Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey ho readers!

How was your week? Mine pretty lifeless as usual. Work and im only out to pay/buy important things and to deliver customers parcel. A friend ajak keluar few times i had to say no, im sorry! I am useless this week and tired! Next week okay babe?

A friend got married last week. Lets just say because Tuhan wanted us to find out and i did - shockingly told by his infamous wedding planner and apa lagi i told the rest of the girls lah. We're shocked alright? But we sort-of expected it from the behavior shown by the person last few weeks. But i think its about time lah sebab that person isnt getting any younger. And plus most of the friend are married so i think dia pun mesti rasa something missing. Dah berumur, no people to lepak and party with anymore. Lebih baik kahwin at least ada someone to cuddle and talk to at home kan?

I feel should go out later. I feel like having cendol and something pedas. Oh yums! And oh, im in the midst of designing a few things for Addara so watch this space okay!

Love you people x


I went out! Went rock hunting in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay! But sadly, none that i like. Sorry i tergatai edit the photo sampai jadi macamni i only took this one photo tadi. Yes i know, my brows sama macam Shrek.We're friends like that.

Next week MUST do brows and upper lips!

Shawl: F21
Cardi: Eclipse silk cardi


Anonymous said...

i thought if u re wearing hijab u cannot do ur brows.

Melissa R. said...

hi anonymous.

this is a controversial issue among muslim scholars. it doesnt matter if you're wearing hijab or not. the choice to cover up or not has nothing to do with this question or yours.

it is not permitted in islam but is allowed to those who are married and the exception to this rule is if the hair of the brows is long or thick. in this case some muslims scholars said that its permissible to trim it because this is enchancing Allah's creation rather than changing it. its okay to clear the middle part where your brows meet as it is not a part of the eyebrows. i myself hate thin brows and i do not make my thin, but only neat.

Allah SWT knows best

Anonymous said...

so i think the existing one is prettier on you. u dont need to change or enhance anything. its pretty :)

Melissa R. said...

thank you, insyaallah :)