Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was in KL (Shah Alam to be exact) last week. And this week i am back here in Shah Alam.

I've never heard of Wong Solo before. When we arrived (sister and my aunt) we were really hungry. My sister loves Chinese Muslim food. I don't. So i gave Wong Solo a try after my sister told me that her friends really love the ayam bakar set. And i am hooked ever since! I had it every single day for dinner last week. This week, since my sister and her friends went to Bali on Monday i had no transport to go. So i went out with my girlfriends. I have not seen them since Intan's engagement. I've been hearing about Williams all my life. Intan proposed that place for dinner last night. I didn't know what to order i ended up not eating my food. Duck pasta something something.

Also managed to squeeze in some me time. I've been having Shrek's brows for quite some time now and thank goodness i found the Benefit Browbar in KLCC yesterday, and now my brows are nice and clean. I love the service there. I used to wax my brows in Apronbay Bangsar which is a good place too. But the Benefit lady who did my brows is really good. Im definitely coming back next month. I also got a hair cut. Shoulder length this time cause i cannot tahan tying-up my hair in a bun anymore. Rosak rambut lah. I went to Centro Hair Salon. The haircut was okay, service too. I got charged RM80 for it which is the same price in Penang and they're also kind to give me a welcome treat. So i've got few vouchers now. Worth it lah potong rambut RM80 dapat voucher totaling up to RM100.

I settled most of my work/what i intended to do here. Bought comfy shoes for myself and my aunt. Waxing and haircut done. Tried Williams. Saw Ezar earlier today after a month not seeing each other. Spent time with the people i love. Had a good sleepover at Intan's. Bought few plates (my latest obsession) and few little things for myself. My aunty also is doing much much better alhamdulillah. So grateful for this and i love my friends for always being there for me when i am in need. Texting, tweeting me ... i am so thankful for everything! A magazine texted me earlier asking if they can feature Addara in it, of course why not kan? Great opportunity for the label. Everything is finally going smooothly. I am rebranding Addara in March and this time, its going to be much better than before insyaallah.

Saf and Awi's akad this Saturday. I can't wait to see two of my oldest friends tie the knot!

PS: Oh, Lyanis and Luke's birthday is today so here's wishing you two a veryyyyyyyyyyy happy birthday! x

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hardest

Almost one month now.

I am extremely exhausted. People don't know what i am going through.

And i don't wish for you to know or feel this way ever. Because going through the deaths of my loved ones is not as hard as going through this thing right here. Trust me.

Its draining all of my energy.

Everything please be normal again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rania, The Baby Not The Queen

Yesterday was my first meeting with the adorable Zahrah Rania Shanley. I went to Teh's house with bestie for dinner because her mother cooked alot. There was siput sedut, lala masak pedas, prawns, kerabu kaki ayam, and a whole lot more. Makan sampai sesak nafas!

Oh Rania, i fell in love with her in an instant! She's such a beautiful baby and very well behaved one too. She smiles a lot and loves to giggle! My friends kept telling me that its hard to be angry at her because she too adorable. She usually wakes up around 4ish in the morning and my friends (they sleep there most of the time) and her mother, sleepy or not always kena entertain her because seriously whenever she smiles or laugh, it is hard to say no to this tiny tot.

While playing with her i got the chance to chit-chat with Teh's mom, or as we call her 'mama'. Mama is a humble person and i am so inspired with the things she has achieved. She told me how hard she worked to get to where she is now. "Perasaan malu kena ketepikan untuk hidup macam sekarang". I will remember that line always. Mama told me the reason why she doesn't hang out with other datin-datin is because she doesn't feel like a datin herself. I think most datin will prance around proudly carrying any label they have, but not mama.

After few minutes of talking, she showed me few bags, few Chanels were in the mix. She said "mahal kan beg ni twelve thousand", i nodded to agree. She is a millionaire and seeing her that humble makes me feel ashamed of myself. I am always wanting to get more Chanels but this person who most probably doesn't have to worry about money anymore feels like the bag is just too much.

Hopefully i can spend more time with her in the future. There's so much to learn and gain from. And i know i would love to cuddle and kiss baby Rania all over anytime soon.

And oh, i've always wanted to sing to my babies the songs from Disney movies and Breakfast At Tiffany's Moonriver ... i got to practice it yesterday masa nak tidurkan Rania. I sang and hummed 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and 'Moonriver' to her, tapi budak ni tak tidoq pun instead my bestie went "Weh aku mengantuk lah" HAHAHA.

Aunty miss you already pretty baby.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bridezilla Attack!

