Sunday, September 11, 2011

Im Turning 25 Holy Cow

Okay so my birthday is a month away.

Those who knows me well knows that i am big on planning. Bff and i bought a return trip to Jakarta few months back. The original plan was to celebrate in Jakarta and we havent bought anything yet, havent booked our supir and hotel pun. Oh the horror.

I usually plan my birthdays few months in advance but i guess im getting dusty now. Thought of having dinner with my closest and bestest like last year, thought of having a tea party with the girls saja, thought of having a dress-up party (just because i want to dress up as Blair Waldorf and bff has no choice but to be Serena). I'll be having a joint birthday party with bff again this year because our birthdays are so near so why waste money and buat separately kan?

I cant decide, should i do 3 nights in Jakarta or spend the weekend in KL? Found the perfect outfit and jacket dah lol i love jackets. You can wear a smelly t-shirt with a handsome jacket and look like you're some Hollywood celebrity bwahaha

Bff is partying the night away and i cant call her yet to discuss about this, clock is ticking i need to start some serious planning pronto!

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