Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sad, Angry, Happy And Hopeful

Busy week! So many things to do, so little time! But insyaallah, hopefully good things to come!

I had dinner with Mia earlier and managed to discuss about a little something something. I am so excited and i cant wait for it! And Mia, thank you for the organizer! You're so nice. I can now happily sumbat everything inside. Easier! Your organizer ada banyak benda gila weh! I saw! Hahaha.

I had this ... Terlupa lah nama apa. One of Sticks' specialties.

Imho, tak sedap sangat. Lagi sedap my aunt's olio or Dome's. Or the one dekat Hard Rock Cafe pun sedap! Mia had something, i cant remember. And terlupa nak snap a photo of her dinner. But each of us had 2 Cokes and i wanted more but malu nak order. It was hot okay? And i was so damn thirsty i dont know why, ughhhh.

After dinner we went for a movie. Wanted to watch that Jason Statham movie tapi lambat sangat around midnight so we settled for Beastly instead. That Alex pretty face tersangatlah hot in that movie! And theres my two favourite uber stylish people in it too! Vanessa Hudgens and one of the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate Olsen.

And the funny dude in How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris too! Hahahaha. He was blind in that movie but still, funny as always! I cant say it a good movie but its a fun movie to watch! Its a modern take on the classic 'Beauty and Beast' story. Obviously Alex as the scary beast and Vanessa as the sweet beauty and Mary-Kate as the evil witch! Who would've thought? But shes a perfect pick for a witch. Her everyday clothes is very 'witch-like' dont you think so? With the messy hair and crazy eye makeup! Perfect choice for a witch kannnn?

All the happiness aside, i lost my Gucci slippers. I was too sad earlier, i had no mood and cried. Yes i am a crybaby. I cry over silly little things. I dont know who took it. And i dont know if i misplaced it or anything but i really think someone took it but i really truly hope i left it at Wani's house or something together with the 2 missing Aldos. If its cheap i dont mind but its not, sighhhh.

Please come back. I'll treat you good after this. I wont baling you here and there anymore. Please?

Whenever i am sad i always talk to Ezar but we're not talking because of something and i felt so lost not knowing who to talk to. My bestie has her own problems and shes been sleeping a lot for few days now. I cant burden her with this stupid problem of mine. So i lash out on Twitter. It was stupid. Shouldnt have done that.

Tadi dah okay but writing about this made me sad. Harap harap jumpa balik. I really truly hope.

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