Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hair Fall Problem

Ever since i started to wear tudung, i hardly take good care of my hair. Cause i thought, hey nobody is seeing it so why bother? Boy i was so wrong to neglect it!

I changed to a new shampoo and conditioner recently and noticed banyak sangat rambut gugur! Like a lot sampai panik okay. Macam segumpal segumpal like that! I dont want to be 24 and bald! So i tweeted to ask for a home remedy solution or a good shampoo to use to cure this problem. Jumie my ever so helpful friend, suggested pakai minyak kelapa. And i asked my aunty, she said the same thing and i asked her to get it for me the next day.

But since im the type of person yang tak sabar, i googled and found few articles saying yang olive oil ada banyak benefit for the hair. I suddenly remembered there's a bottle of olive oil inside the fridge because my sister suka masak spagetti. Kesian duduk dalam fridge dah lama so i took it out, bagi warm sikit and then i poured some on my head. It doesnt smell awful, nasib baik! Berminyak jugak lah kepala for awhile cause i kept pouring them. I also self-massage my head sebab i read its good for blood circulation or something, i cant remember. Lepas dah massage, i wrapped my head with a towel and let it dry and went to bed with it. Not sure if its a good thing or not sebab supposedly lepas few hours boleh straight cuci but i do this before i sleep so lepas buat ni go straight to bed mana larat nak tunggu for few hours. But good thing about olive oil is that minyak tu serap cepat so it doesnt drip at all. At first yes but wait for about 20-30 mins, you dont have to put a towel on your head anymore cause the oil memang tak drip.

Then lepas bangun, i deep cleanse my hair with my shampoo, twice (sebab pakai minyak kan takut the oil wont go away in one wash) and i slather on very little conditioner. Lepas tu let the hair dry and comb it. I am so happy with the result even though baru try 3 hari but my hair is much much much better alhamdulillah! Hair fall sangat sangat kurang! And my hair is much softer than before.

It is said that extra virgin olive oil has a high level of mono-unsaturated fat acids and antioxidant vitamin E that moisturizes, protects and nourishes the hair. Makes the hair grow stronger. So im guessing that is why my hair doesnt fall as much anymore.

I will continue to do this as least 4 nights a week and a hair spa once a month. Oh btw, i pakai this Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Insyaallah next time nak try guna virgin coconut oil pulak as suggested by Jumie. And im going to change my shampoo and conditioner since the one im using right now isnt suitable for me. Nak try Herbalife sebab Amy cakap its good for hair loss. I'll update you girls on this okay?

Those with the same problem as mine, try this insyaallah you'll be happy with the result! Good luck

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