Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girly Things

I love reading blogs. Especially the fashion blogs. But it irritates me to read when i have to wait about 20-30mins for the humongous photos to load. Like, seriously guys? Hint: Chiara Ferragni

That aside, can someone tell me how to lose 10kg? 3kg gone and i want another 10kg to be gone as well. I just found out last week theres a pool, gym and sauna at Intan's place. Damn you. Should've told me earlier.

I saw a photo of my lil brother's Crocs on my mother's Facebook wall.

Baby blue and green. With his name on it. (The Crocs buttons wtv you call it. I know nuts. Im not a fan sorry)

And i almost died! Mom asked if i was green with envy. I dont even know how to respond to the question, honestly. Why the buttons whyyyyyyy i dont understand? Shoot me somebody please.

I have been looking for the perfect spot for my first event in KL. I am liking few places but im on a budget so there is a lot to to consider. KL is nothing like Penang. Everything is pricier. But with family and friends help, insyaallah i believe i'll manage.

But i havent decided on the date yet. Still deciding whether i should do it before Ramadhan or after Raya. If its going to be before Ramadhan it'll be crazy because next week is already May! I truly hope everything goes well. Bestie and i are flying to Jakarta in October to celebrate our birthday there. Flight tickets are booked because we cancelled out India trip. Next year insyaallah. Its our dream to visit India before we leave our singledom. The culture, the people, the Taj Mahal ... we shall see you next year! My uncle has offered to pay for my stay in Delhi, which we're planning to spend 2 nights maximum but i have yet to take him up on his offer.

I need to save up a real lot of money for all of this. And for a new bag. Been wanting to get a new one since last year. Im in love with Alexander Wang but since i am late, couldnt find the bag in the color that i wanted.

Oh i would like to share this with you readers, Stage Cosmetics extended its clearance sale until June! How awesome is that? Intan went nuts and bought alot. Im going to weekend to get some more too! Im dragging bestie along because i dont understand the blush color that she wanted "Aku nak color natural tapi terang". What on earth is that? HAHAHA.

Seeing the girls this Sunday for Nadya's engagement. Which reminds me, i need to tweeze this Shrek brows off before the event. And facial too. My face is such in a bad state. I kept cancelling my facial and gym appointments because i kept running here in Penang and there in KL. Cant stay at one place too long. I really need to learn how to do that.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Blogging from Intan's hotel room, the Impiana in Ipoh.

Bestie is sleeping. The others are playing cards. Kanye's All Of The Lights is on repeat mode. The song is wicked! I had an awesome weekend. Back to reality tomorrow, sobs.

I was in KL on Tuesday for the GLAM Great Escape event to celebrate GLAM magazine 7th anniversary. Everyone was so gorgeous i cant stop being "oh wow" and "damn shes hot" all the wayyy. I went with Mia, just the two of us. We made some friends there. Took photos with models/celebs/socialites. Chit-chatted with Marion Caunter for about 10 mins or so. She was real nice and friendly. Tanned and real pretty too. Couldnt stop staring at her gigantic ring. She is one lucky girl!

The GLAM magazine is doing an exhibition that includes spreads taken over the past 7 years. Pretty photos i tell you. You can checkout the photos of all the memorable and beautiful shoots at The Gardens Mall.

I saw Vivy Yusof (with her bestie Toots, Dean and Asma') and Mia Suraya there. Both so petite and pretty. Deborah Henry is drop dead gorgeous i swear. I hope Mia uploads the photos in the camera soon. I have so little of 'em. Oh btw, i finally wore my fuchsia Stage lipstick. I am so in love with the color. Wish i could wear it on a daily basis!

Top; Blazer and grey singlet from Topshop
Pants; Love, Raina
Shawl; bought sometime ago in KLCC
Belt; Love, Raina
Bag; 2.55
Shoes; Pumps from Aldo

On Thursday i went to La Bodega for dinner with Intan, her boyfriend and Fathul. I had creme bruleeeeee so velvety and sinful and bought red velvet cupcakes from Whisk. Intan bought like 20 tiny macaroons. I loved the rose and red velvet ones! But they were too tiny and at RM2 a pop. The RVCs was lovely but i still prefer the ones from Just Heavenly. The four of us ate like mad cows. Too much good fooddd i tell you. I always ... alwaysss love my stays in KL because i get to eat all the good food here that isnt in Penang. I stayed at Intan for 4 days and i thank her for being such a good friend. She bought me lunch while Ida made me breakfast in bed haha i feel sad that i had to leave her place. But i had to force myself out of the house before they kick me out. LOL.

