Monday, January 25, 2010

Hmmmm ...

As i was spring cleaning my closet, i realize that i actually have alot of things with their price tags still on, things that i haven't gotten the place and time to wear.

For example, my Dorothy Perkins tunic i bought 4 weeks ago in size M. I am a size S fyi. I just couldn't resist buying it cause the color is so pretty and the fabric is so silky and soft! I told myself i'll get it altered but i still haven't till this very day. Same goes to my Limited Edition GAP Freeport jeans. I bought it in July, last year. And now February '10 is just around the corner! Haihh. And there's my Zara sandal i bought in Aug '09, the Ted Baker and the Sew & Soul tunic i bought both in Nov '08! 2008 okay? ... The Aldo gold clutch, the gorgeous Kate Moss Loves Topshop Liberty print dress i bought alongside with the Topshop straw slingbag & the F21 straw hat in Aug '09 for the Bali trip that never happened. And the heavily sequinned bodycon mini from Topshop ... and the list goes on.

Since i don't go out that much anymore, and since i don't have that much of a nightlife anymore, i have absolutely no where to wear any of it. My shoes, jackets are lying around desperatelt wanting to go out in the open. Oh my! When will i wear you o pretty things? I must find a way. Because i know i can't sell them. I don't have the heart to.

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reena said...

I like the grey top & black (or grey?) ada corak pink tu.