Monday, April 25, 2011


Blogging from Intan's hotel room, the Impiana in Ipoh.

Bestie is sleeping. The others are playing cards. Kanye's All Of The Lights is on repeat mode. The song is wicked! I had an awesome weekend. Back to reality tomorrow, sobs.

I was in KL on Tuesday for the GLAM Great Escape event to celebrate GLAM magazine 7th anniversary. Everyone was so gorgeous i cant stop being "oh wow" and "damn shes hot" all the wayyy. I went with Mia, just the two of us. We made some friends there. Took photos with models/celebs/socialites. Chit-chatted with Marion Caunter for about 10 mins or so. She was real nice and friendly. Tanned and real pretty too. Couldnt stop staring at her gigantic ring. She is one lucky girl!

The GLAM magazine is doing an exhibition that includes spreads taken over the past 7 years. Pretty photos i tell you. You can checkout the photos of all the memorable and beautiful shoots at The Gardens Mall.

I saw Vivy Yusof (with her bestie Toots, Dean and Asma') and Mia Suraya there. Both so petite and pretty. Deborah Henry is drop dead gorgeous i swear. I hope Mia uploads the photos in the camera soon. I have so little of 'em. Oh btw, i finally wore my fuchsia Stage lipstick. I am so in love with the color. Wish i could wear it on a daily basis!

Top; Blazer and grey singlet from Topshop
Pants; Love, Raina
Shawl; bought sometime ago in KLCC
Belt; Love, Raina
Bag; 2.55
Shoes; Pumps from Aldo

On Thursday i went to La Bodega for dinner with Intan, her boyfriend and Fathul. I had creme bruleeeeee so velvety and sinful and bought red velvet cupcakes from Whisk. Intan bought like 20 tiny macaroons. I loved the rose and red velvet ones! But they were too tiny and at RM2 a pop. The RVCs was lovely but i still prefer the ones from Just Heavenly. The four of us ate like mad cows. Too much good fooddd i tell you. I always ... alwaysss love my stays in KL because i get to eat all the good food here that isnt in Penang. I stayed at Intan for 4 days and i thank her for being such a good friend. She bought me lunch while Ida made me breakfast in bed haha i feel sad that i had to leave her place. But i had to force myself out of the house before they kick me out. LOL.

Dress; Maxi from The October
Shawl; bought few years back from Midvalley
Bag; 2.55
Ring; F21 i think

All of us came to Ipoh yesterday because we got invited to Jay's house for the family's kenduri kesyukuran. Went for Red Riding Hood with bestie and Ida. It was an okay movie. Henry is too cute for words! Can i have him as my second husband pretty please? Okay i just googled. He is Max Irons in real life.

Dress; Maxi from
Blazer; borrowed from Ida because i didnt bring any cardi/outerwear
Shawl; F21
Necklace; House of Harlow 1960 Gold Plated Medallion Locket

I went into a petshop and i saw this cute Pomeranian. I cant stop thinking about her. Shes the cutest! And shes so smart and friendly too. Its so sad that i cant have her. And please ignore my ugly face i was too tired to put on anything on my face.

I had my first keli earlier with air asam at the kenduri. It was okay but we a saw few live huge ones at the back of his house i almost pukeddd out my lunch. They're scary and ugly. Bestie and i are very jakun people we kept bugging Jay to give the kelis their food but they were too smart they hid down under (pool was deep). They can tell bestie and i were up to no good. What was i thinking to eat keli? I am always disgusted at them. I guess i was too hungry? Or was i feeling adventurous just now? Bestie said "Melissa nampak macam Western tak sangka pulak dok makan semua benda benda macamni". We all laughed!

I am a kampung girl at heart. And a girl with a weird taste for food. I dont eat chicken chop or steak, or anything 'Western' in the cafes, i eat sambal belacan, cencaluk and budu, i only eat green colored fruits like green grapes and apples (weird much?) ... yes i am weird and kampung on the inside, so what right?

After the amazing food session i went back to bestie's house for a short nap and came after Isyak to Intan's hotel for dinner. And now we're all lazing around in the room because of too much of good food for the past few days ...

Im going to miss my friends' company. Seeing them again on the weekend for Nadya's engagement. Okay i am so sleepy now. I need to take the first bus home tomorrow. Goodnight readers. Will write more soon, insyaallah.


reena said...

I love your F21 shals babe! and u nampak cun in harem pants :D

Melissa R. said...

I love 'em too but too silky susah nak pakai and so delicate! I learned something, harem pants pakai dengan pumps, never sandals. Buat i nampak katek, sobs :/