Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Week

I've been 'working' hard last week and i kinda took a 3 day off. I slept so peacefully these past few days and as much as i love doing nothing, i kinda miss the rush and hectic-ness getting a job done. HAHAHA. I cant believe i am saying this but yes i love what i do.

Gotta work my butt off this Monday to get things done. July is only few months away. And i am super excited about the future plans. Especially the collaboration with a good friend of mine. Im gonna work hard for it and here's hoping all goes well, insyaallah. There are few more things to settle and im hoping for everything to be done in April. Insyaallah you can do it! *trying to convince myself, lmao*

Besides that project im doing with my partner, last week was really stressful trying to squeeze everything in a week. I had to monitor the situation in Japan every 10 minutes because i was so worried about my family. A lot of readings had to be done in order to understand about the nuclear leak/plant/thingy. Things that i never thought i would self-taught myself in a million years. It was stressful and worrisome. And i cant help but cry whenever i read about whats happening there. Eventhough my mother and her family is safe, i cant help thinking that they're thousands of people there who lost their lives and homes, living in a shelter or some living without water, electricity and enough food. I am so thankful that i live in Malaysia. After reading someone's tweet saying - 'Japanese nuclear worker on the news; "I am prepared to die to avoid a meltdown." I will not complain about my life anymore because what they're going through now is so incomparable to any of my life problems.

Other than the upcoming project and the quake/tsunami watch, i had to arrange and finalize everything regarding my Koh Lipe trip next week. 2 friends back-out because they were concerned about the tsunami. Husband said no so there is nothing much i could do to make them go. So its only me and two of my friends now but im hoping for 2 more friends to join us. But they can only give an answer on Sunday so i have to wait till tomorrow to reconfirm on the hotel part. Flight tickets paid. And next week paying for the ferry tickets. Hopefully everything will be finally settled on Tuesday. That said i have to call the ferry uncle later, kept forgetting to do that.

I dont know if its safe to go to Koh Lipe next week but i asked the hotel and they told me its okay. Gotta call the ferry uncle later to reconfirm on this. If its not safe, im guessing i have to cancel the trip. But its alright. I know i can always back anytime.

Earlier i got my parcel from a blogshop. Since i slept the whole day ... (it was raining the whole day, the weather was just too perfect for a good rest that i've been dying to have since last week), i only managed to have a look at my dress a hour ago. The dress is alright but its too body-hugging for me. I dont mind but its not appropriate to wear hijab with it. Well, if i lose 20 kg i dont think it'll be that tight anymore HAHAHA but no i dont think i can lose that much. And my goal now is to shed off only 10 kg. I dont plan on being ana-looking. But enough on that. The blogshop also gave me a free cocktail ring! It was a surprise and yeayyy thank you. The ring is lovely. Dont you just love it whenever you get surprises from people, be it in a small or big way ... it changes your mood doesnt it?

Okay i think i have to stop now. Its already Subuh. Im going to buy breakfast and jog. I'll write more soon. Insyaallah. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Oh i forgot i am also planning my friend's birthday party shit i forgot and its only next week *smacks own head* Nasib baikkkkkkkk she just texted me. Now now now now i gotta come up with a food menu. You're such a great event planner Melissa, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT!

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