Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Lips

I used to be crazy about makeup few years back. I studied makeup for awhile at Monica Lee Face Art Academy. After i finished the course, i tried all sorts of makeup, different look every week. Dark eyes, nude lips, dramatic makeup ... you name it, i did it.

It was fun to look different all the time. And you won get bored seeing your photos. But months after, macam dah tak excited dah. I stopped doing makeup (on my face and others too) ... But eventhough i stopped, i still love getting all dolled up especially for night outings with my girlfriends ... dinner, events or whatever ... i'll always make an effort to try to look pretty decent.

But lately, the excitement dah datang balik thanks to my friend Sazasuliana and another blogger whom inspired me, Shazreeyana. She and her sister selalu makeup cantik cantik whenever they go out. When i started reading their blogs, i kept on asking myself, "If they have time to make themselves pretty why cant i?". 

So now im collecting again and getting nuts over anything new i can find in the stores. Bought few Stage lipsticks and eyeshadows because its having a massive sale. I finally pushed myself to buy that crazy fuchsia lipstick that i gatai nak beli but i didnt weeks ago. Tried it on tadi, it was okay but its kinda crazy to wear that kind of pink walking around the mall. But its alright, i'll find an excuse to wear it.

Its the second color from right. Scary isnt it? I have about 20 lipsticks now but whenever wherever i would still go back to the first, second and third color from the left. Because i dont like to wear glosses. So whenever im buying any lipsticks, i'll make sure its sheer and glossy. Like those 3 lipsticks. The 2 from the left are both Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen lipsticks. I am crazyyyyyy about this lipstick okay. The third one is from L'Oreal. And i used to be crazy about this one ZA lipstick. Its perfect, sheer and glossy just the way i like it but i think they stopped making it kot? This was like 10 years ago.

And sebab bag makeup dah kotor malas nak clean up, im keeping some of my makeup in this clutch. This is their temporary home now. I need to get a new makeup bag pronto!


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

OMG darling u;ve got a lot of lipsticks there! more than me..hihihih..i also bought a few Stage lipsticks and i am loving them so much! i love all the colours u have there! suka suka suka..
to me u are gorgeous and u dont need a lot of makeup to make u look pretty (because u already are)..but trying out different looks & colours is EXCITING kan? i loveee trying out new looks coz i get bored pretty easily..hihihi..okk pls take a lot of pictures of u trying different makeup looks and post it on ur blog ok coz i am so eager and excited to learn from u.. :) thanks for linking me too sweetheart.. u r sooo sweeeeet! <3 ur blog

ferrarossa said...

Hello Melissa!

Awww my sister ada mention about you and I am so honored to be included here.. xsangka ada org notice haha anyway I am so glad you got to reap from Stage's sale. Awesome kan?? The sale lasts sampai March 2nd and I went like 3 times!

Anyway Melissa you kawan Wan Sazasuliana ka? muka pun da ada mcm adik beradik. So pretty and I'm digging the red lips on you!


ferrarossa said...

*May sorry bukan March hahaha siut je hrni blur blur sorry!

Melissa R. said...

shazreeyana: can i just call you yana for short? hehe thank you for your compliments but you're much gorgeous and you and your sister have such flawless skin! :)
ferrarossa: orang cantik mestilah kena notice ;) and you girls have nice hairrrr! i went to stage after reading your blog. i went twice dah. too many to buy, rambang mata bila p. and alot people dah tny that question to me and anna, but we dont think we look alike lol but since alot of people cakap maybe its just us in denial hehe but we're not related. just close friends :)