Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choo Shoes

I am always inspired by the tales of rags to riches.

I am always inspired by how these people struggled madly in the beginning and look at them now, they can finally say they've made it.

So many example cases for this. Like Genghis Khan. He was homeless! Imagine that? A homeless guy who went on to create the largest empire in history! And you guys don't know how many times i cried watching Will Smith's The Pursuit of Happyness. I truly believe with determination and hard work, anything is possible!

Im writing this because i am amazed with our very own Dato Jimmy Choo! If you dont know the guy you're probably insane.

He was born in Penang and worked as a cleaner in a shoe factory and worked part time in restaurants to pay off his college education - he cleaned the toilets and swept the floors! He had to do a lot of things to be where he is now. He was featured in an 8 page spread in Vogue but sales was still poor until Princess Diana became one of his regulars. Then Tamara Mellon (daughter of Vidal Sassoon's empire co-founder) bought the company and both of them owned each 50% of the company.

But what bothers me the most if that, what. went. wrong? Why did he sell Jimmy Choo? All of his shares? I don't understand.  What made him do that? I can't imagine building Addara from scratch but not own it. He must be regretting the decision that he made that day. I cannot imagine him seeing his brand grow but not be a part of it, at all. He can't even use his own name. This is just sad.

He sold his part for £10 million. Had he waited and held on to his 50%, he could've gone off with RM350 million today. The company is now worth RM700 million.

I truly hope one day a miracle will happen and that he'll get to use his name back. *crossing fingers for him*

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