Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello again world!

Blogging again, ah finally!

I hope its not too late to wish all of you out there a very happy Eid Mubarak! And please apologize me for my flaws and wrongdoings! So how many of you pile on extra weight because of the rendangs and ketupats? Dont be shy, come cleannnnnnn

So many things lah nak tulis but where do i start ...

Well, the few missing months let me see -
  • found out that some people cant be trusted, selfish and greedy
  • a friend's wife and unborn baby passed away (please take few minutes and say Al-fatihah for her and her baby in her tummy due to be delivered in 2 more months, i cannot imagine the sadness that my friend is going through right now)
  • a good friend got (not-so) secretly married
  • one of my bestest girlfriend got married yesterday
  • my boyfriend's sister gave birth to a baby girl
  • met chubby cheeks baby Maryam
  • heard my cousin is getting married
  • dyed my hair jet black and gave myself some bangs (yeah blame Fazura. Her hair is to die for in Tahajjud Cinta)
  • bonded with my sister over nasi Mak Lan and Topshop clothes
  • got conned by an irresponsible supplier
  • made a deal with Milk-A-Deal for my regulars and future customers that went live for 2 weeks and alhamdulillah sold out like goreng pisang
  • lost my precious Blackberry in The Curve's toilet and that same week my sister's car banged something struggled locating all of my suppliers and customers back (had to start almost all over again) and i managed to have iftar with my darlings

  • the female hosts of Quickie @ 8TV wore Addara for raya (over the moonnnn)
  • the uber stylish Ami Shaheera chose to wear a fuchsia Bahiya for her appearance in Jelita magazine
  • went to Jumie's wedding with my sister (the bride looked fab!)
  • heard Reena got engaged (its about time, congrats you lovebirds!)
  • went nuts over Adura's cakes - Temptations by Tiara (my sister stole a whole cake of mine and ate it alone)
  • failed to organize the anual iftar gathering
  • got a news that another close girlfriend is getting engaged end of this month
  • happy to see people strutting in their Addara purchase looking stunning (thank you to my regulars and girlfriends, you girls are my very own top-model!)

  • ... and a few more i cant remember now, phew thats a lot aint it?
Now that im back, im gonna bored you guys with my stories hehe i'll write more after this, promise!


reena said...

We miss u, Melissa! Congrats babe. Addara still new tapi dah maju! Tahniah tahniah. Proud of u :D And oh, thanks. Yeah, finally huh? Fuhhhh. Haha.

Melissa R. said...

i miss you and all the other bloggers too. now i am back in action haha thank you so much. insyaallah i'll push myself harder. ada so many plans for addara. and yeay someone dah jadi tunangan orang! hehe have fun planning your wedding babe! :)