Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty In Peach

Yesterday was Nadya's engagement. I was late. Like everyone-is-already-going-home late. But i am not the one to blame! Too lazy to write why. Had too much food yesterday. From the kenduri, to nasi ayam budu, to Anna's house, to Yuza's shop and Ezar's mom made laksa and cucur udang.

Too much, way too much. Im trying to pretend that i am on a diet today cause i've been munching on dried guava chunky slices i bought from Yuza's shop. (I am so hungry please helpppppppppppp!)

I love Nadya's makeup. The MUA did a great job. Her dress pun cantik, just like we planned. She requested for her friends to come in purple. I did not have any purple dress/kurung so i went in my black with green and purple flowers maxi instead. The same one i wore to Faezah's wedding.

Only three of us made it to Nadya's house. The rest was away. I tried to wear a different style yesterday (for the hijab) but i wish the hijab was wider and longer to cover the chest. Note to self; make longer and wider ones.

Nadya looked pretty in peach kan? To Nadya and Kamal, congrats on the beautiful engagement. Food was good too, thank youuu! The day of your engagement isnt going to be the happiest day of your life because there is many many more beautiful happy days to come insyaallah! Congrats again! Im looking forward for the wedding!

Photos without watermark belongs to Nadya. Credits to the official photographer

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