterday and today haha im guessing shes next (mati lah aku lol)? Ohhh i finally saw Aini's chubby baby Ariff tadi. Masyaallah he is the cutest thing ever! Baik sangat tak banyak songeh and diam saja. His smile made my heart melt! 

Entries are meaningless without photos. I will update this space soon with photos!

Ezanee's house after her akad

The beautiful bride and groom

Ezanee's 'khatam quran' and 'berinai' night

Us girls at Syed's reception

Look who i found!

More photos to come!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Im Turning 25 Holy Cow

Okay so my birthday is a month away.

Those who knows me well knows that i am big on planning. Bff and i bought a return trip to Jakarta few months back. The original plan was to celebrate in Jakarta and we havent bought anything yet, havent booked our supir and hotel pun. Oh the horror.

I usually plan my birthdays few months in advance but i guess im getting dusty now. Thought of having dinner with my closest and bestest like last year, thought of having a tea party with the girls saja, thought of having a dress-up party (just because i want to dress up as Blair Waldorf and bff has no choice but to be Serena). I'll be having a joint birthday party with bff again this year because our birthdays are so near so why waste money and buat separately kan?

I cant decide, should i do 3 nights in Jakarta or spend the weekend in KL? Found the perfect outfit and jacket dah lol i love jackets. You can wear a smelly t-shirt with a handsome jacket and look like you're some Hollywood celebrity bwahaha

Bff is partying the night away and i cant call her yet to discuss about this, clock is ticking i need to start some serious planning pronto!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello again world!

Blogging again, ah finally!

I hope its not too late to wish all of you out there a very happy Eid Mubarak! And please apologize me for my flaws and wrongdoings! So how many of you pile on extra weight because of the rendangs and ketupats? Dont be shy, come cleannnnnnn

So many things lah nak tulis but where do i start ...

Well, the few missing months let me see -
  • found out that some people cant be trusted, selfish and greedy
  • a friend's wife and unborn baby passed away (please take few minutes and say Al-fatihah for her and her baby in her tummy due to be delivered in 2 more months, i cannot imagine the sadness that my friend is going through right now)
  • a good friend got (not-so) secretly married
  • one of my bestest girlfriend got married yesterday
  • my boyfriend's sister gave birth to a baby girl
  • met chubby cheeks baby Maryam
  • heard my cousin is getting married
  • dyed my hair jet black and gave myself some bangs (yeah blame Fazura. Her hair is to die for in Tahajjud Cinta)
  • bonded with my sister over nasi Mak Lan and Topshop clothes
  • got conned by an irresponsible supplier
  • made a deal with Milk-A-Deal for my regulars and future customers that went live for 2 weeks and alhamdulillah sold out like goreng pisang
  • lost my precious Blackberry in The Curve's toilet and that same week my sister's car banged something struggled locating all of my suppliers and customers back (had to start almost all over again) and i managed to have iftar with my darlings

  • the female hosts of Quickie @ 8TV wore Addara for raya (over the moonnnn)
  • the uber stylish Ami Shaheera chose to wear a fuchsia Bahiya for her appearance in Jelita magazine
  • went to Jumie's wedding with my sister (the bride looked fab!)
  • heard Reena got engaged (its about time, congrats you lovebirds!)
  • went nuts over Adura's cakes - Temptations by Tiara (my sister stole a whole cake of mine and ate it alone)
  • failed to organize the anual iftar gathering
  • got a news that another close girlfriend is getting engaged end of this month
  • happy to see people strutting in their Addara purchase looking stunning (thank you to my regulars and girlfriends, you girls are my very own top-model!)

  • ... and a few more i cant remember now, phew thats a lot aint it?
Now that im back, im gonna bored you guys with my stories hehe i'll write more after this, promise!