Dress; Maxi from The October
Shawl; bought few years back from Midvalley
Bag; 2.55
Ring; F21 i think

All of us came to Ipoh yesterday because we got invited to Jay's house for the family's kenduri kesyukuran. Went for Red Riding Hood with bestie and Ida. It was an okay movie. Henry is too cute for words! Can i have him as my second husband pretty please? Okay i just googled. He is Max Irons in real life.

Dress; Maxi from
Blazer; borrowed from Ida because i didnt bring any cardi/outerwear
Shawl; F21
Necklace; House of Harlow 1960 Gold Plated Medallion Locket

I went into a petshop and i saw this cute Pomeranian. I cant stop thinking about her. Shes the cutest! And shes so smart and friendly too. Its so sad that i cant have her. And please ignore my ugly face i was too tired to put on anything on my face.

I had my first keli earlier with air asam at the kenduri. It was okay but we a saw few live huge ones at the back of his house i almost pukeddd out my lunch. They're scary and ugly. Bestie and i are very jakun people we kept bugging Jay to give the kelis their food but they were too smart they hid down under (pool was deep). They can tell bestie and i were up to no good. What was i thinking to eat keli? I am always disgusted at them. I guess i was too hungry? Or was i feeling adventurous just now? Bestie said "Melissa nampak macam Western tak sangka pulak dok makan semua benda benda macamni". We all laughed!

I am a kampung girl at heart. And a girl with a weird taste for food. I dont eat chicken chop or steak, or anything 'Western' in the cafes, i eat sambal belacan, cencaluk and budu, i only eat green colored fruits like green grapes and apples (weird much?) ... yes i am weird and kampung on the inside, so what right?

After the amazing food session i went back to bestie's house for a short nap and came after Isyak to Intan's hotel for dinner. And now we're all lazing around in the room because of too much of good food for the past few days ...

Im going to miss my friends' company. Seeing them again on the weekend for Nadya's engagement. Okay i am so sleepy now. I need to take the first bus home tomorrow. Goodnight readers. Will write more soon, insyaallah.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jolly Golly Wolly

Okay im guilty sebab dah malas nak blog lately ni. I have been busyyy, sorry! Few things to do here and there, places to go here and there, people to meet here and there, emails to write here and there, quotations to ask here and there *yawns*

But the good thing is, i am few steps closer to making ___________ (will tell you people soon) a reality! Alhamdulillah. Thankful and grateful for this. And my mom is the greatest! Thank youuu for everything! Hopefully by May i can tell you guys what i've been working on for almost 2 months dah.

That project aside, i have another one im planing to do in few months time but im contemplating whether to do it before Ramadhan or after Raya. But i asked bestie's opinion and she said, after Raya is much much better because banyak sikit time nak prepare things to make sure all goes smoothly, insyaallah.

Yesterday went for dinner and movie with Mia. Scream 4 memang betuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul buat semua orang scream tak habis habis! Boleh dapat heart attack! Movie is full of suspense, scary level so so and hilarious! The lines in that movie banyak yang lawak. Gelak tak habisss. That Roberts girl is really pretty. And i used to like Hayden Panettire (okay i googled her name) girl cause she has a wicked body and sukaaa her brows sebab its always so cantik but in that movie her body macam so overly toned its so weird nampak macam jantan! Pfffft.

A question; kenapa actresses Hollywood banyak yang tua sebelum usia? They're so young but so old looking already, and so kesian ...

PS: Stupid hairstylist screwed up my hair 2 days ago! Damn you! Nasib baik pakai tudung!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Malam tadi before i zonk out tetiba terfikir, a lot of people yang i kenal buat business. Macam macam business. Ada yang buat weddings, makeup, jual corset etc. And its always pleasant to deal with someone you know when buying something kan?

