Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freebies And Vouchers

Banyaknyaaaaa orang nak kahwin this year!

Next week one of my girlfriend's engagement, then a wedding, then another three weddings, ah don't we all love weddings? Nasi minyak oh yums! Few girlfriends will be popping out their babies anytime now. I wanted to set-up a mini reunion for Amani but i am the only one left in Penang so i can't get it done, sigh. Kesian her. But i've promised myself i'll make her a beautiful diaper cake for the baby boy insyaallah.

I thought of clearing out my wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new something like that but i haven't gone shopping for quite some time now. The last baju i bought was my Dressing Paula dress, that was like early this month i guess? I'll be 26 years old this year so i want to get few pieces that is suitable for my age and appropriate to wear with hijab. So lucky i found Dressing Paula. A lot of beautiful blouses in silk and chiffon material that covers the bum and most importantly long sleeves! Dressing Paula did a campaign few weeks ago offering a voucher worth of RM500 (if im not mistaken) to their customers. I tried my luck but i didn't get it. They wanted a full length individual photo but i gave them the one i took with my girls during Anna's birthday. Then i kept reminding myself to email them again but sigh i forgot then tengok tengok contest dah habis. But eventhough i tak menang i got myself a voucher worth RM200 from them. So yeay, i just have to add less than RM150 on top of the voucher to get two beautiful tops. Their tops are roughly around RM130+. I've not seen anything above RM500 there yet so lets just hope it'll stay that way.

Earlier this week i the postman brought in a half year worth of Kotex pantyliners that i had ordered a month ago. Sampaikan my aunty ingat Kotex now has delivery service lol but no that wasn't it. I bought a voucher from one of the voucher companies online i cant remember if it was Groupon/Milk-A-Deal or Mydeal. But seriously it was cheap! I don't think i paid above RM25 for all of that. Great bargain kan?

And oh, i still have a spa session and hair treatment session voucher. But i don't know if i can still use it takut dah expired. I guess thats the downside buying lots of voucher. You lost track of what you bought and when should you use it etc. I burned few of my facial session last year because i was too lazy to go or because i couldn't find the right time. I kept thinking ah takpa lah its cheap. I shouldn't repeat this attitude again this year. I'll call the spa and my darling Ezanee tomorrow to check if i can still use the vouchers. If not, better luck next time i hope!

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