Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend

Diamonds + girls = BFFS FOREVER!

Thats simple math. But to choose one ring for your wedding. Just one. One that you will wear everyday till you're crooked and old. One that's within your budget. Thats just plain hard.

I am a long time fan of stacked rings.

But the ones i saw are all commercial diamonds. As much as i love stacked rings, i know i need to find myself a certified diamond ring. Its not that important. And yes nobody will know if your ring is a D color or an I color or if the cut is flawless and what not. Its for self satisfaction.

I went to De Gem with bestie 2 weeks ago and the SA told me that since its a De Gem so it doesn't matter if you choose an I color. Dalam hati furious gila. Like what the hell? An I color means its an I color. Hey you might be fooling people around you but seriously if it was me mesti dalam hati tak tenang sebab cincin tu bukan dari color/cut/clarity yang baik. I know im psycho like that. Bridezilla mode, sorry!

I used to think that a ring with a big stone tu cantik sangat. But after i self-taught myself the 4Cs i now know that bigger is not always better. A smaller stone might worth more than a bigger stone if its from excellent carat/cut/clarity. So girls, please buat research before buying your ring okay? This is important. Unless you're the type yang tak kisah sangat. But then again, to each its own i guess. Certified diamonds or commercial diamonds, it depends on you. You're the one yang nak pakai sampai bila bila kan so its up to you.

But still, do educate yourself the 4Cs before buying. When i was in Diamond & Platinum with bestie. We saw the Forevermark range there. The rings was nice but its a bit too trendy for my liking. Im looking for something simple and classic. Because i keep reminding myself that i'll be stuck with that ring for the rest of myself so i must find myself something decent and something that won't go out of style. And most importantly something that suits all your outfits/watches/accessories. I tried on a small diamond. Bestie insisted on a huge rock. The one i tried worth more than hers simply because the one she tried was a lousy grade diamond. I told her that but she refused to listen (no dia tak beli, only tried for fun). I tried educating her there and then but dia takmau dengar, sigh. But i won't stop! I will try again next time and i will force her to drag me or i will shamelessly self-volunteer whenever she decides to buy her ring.

I've decided what i want but it needs to be custom-made. Its because i have small fingers. Soon insyaallah. I simply cannot wait! 

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