So i decided to do a list. If you're looking for something to get/do/buy, please go to these lovely people! They're nice people i tell you and insyaallah they'll give you a good service with a reasonable price tag.

JumieShazreeyana/Farah, Mahfuzah, kak Murshida, and Hafiz

Cookies, cakes and desserts
Aunty Nani Rostam, Nadya Mahizan, Nurul Husna, Artie, Chieda Arifin and Salawatul Nadiah

Wedding/Event planning
Kak Murshida, Amy Ahmad and Mahfuzah

Hanis Haizi and Vyia

Shawl and scarves
Anna Irwanita, Fariza Mirza and Aziela Nordin

Pretty kaftans and baju kurungs
Liyana Fuad and Kartina Kamaludin

Gorgeous saree material
Hazel Ismail

Printing/Designing: Banners, cards, invites, labels and etc
Amy Ahmad and Shafeeq Hisyam

Funky-one of a kind shoe design
Ash Majid

Contact lenses
Lea Ghazalli

Transportation to Hatyai/Krabi/anywhere near Malaysia
Ajie Agora and Imran Adam

Freelance models
Safura, Selina Pasqual, Aishah Ilias, Shuhaida and Shafira

Freelance photographers
Ajie Agora, Ariff Rashid, Nazir Jay, Zool Ahmad, Hafizudin, Ady Abu Bakar

Beauty products
Maisarah Nasir, Fariza Mirza, Nurul Hayati, Yuza Yusoff, Syuzie and aunty Azlina

I will update this list from time to time

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Lips

I used to be crazy about makeup few years back. I studied makeup for awhile at Monica Lee Face Art Academy. After i finished the course, i tried all sorts of makeup, different look every week. Dark eyes, nude lips, dramatic makeup ... you name it, i did it.

It was fun to look different all the time. And you won get bored seeing your photos. But months after, macam dah tak excited dah. I stopped doing makeup (on my face and others too) ... But eventhough i stopped, i still love getting all dolled up especially for night outings with my girlfriends ... dinner, events or whatever ... i'll always make an effort to try to look pretty decent.

But lately, the excitement dah datang balik thanks to my friend Sazasuliana and another blogger whom inspired me, Shazreeyana. She and her sister selalu makeup cantik cantik whenever they go out. When i started reading their blogs, i kept on asking myself, "If they have time to make themselves pretty why cant i?". 

So now im collecting again and getting nuts over anything new i can find in the stores. Bought few Stage lipsticks and eyeshadows because its having a massive sale. I finally pushed myself to buy that crazy fuchsia lipstick that i gatai nak beli but i didnt weeks ago. Tried it on tadi, it was okay but its kinda crazy to wear that kind of pink walking around the mall. But its alright, i'll find an excuse to wear it.

Its the second color from right. Scary isnt it? I have about 20 lipsticks now but whenever wherever i would still go back to the first, second and third color from the left. Because i dont like to wear glosses. So whenever im buying any lipsticks, i'll make sure its sheer and glossy. Like those 3 lipsticks. The 2 from the left are both Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen lipsticks. I am crazyyyyyy about this lipstick okay. The third one is from L'Oreal. And i used to be crazy about this one ZA lipstick. Its perfect, sheer and glossy just the way i like it but i think they stopped making it kot? This was like 10 years ago.

And sebab bag makeup dah kotor malas nak clean up, im keeping some of my makeup in this clutch. This is their temporary home now. I need to get a new makeup bag pronto!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Makeup

I am seeing more and more of vivid lips in a lot of Spring campaigns and i am very tempted to try it out.  What do you people think? Yay or nay?

Runway to real way can be impossible to pull off at times. This crazy vivid lipstick trend does look fab on the runway. 

Stage the makeup brand is doing a massive sale until May. Please check out Stage to get cheap beauty products. Lipsticks and eyeshadows starting from RM12 onwards. Now is the right time to stock-up your makeup supply! Hurry up before it ends.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Something To Ponder

I think when someone is trying to do good and working on being a better person, instead of condemning or looking down on that person, we should give the person our full support because its needed the most at that time.

Because at least that person is trying to do something eventhough there's flaws here and there at least she is trying, but are you? Yes you have 'everything' in the world but honestly you dont. You're just a cocky person. You enjoy looking down on others because you think you're so great.

