Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

I got my Christmas presents a wee bit late this year.

A clutch (comes with $$$ in it, jjjjeah!), a sleeping pants and Topshop tops. Unfortunately i can't wear the tops because they're one (or two) size smaller, sigh. And its short sleeves! I can't blame my uncle and aunty though. They haven't seen me since forever. And i was skinny 3-4 years back. But hey, its the thought that counts right? Maybe i can wear them as an inner or something. Topshop top as an inner, fancy schmancy. So long RM15 a piece inners!

Bbbut the bestest gift i got was on Christmas Eve morning. My tiny hamster (her name is Miu Miu) finally gave birth! This was her second try. Her first try 6 of her pups died. None survived. And i was clueless back then i didn't know what to do. But after that incident, i read alot about hamsters pregnancy, what to do and what not. Saw the videos, prepared shredded tissue papers and bought enough food and vitamins. 5 pups came during the second try. 1 died on the spot. Poor thing. And another one died later. The mom ate both. Which is a normal thing for hamsters. Especially for the mothers. It gives them protein. And another 1 died 2 days ago shortly before Subuh. Now there's only 3 pups left and i've been monitoring them since. The babies are well. They're as big as a thumbprint. Makes little noises and can't move much. The tiny ears just popped out yesterday. No furs yet, and still blind. Their eyes are still unopened. I have been facsinated ever since they got out. Masyaallah couldn't believe that a tiny hamster like mine can produce milk for her babies. Can you imagine that? A little thing milking 3 much much more tiny things! Seriously im in my 'jakun' phase right now. I can't wait for their eyes to open. Can't wait for them to be a month old so that i get to hold them in my hands. I really hope the babies will make it through because the sibling that i mated with the mom ran away few weeks ago. And he's the only sibling who knows how to well you-know-what, sigh. My sister's hamster is now a great granpa. Imagine that? Haha. And he's real old alright? When my sister brought him here he was healthy. Not really fat but he was a round shape. But now badan dah bongkok bongkok macam orang tua and he sleeps alot. Im really worried about him because my sister loves him too much. I hope the vitamins i put in the food/drink are doing their job.

My pups look like this, minus the fur. Not that much yet

While we're on the topic, let me tell you about me and Christmas. I don't know why but i love Christmas. Yes, L-O-V-E. Ooh especially the songs! I had a phase few years back. Whenever i was moody or feelin' down, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas will be on repeat. Something about the song that makes you feel all jolly and giddy inside. But its really weird right listening to festive song during unfestive days.

Yes i am uncool like that

Photo of the pup above taken from Google search

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