Sunday, September 2, 2012

Im Back Y'alls!

Gosh! I've neglected this blog for far too long!

Too many things happened in the past few months. Breakup and makeup, lost my bestfriend and alhamdulillah i am glad that we're talking now and i hope something like that will never happen again. Come what may, another third party will never break or shake us again insyaAllah. My cousin got married. Saw mother and brother last month. I got fat. Friend got married. Oh, i had a not-so-good Raya thiss year because i stopped talking to my bestfriend and boyfriend. I slept through first day of Raya. Baju raya pun belum ambil from the tailor. I really wasn't in the mood.

But all is well now. I am still fat. Im working on losing weight. Started my diet 2 days ago. Going on a strict 1200 calories only per day. Sekarang nak makan apa pun tengok calories dulu. Air minum warm mineral water. Seriously how boring can my life get? Buut anything to be thing again sigh i gotta push myself real hard this time kalau tak nanti tak muat baju bridesmaid untuk wedding Intan. I might go nuts if that happens.

I've been spending more time with my girls. Takes my mind off the sad stuff. But im going back to the island in a few days which means i'll be alone again without them. Its really hard because i am the happiest when i am with them. Maybe i need a break. I need another vacation. Intan and her fiancee was too kind to treat me to a short trip to Singapore. They're the best! Can't take my mind off the beautiful Louboutin i tried on. And seriouslyyyyyy i will go back to the sup tulang merah it is simply the best. We had just that two days in a row. Yes it was that good people. Tapi akibat sedut lemak berlebihan i almost fainted. Badan jadi panas, kepala pening, rasa nak muntah on the second day. And i can't believe Intan and i got fooled. Sup tu sup kambing, makan macam hirup sup gearbox. Kami cerdik pandai ingat tu mini lembu. HAHAHA. Lembu size kecik slap us already man sheesh! InsyaAllah we're going to Bangkok for my birthday yeay i can't wait whoopedoo!

Intan's wedding is less than a month now. My baju is already ready. I hope i can lose weight before her big day because the tailor already warned me "Don't put on weight" so garang this tailor. I hope she's good cause she was suggested by a friend. Love all of Lyanis' bajus that she made. But she's quite pricey. I just hope she's worth it.

I am trying to plan Intan's bachelorette party but i can't nail everyone down on a date. Don't know what i should do. She's been such a great friend the past few weeks and i really want to do something nice for her. I am not worried i am writing this here because she doesn't read my blog. I don't think my girlfriends do. Meeting the girls later tonight i hope i can work something out for her.

Talk to you guys soon! x