Monday, May 30, 2011

I Love Myself A Sequin

If you dont know yet, GLAM and Body Shop is doing a charity walk some time next month to stop child sex trafficking. So please if you could spare RM35 from your pocket, do register to join this wonderful cause. For more details please go to I hope to see you lovely people there!

That aside, i know i've not been blogging that much lately. So many things on my mind and many things to be done i dont feel like writing. But i miss writing so this is why you're reading this entry right now ...

Business is doing great alhamdulillah. I am so happy with it and im planning to bring in more things for Addara. Raya is getting near. Need to bring in more gorgeous kaftans and tunics for my lovely customers. That said, Raya dah nak dekat puasa belum ganti lagi! Ishhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nak kena ganti secepat mungkin nih.

Malam tadi tengok Mentor my oh my im so in love with Erra Fazira's canary yellow dress. The color, the cut, the fabric ... everything about that dress cantik sangat! Now i understand why Reena insisted on a yellow wedding. The color, kalau kena dengan material, beadings and cutting ... pendek kata kalau kena gaya memang cantik dan meletup! Plus, tak banyak orang pakai. Asyik white here white there white white white bosaaaaan lah! Dah Google photo dress tu but takda. Nak tunjuk dekat Reena, sighhh. Ziana Zain pun cantik sangat! I so envy these celebs, with babies but still ada a-to-die-for body figure.

Speaking about all things pretty, i am so in love with Nurita Harith and Alia Bastamam's latest collection! If only i have alot of extra moolah to splurge i would definitely get myself one or two things from their collection. We have so many talented designers here in Malaysia its amazing! I love Nurita Harith, Rizman Ruzaini, Alia Bastamam and Syomir Izwa. And im always excited to see their latest collection because its always oh so pretty!

Nak kena save duit nak kawin kalau nak baju designer kesukaan. Misi bermula in June. Harap berjaya.

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reena said...

Aawww so sweet of u lah melissa siap google nak tunjuk kat i. Heee. Tak pa, hopefully nanti masuk paper ke internet ke.

U perasan tak latest design by Nurita Harith yang Lisa Surihani pakai tu macam Vera Wang skit.