If you know me or you've been following my blog, you'd know by now that i am a planner. Thats because i find the need to be in control of everything, to make sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly, ... my way.

Crazy? Yep i know.

Obviously this thing is happening right now! Planning a big day is so stressful! And on top of that, i have to juggle my work and an old unwell aunty. Its killing me! Now i cant imagine at all being a wedding planner. Too much stress of wanting everything to be perfect (read; perfect not beautiful not lavish not huge) my way is just too much. I am always awake until Subuh going over things, planning every small detail over and over again.

I went to try on some dresses 2-3 days ago. Found two that i loved. One is in black. Its simple and has embellishments dekat area yang i wanted. But its in black and bila fikir fikir balik, its too simple. I like simple, but this was too simple.

The second one i tried, it was a peplum dress. Not the color that i wanted too. But insyaallah i'll be able to work the color into my color palette (yes i actually googled color palette to see if mine matches and looks nice and on top of that, i made few inspiration boards because just visualizing in my head is simply not enough! ). E loves everything. He really is not helping at all. Everything looks lovely to him. I love that he's being supportive and all but a lot of yes-es im hearing is slowly killing me. Thank god for my sister. She's honest and very helpful alhamdulillah.

Step #1 and #2 is almost done. That is the budgeting and planning part. Im really hoping i could see/talk to my mother soon about all of this before i really start doing anything else, thats the most important part out of all. If only she lives next door ...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Beautiful Yellow Engagement

Last week was the engagement of my darling friends, Intan and Jay.

It was a beautiful day. And both looked beautiful in yellow. The color really stood out against the clean white background and deco. The deco and makeup was done by none other than D' Teruna Dara. The owner did a great job in making it perfect. Pakai semua fresh flowers which is a big yays sebab artificial ones are a big no no!

Intan had less than 2 weeks to plan her engagement sebab bapak Jay bagi tarikh tu so apa lagi kelam kabut lah nasib baik in the end everything alhamdulillah went smoothly.

Intan bought her beautiful dress from Baharim. When she first showed me the baju, both of us macam scared if the color might be 'too much' because it wasn't a pastel color, it wasn't soft. It was heading towards canary yellow. But when i saw it on that day, and bila Intan duduk dekat atas mini pelamin tu, memang cantik! Intan's family wore yellow/white. Jay's family and friends wore brown. Intan requested me and the girls pakai baju same color so we chose teal/turquoise/green.

Bertunang pun dah a la ala akad nikah dah. The most interesting part time engagement ni, both dads so cute dok jual beli pantun. First time dengar orang balas balas pantun ni so it is something new to me. Lepas dah habis balas balas pantun tu, their wedding date was set-up and confirmed then makan time! Food was so good i tell ya! Ada air tebuuu which was our faves (me and the girls)! Lauk pulak ada macam macam. Kambing bakar, udang, ayam, lembu, ikan pekasam, sambal belacan dengan ulam. All of us had way too much food! Tu belum masuk the desserts! We did a small and simple dessert table for Intan. All of us brought each one dessert for her according to the engagement's color palette lepas tu tetiba ada satu makcik letak benda apa tah pulut bentuk bulat bulat macam bola color kuning we all went absolutely nuts! HAHAHA. Intan wanted to put her scones on the 2 tier cupcake stand but the puluts got there instead. Kesian dia. Oh and other thing boleh tak seriously jakun i've never seen bunga rampai in real life. Hari tu first time tengok dengan bau i was so in love with it. Bau wangi gilaaaaaaaaaaa. Intan's mom put it in small pots around the house and inside the room i stole some and put it in my clutch ROTFL. I went home and sprinkled it on my bed and the beautiful smell lasted few days. My sister was like "ehhhhh bau apa ni" when i got back. Of course la bau busuk i woke up at 6am, got back at 3pm, and in the middle of that i was running around Intan's house helping out with things, setting up the dessert table, giving out the macarons and 'bunga telur' favors to her guests teruus tetiba bestie said "hang buat kerja kerja ni semua sangat tak Melissa". I usually don't do anything whenever i at these kind of events except for the planning part. Tetiba hari tu rasa macam rajin pulak semua benda nak buat. Ala busuk pun busuk lah lepas letak bunga ramai atas katil dengan teruus my sister senyap.

Okay i think i've said almost everything about the engagement soooo lets see the photos of the beautiful couple! Oh, the couple hired Rhemia as their official photographer but Intan belum upload dekat her Facebook so these are the only ones on her Facebook.