Thursday, April 28, 2011

Girly Things

I love reading blogs. Especially the fashion blogs. But it irritates me to read when i have to wait about 20-30mins for the humongous photos to load. Like, seriously guys? Hint: Chiara Ferragni

That aside, can someone tell me how to lose 10kg? 3kg gone and i want another 10kg to be gone as well. I just found out last week theres a pool, gym and sauna at Intan's place. Damn you. Should've told me earlier.

I saw a photo of my lil brother's Crocs on my mother's Facebook wall.

Baby blue and green. With his name on it. (The Crocs buttons wtv you call it. I know nuts. Im not a fan sorry)

And i almost died! Mom asked if i was green with envy. I dont even know how to respond to the question, honestly. Why the buttons whyyyyyyy i dont understand? Shoot me somebody please.

I have been looking for the perfect spot for my first event in KL. I am liking few places but im on a budget so there is a lot to to consider. KL is nothing like Penang. Everything is pricier. But with family and friends help, insyaallah i believe i'll manage.

But i havent decided on the date yet. Still deciding whether i should do it before Ramadhan or after Raya. If its going to be before Ramadhan it'll be crazy because next week is already May! I truly hope everything goes well. Bestie and i are flying to Jakarta in October to celebrate our birthday there. Flight tickets are booked because we cancelled out India trip. Next year insyaallah. Its our dream to visit India before we leave our singledom. The culture, the people, the Taj Mahal ... we shall see you next year! My uncle has offered to pay for my stay in Delhi, which we're planning to spend 2 nights maximum but i have yet to take him up on his offer.

I need to save up a real lot of money for all of this. And for a new bag. Been wanting to get a new one since last year. Im in love with Alexander Wang but since i am late, couldnt find the bag in the color that i wanted.

Oh i would like to share this with you readers, Stage Cosmetics extended its clearance sale until June! How awesome is that? Intan went nuts and bought alot. Im going to weekend to get some more too! Im dragging bestie along because i dont understand the blush color that she wanted "Aku nak color natural tapi terang". What on earth is that? HAHAHA.

Seeing the girls this Sunday for Nadya's engagement. Which reminds me, i need to tweeze this Shrek brows off before the event. And facial too. My face is such in a bad state. I kept cancelling my facial and gym appointments because i kept running here in Penang and there in KL. Cant stay at one place too long. I really need to learn how to do that.

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