Thursday, March 29, 2012

Am I Cute Or Am I Cute?

Tadi tengah kemas kemas rumah i found my deceased hamster's old tiny clothes. It was Peaches' kot. But she was not big enough then to fit into the clothes. Buuuuuut si comel Vera cukup sihat dan gemok for the clothes.

She didn't struggle at all. It was funny seeing her in it!

Isn't she the CUTEST? Total adorbs!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Grey

"Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight i'll ever know
Live or die on this day
Live or die on this day"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Queen Control

We were both on our beds playing with our laptop when i showed my sister the floor plan.

She kinda freaked out. I swear.

I can't help it that i am a control freak. I told my sister that i want, no i think i need walkie-talkies on that day. She supported the idea saying "Yessss kakak ______________ (who is an assistant/part of a team to a famous wedding planner) pun pakai!". And i was like "duh of course, professional planners mestilah pakai!!!". E rejected the idea. So unpro of him.

Wait till i show them my colour scheme *blows my unmanicured nails*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Relationships And Friends Getting Hitched!

Alwi and Saf got married in an intimate ceremony some time last week (or was it last 2 weeks?).

I was in Shah Alam that week and i was supposed to get on the 12pm bus in KL but i was so busy washing clothes with my barehands (how do people freaking do this!!! Its super tiring!) i missed the bus. And i missed my 3pm flight. So i had to get on the 5pm flight.

Bored out of my mind being internet-less i went to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge to waste my time there because that was the place with the least people. Less than 15mins my laptop happily died on me. This was when i had another 1 and a half hour to kill. Thank goodness i purposely sat next to a minister in the first place so i kept looking at his face (without actually looking like a stalker or him noticing me). He had good skin. Glowing! Better skin than me, a girl! How crazy is that? I guess its true, nothing is impossible if you have moolah. Note to self; must make more money from now on.

I landed in Penang after an hour and it was raining madly. And i was in a real rush so i took the limo home. My grandmother's house is like 10 or 15min away from the airport and i got charged RM30+ for the ride home. CRAZY! I am never taking the limo home anymore. What a waste of money.

The bride looked beautiful (as always!) in a cream long dress with minimal makeup (she is already gorgeous being barefaced, so go figure). I must say the pair looked very handsome together. The food was good too. Not your typical 'kenduri' dishes i must say. We ate, took photos, chit-chatted with the bride and groom and the five of us; Kano, Selina, Kamarul, Wani and myself left for Feringghi. No, i didn't go in my baju kurung of course.

Bumped into Acap and Elis there. We had a long talk about women, men, relationship and the big M word - marriage. It was good to hear what the boys had to say about marriage, relationship and FB dramas. I really needed to hear that because i rarely get to do that kind of conversation anymore because newsflash, everyone is in KL and i am all alone in this island ... sigh.

That is the reason i always try to squeeze that someone out whenever im in KL. The person that i can talk about almost everything, about things that i don't share with E or with the girls. Doing so keeps me sane.

Selina's engagement is less than a month. Alwi and Safura's reception is on the same week. And Intan's hens night will be on that same week too. You can tell i am very looking forward for that first week of April. I miss bestie. She's been busy with work and things we hardly talk anymore, sigh.

I can't wait to go doooooooown there soon! Now i need to plan my outfits for the events!

PS: I will upload more photos soon. My broadband is being a pain, ugh!