Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Famous Bedak And Nasi Ayam Budu

I missed watching Nona just now. NNMK and her bedak muntah belut is getting famous these days! Hehe after trying it for almost 2 weeks i have to say it does make my skin soft and gebu, no kidding. My face is much better thanks to it. But it could also be the Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion that im using now. I dont know. But i think wearing both has made my skin condition better than before and here's hoping it'll stay that way for a loong looonggg time. Good face aside, i must do something with my weight. I think i am growing bigger. That is a big no no no. I love eating, alot. I dont know why no matter how much food i take i always end up getting hungry an hour later. I baca doa makan and bismillah okay! I dont know whats wrong with me. And as a result of that and not eating healthily and work-ing, here i am today with extra few kgs!

I dont know how much i weight now because i dont have that weight thingy at home and honestly i dont want to buy it because for sure tengok my weight now i'll pengsan. Ramadhan is coming soon which means i cant work out during Ramadhan. Arghhhhhhh. My jeans are getting tighter! Oh dear!

Must be thin back. Must be thin back. Must. Must. Must. Must!

PS: I tried the nasi ayam budu yesterday. And its true, nasi tu memang sedap. Because of the ayam goreng lah. Google 'nasi ayam budu', you'll see what i mean. Lepas ni for sure jadi pelanggan setia. Hmphhhhhh macamana tak gemok :/


suji said...

anything just text me . 0142469746

thnks melisa.and sorry sbb susahkan you ..
btw , my name suziana .k?

shah mosh said...

i pelangan tetap nasi ayam budu tuu hehe ;)

Melissa R. said...

eh ye ke? hehe i baru try first time. sedap lah. esp ayam goreng tu. nti i nak p makan lagi, dah tersangkut :)

reena said...

Tsskk u ni. Buat i teringin nak try both bedak sejuk & nasi ayam budu! said...

weh..muka hg mmg suda gebu n licin ok!! tension sat~~>.<

Melissa R. said...

reena: nti u balik make sure you try nasi ayam budu tu i think dia tutup midnight kot memang sedap
marina: that was before, not anymore. last 2 weeks aku keluar dengan mak aku, dia komen tentang condition muka aku sampaikan nak tolong beli skincare pro active tu. sedih aku mendengar pelawaan dia. tapi sekarang muka aku dah better, thank goodness!