Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Miss Copycat

Create your own identity. 

Dont die a copy, its sad really.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tribute

I am soft at heart. Whenever i hear about someone's death, my heart breaks into pieces. Death and tragedy happens everyday but when its someone famous, it makes us stop and think about our own mortality. 

When i woke up that day and learned that Steve Jobs passed away, i felt as if there's a lump in my throat and i had to hold back tears. This happens all the time with me. I don't know what's wrong with me. Im not like this before. And i am certainly not a huge fan of Steve. I don't own anything Apple. But knowing his incredible legacy and the vision he had to make our lives easier is truly inspiring i can't help but feel sad.

Watch this inspiring video of him. I don't know how many times i cried watching this.

And yesterday, another death. I have never heard of him before. Marco Simoncelli is only 24 years old. He's so young and so talented. He had his whole life ahead of him, but God loves him more. We can't argue with that.

RIP to the amazing Steve Jobs and Marco Simoncelli. 
You will be missed and remembered. Your legacy lives on. 

"Stay hungry, stay foolish"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life In A (NOT SO!) Nutshell

Im sorry for the lack of updates. I have been *cough* busy *cough*

Partly true, another part is because i have nothing interesting to write. My life is so boring now, sigh. I miss my girlfriends. Everyone is in KL and im stuck here in this tiny island because of my work. Boyfriend is extra nice lately teman-ing me almost everyday to go here and there. Is it crazy that i am still so much very in love with him? Next year we'll be 9 years. I feel so old right now. I can already imagine giving a speech at my wedding telling this to my guests ... Now, dont get any ideas. If we're getting married soon, you will get the memo insyaallah. Do pray for us!

Buuuuuuuut, i already gave hints to my mom when i was in KL during Ramadhan. Umm well no, my sister actually did it for me before i had the courage to ask/tell her myself. I even went to Tiffany & Co and Cartier with my sister to scout for rings. Dont ask how many times i went scouting alone here in Penang. Its embarrassing really! I found a ring that i like when i went with Ezar but i dont know ... i think i am still searching for the one but the one that i found wasnt that bad so we'll see.

His parents? Well they're very happy and supportive. His mom cooks great food whenever im there. I can request almost anything, she'll make for me, no kidding. She is really awesome!

I honestly cant wait to start a new chapter in my life with my bestfriend! Hehe okay bridezilla mode aside. Lets talk about work. Addara is blossoming and i cant thank you and be grateful enough for my wonderful and understanding customers. They're really the icing on my rainbow cake. Im designing a new range for Addara. I will debut it this time around next month. Boyfriend chose the color. HAHAHA. I cant wait to see how it'll turn out. Andddd oh oh oh, if you know me, you know i love doing events. The planning and everything it makes me all happy and high so i have teamed up with my co founder to set up a small event company. We're not qualified to do weddings yet but soon insyaallah when the right time comes. We're in the midst of sorting things out, still buying things here and there for this. I really hope everyone, especially those in Penang will support us.

We'll shy away from the cookie cutter sort-of events, and replace it with few touches of our quirks and twists!

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Follow @thequirkybirds too on Twitter! And dont forget to like Addara too please hehe and follow us @addaraislove for the latest updates on the line.

I now must juggle 2 phones, 3 Twitter accounts, 4 Gmail accounts, 3 Facebook accounts and 2 blogs (soon to be 3 blogs). Die lah like this. But its okay *breathing in, breathing out*, insyaallah i will manage! Ohh lupa nak tulis, im in the midst of rebranding Addara. I have asked a team that i love to design for both Addara and Thequirkybirds. But they're very very busy people. I hope to see the result soon. So excited with everything! I am now occupied with a lot of things and it is making miss my girlfriends/the crazy bunch alot! I cant even curi curi go to KL to spend time with them sebab everyday ada saja things i have to settle. Hopefully i have 1-2 free days at the end of this month. I need them to keep me sane! Talking over the phone is just not the same as chit chatting with them face to face. I need my dose of red velvet cakes (we're all big fans of rvcs), gossip and Charade!

I miss themmmmm! I didnt get to see Ana before she left to Singapore pun, sobs  :/ I hope you're okay there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For All My Ladies

Hello readers!

Tonight i want to share something that would benefit us ladies. To those in Penang if you dont have anything to do this weekend drop by Dewan Terbuka Kompleks Belia & Sukan Pulau Pinang for this 'Karisma Wanita' event.

Worry not, entrance is free of charge! Your breakfast, lunch and tea will be provided by the organizers. Did i mention the transportation too? And if you're lucky you might be one of the winners for the lucky draw, if not, you wont go home empty handed because goodie bags will be given. There's a live performance and few talks session and ... a meet and greet session with Dato Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil!

Just come alreaaaaady! Everything is free and the talks insyaallah will benefit all of us. But do take note this event is only for the females yea? So drag your mom, sisters, girlfriends this 15th of October! This event starts at 9.30 am until 4pm so make sure you come early okay?