Allah SWT benci manusia yang riak? Havent you heard? 10 sifat yang di benci Allah; hasad dengki, kedekut, bermegah megah, sombong, suka bangga diri, gemarkan pujian and riak to say a few.

Enough is enough. Mind your own business. Live your perfect life. If its so perfect, kenapa perlu selalu tak puas hati dengan orang lain? Masyaallah sudah sudah lah tu. Lets push ourselves to be better. Instead of nak dengki mendengki. Tak ke mana pun hasad dengki tu. The world is coming to an end. There is earthquake happening every week now. Instead of playing the "I am better than you" game with each other lebih baik tunjuk you're that great to God. Let Allah judge you if you're as great as you think you are.

You might have everything. Tapi hati tak tenang. Hati hitam.

May Allah show us the right path, amin.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Funn Funnn Weekend!

Had an awesome weekend with my bestest people in KL.

Selina's birthday dinner was on Friday at Werner's. I had a really great time chit-chatting. I loved the company! The food was so-so but it didnt matter because my friends made up for it. I had a spaghetti with few giant prawns. The prawns was alright but i ended up giving most to my friends because of my allergies. I loved bestie's spaghetti. Moist, nice and the taste was alright. But Didi ended up finishing hers. And i tried smoked duck for the first time. Can you say euwwww? Weird taste. Definitely not going to try it anytime soon. Oh i wore a cream blouse with the harem pants. First time wearing a harem pants. Haha. I looked like a female Ali Baba. Wish i was taller, sighhhhhh. 3 of the girls wore long dress. Unplanned but yes all matchy matchy that night. I went for the pale eyes and blood red lips look for that night. Its been so long since i had that red of a lipstick on my lips. And it felt great! I should wear that color more.

Selina bought her birthday cakes from Bisou! Our one and only favourite place to get cakes from. If you've never tried Bisou cakes before, trust me ... you're missing out on something real good! And oh, us girls bought her a smexay Minkpink dress from and glad she loved it! Nasib baik muat, phewwww ...

These girls and camera, sighhhhhhh 

Intan and Wanda having trouble deciding what to eat

Werner's favourite pasta with smoked duck

 My dinner! Big ass prawns!

Awi and Saf

Sazzy and her slice of that yummy birthday cake

The birthday lovebirds. FYI they share the same birth date

Her birthday cakes from Bisou

The girls and the birthday girl

No photos of me and Didi. Sad! And not much photos of Sazzy either. We were too busy with our food!

Had lunch at Twentyone on Saturday. Lunch was good. Had my smoked salmon fettuccini. Went for Lat on Saturday. Please dont ask me how was it cause it'll piss me off seriously. Later on that night, i stayed alone in the room trying to focus on Black Swan but failed miserably while the others went to Sky Bar and came back crazy nuts. Oh, we stayed dekat Impiana KLCC. Because bestie suka sangat hotel tu so i cant say no. Kasi chance lah so we stayed there. Mia too. But too bad no photos with Mia. Asyik lupa, sighhhh. Oh, time sampai tu bestie dok golek sana golek sini macam actress Hindustan atas katil reminiscing apa ke benda tah and before we left to Istana Budaya she noticed her gold bracelet hilang. Terus hilang mood. I dont want to laugh but its funny seriously. And sampai balik pun tak jumpa. Her boyfriend gave it to her. And shes really scared to tell him. Hope all goes well with her explaining how, who, what, where, when to him.

I went to Teh's house on Sunday. The house ... masyaallah super gorgeous the view. We had the chance to catch David Coulthard doing what hes good at in front of Fahrenheit 88 dekat the balcony via teropong HAHAHAHA. Jalan dekat Bukit Bintang semua tutup that day for the first time in history for the Red Bull Speed Street. I honestly never thought car race/racer can be that sexay. Okay, enough on that. Pavilion Residences is a must buy house if you have the dough (in this case you must be a million or billionaire lah cause the house itself worth millions). Celik mata boleh jalan kaki downstairs to Pavilion. Sapa tak nak? Its even better than staying JW Marriot with Starhill in it. They're such lucky people dont you think so?

Cupcakes galore! Cupcakes from Cupcake Chic and Just Heavenly