Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning

Morning darlings.

I just had my breakfast; my favourite pedas nasi lemak and a cream puff. Wish there's a teh tarik somewhere in the house to pair it up with the lovely meal, sighhh. I rarely eat lunch and dinner now. I havent for 2 weeks dah. I start my days now with a heavy breakfast and skip lunch and dinner. Not doing it on purpose, but memang now after the big breakfast session i dont feel that hungry anymore.

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper"

So since 2 weeks ago i have been sleeping extra early (after Isyak) and i wake up way before Subuh. Which is a good thing but i am not used to it yet. But insyaallah i will. Its been raining for days now ever since the quake in Japan ... Im not sure whether the quake has anything to do with this but i cant tell when was the last time we had this kind of weather in March. And because of the non-stop rain i had to cancel my Koh Lipe trip. Its sad and such a waste because the flight and hotel dah bayar. And i chickened out after learning about the quake in Myanmar which Bangkok and Hanoi pun dapat rasa. Yeaah Koh Lipe is not that near to Bangkok but i dont want to take any chances. So its okay. I stopped using the aircon and fan because its so cold. Looking forward for the weather to be all sunny again. Soon i hope! Nak p Koh Lipe!

I have few appointments this week and gotta teman my friend to an event on Friday and i might have to miss out on Selina's birthday dinner later on that night. And was planning to tengok Kampong Boy the musical hari Sabtu but semalam check the ticket dah habis! I mean theres still tickets of course but tak cukup for me and 5 of my friends. So sad! Dah lah Koh Lipe tak jadi, ticket Bruno Mars sold out and now ticket Kampong Boy pun sold out. Sabar je lah!

Tomorrow dah Monday. Hope everything boleh settle by today. And my partner and i wants to start shooting next weekend. Hopefully sempat siap semuanya this week! The boys really need to work faster! Oh oh oh semalam Earth Hour i almost forgot! Time tu i dah in zzzz land. I participated in my dream. How was your Earth Hour? Tutup lampu tak for an hour? I hope you did.

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor passed away 3 days ago. Being a fan of classic Hollywood movies, it was such a sad news. She was amazing in Cleopatra and she was truly beautiful during her youth. She had 7 husbands, and her diamonds, oh my dont get me started on the diamonds! But all things pretty aside, she fought hard to raise awareness and money for Aids, a cause she supported with all her heart. Her class, talent and beauty will be with us forever. RIP Elizabeth Taylor. You will be missed.

PS: A shout-out to my lovely girls - Selina and Iba, wishing you two a very happy birthday! I hope you girls get what you want and may God bless you always x

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