Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wishing For Better Days

I am supposed to go to Koh Lipe this Friday. Everything is paid. Flight tickets and rooms. But somehow i dont feel like going. Lately ni its always raining. Do you think its the same in Koh Lipe? And i dont know if its safe going there right now what with the tsunami and quake etc ...

This week is sort-of my 'holiday' week. I have nothing much to do right now. Because im waiting for the graphic boy and the website designer to get back to me. I hope soon. Not enjoying holiday at all. Because theres nothing much to do except sleep, sleeeeep and more sleeeeeeeep. How not to when its so cold outside? Its perfect weather to sleep.

But i think next week is going to be hectic. So i guess i have to enjoy my day off while i can. Im dying to get a haircut, a pedicure manicure, a facial and a spa session oh God pleaseee, and i've been wanting to pay a visit to my friends to see their newborns. And i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go to KL next week for Lat's Kampong Boy The Musical. Im dragging all of my girlfriends along. Sorry girls!

Oh, and just a reminder, Earth Hour is this week people! Its this Saturday 26th. You know what to do right? And please please please make lots of doa to the poor people in Japan and Libya because while we're laughing, lounging around a lot of lives there are at risk.

My heart is with the cities in Libya. May Allah protect them and prayers to all the soldiers and rebels fighting their hardest for a democracy in Libya. And also to the 50 workers staying behind to handle the Fukushima disaster. They are heroes to Japan and to the world.

The world is a beautiful place. We are the ones ruining its beauty. Its a sad thing.

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake" - Jeannette Rankin

#prayforjapan and #prayforlibya

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