For more info, click here

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Lost Heirloom

I bought a pretty kebaya few years back that i thought of passing down to my future kids and grandkids. Its a perfect little something as an heirloom. I loved that kebaya i really do.

I am now a size M more or less and sadly i cant wear it anymore because the kebaya is an XS size so i kept it nicely in the closet where i can see it everyday. I made a mistake by borrowing it to a friend. I am not blaming her, i am at fault. I know i wanted to pass it down as an heirloom, i should've kept it properly.

Now its gone. Eventhough the friend offered me to pay RM400 for the kebaya, i know no amount can replace it. Buying a new one wont feel as same. The kebaya i bought has a sentimental value. I saved up just to get it because it wasnt cheap and i was moneyless at that time but i really truly wanted it so i gave the aunty a deposit first to reserve it and during the last few days before Raya i managed to collect enough cash to take it ... My friend kept texting and she called few times ... she banked in half of the sum yesterday but somehow i can't bring myself to reply or answer her calls.

I dont think i can make her understand how much that kebaya meant to me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Last Weekend In KL - Part I

Last week i went to KL for my friend's birthday. I was the one yang suggested it and i woke up late that day. Siap 2 jam. By the time i was done with everything it was 5ish pm so i went to the bus station because flight lambat. I missed the earlier flight. So i thought naik bus pun sampai sama time dengan naik flight plus flight nak kena take a cab to The Curve lagi. Tapi busssss takda! I had to wait until 7pm. And around 8.30pm i was still on the bridge, stuck because of the massive jam as it was Friday. Great time planning Melissa.

I was annoyed but im all to blame. Around 9ish i got a text from someone ... "Best naik bus?". Made me laughed. Habib told me to tell 'abang bus' i have a party to attend to and that i was in a hurry. Yeah right, like he gives a shit. He was really getting on my nerves this guy. Telling that they all were having fun there bla bla bla and i finally got there around 12.30am. Everyone was done with the food and they left me half of the cake. Nasib baik! I really wanted to try the famous rvc from That Last Slice, nasib baik in the end dapat jugak. It was so good, just perfect. Im getting it again next week for my birthday. This time, the large size. Yes its that good i tell ya!

We took few photos, gossip here and there and went back to our hotel. The room was pretty and the bed and pillows are super comfyyyyy. The birthday girl and i woke up nearly 4pm the next day. That night the girls made plan to have drinks and chit chat somewhere and i wasnt in the mood to go out (phone died, customer went nuts, loads of work to do) so i stayed in. Wani came and parked the car downstairs next to the hotel (it was very, very near) and came up for about 30mins then they left. I thought i was going to die of boredom but lucky me, one of my favourite old movies was on that night. I love TV2 for showing movies like this every Saturday night. That night it was 'An Affair To Remember'. I watched and worked at the same time and since my phone died that morning i tweet Intan asking their whereabouts but before that i saw Intan's Facebook page - she checked in at a nearby police station. Time tu tak sedar lagi. Then she told me kereta Wani kena pecah i was like WTF? I thought they were having fun kat mana dah tengok tengok tak sempat p for coffee pun.

We're guessing the thief saw Wani time dia buka boot tu and thought dia ada valuable things inside kot. Luckily i told Wani i wanted to use her laptop kalau tak taktau lah dengan laptop sekali gone. Tapi penyangak tu tak dapat apa pun, 2 bag of clothes. Padan muka. Bodoh gila. Nasib baik bangla construction dekat tepi tu managed to get his plate number, type and car color. But his attempt was quite funny by what i was told. Please take note that this conversation between my friend and him teramat jauh. Dia dekat atas crane godknows how feet above and my friend waaaay dekat bawah. Both had to scream to make themselves clear.

Wani: W-R-J?
Wani: YAY? W-R-WHY?

Repeat till you're tired. HAHAHAHA. Double yew-are-yay equals to WRJ. Nasib baik lah bangla ni nampak boleh lah jugak buat report polis (but until now no news from the station). Dekat penyangak yang sangap gila nak kena curi baju baju orang, have fun getting all dolled up in those clothes you idiot.

The next day we went to Ida's house for a potluck party. Makanan banyak gila! Semua sedap and we played Charade! Oh so funnnnn! My team won! *blows nail*

Cant wait for our next Charade session next week! Dinner and Charade with the girls. For my birthdaaay! Another joint birthday party with bff, hoyeah! And dont laugh, semalam sebab bosan nak mampos i made this. HAHAHA.

You know you love me! XOXO

PS: More photos soon! I looked like a bag lady, you've been warned

Monday, October 3, 2011


Support Breast Cancer Awareness this October by purchasing anything at Addara. 10% from the payment of each purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

Upload a photo of you in a pink Addara kaftan on Pink Ribbon Day and get 10% discount voucher for your next purchase! Email me your photo at with the subject - "I Support Breast Cancer Awareness".