Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Funn Funnn Weekend!

Had an awesome weekend with my bestest people in KL.

Selina's birthday dinner was on Friday at Werner's. I had a really great time chit-chatting. I loved the company! The food was so-so but it didnt matter because my friends made up for it. I had a spaghetti with few giant prawns. The prawns was alright but i ended up giving most to my friends because of my allergies. I loved bestie's spaghetti. Moist, nice and the taste was alright. But Didi ended up finishing hers. And i tried smoked duck for the first time. Can you say euwwww? Weird taste. Definitely not going to try it anytime soon. Oh i wore a cream blouse with the harem pants. First time wearing a harem pants. Haha. I looked like a female Ali Baba. Wish i was taller, sighhhhhh. 3 of the girls wore long dress. Unplanned but yes all matchy matchy that night. I went for the pale eyes and blood red lips look for that night. Its been so long since i had that red of a lipstick on my lips. And it felt great! I should wear that color more.

Selina bought her birthday cakes from Bisou! Our one and only favourite place to get cakes from. If you've never tried Bisou cakes before, trust me ... you're missing out on something real good! And oh, us girls bought her a smexay Minkpink dress from and glad she loved it! Nasib baik muat, phewwww ...

These girls and camera, sighhhhhhh 

Intan and Wanda having trouble deciding what to eat

Werner's favourite pasta with smoked duck

 My dinner! Big ass prawns!

Awi and Saf

Sazzy and her slice of that yummy birthday cake

The birthday lovebirds. FYI they share the same birth date

Her birthday cakes from Bisou

The girls and the birthday girl

No photos of me and Didi. Sad! And not much photos of Sazzy either. We were too busy with our food!

Had lunch at Twentyone on Saturday. Lunch was good. Had my smoked salmon fettuccini. Went for Lat on Saturday. Please dont ask me how was it cause it'll piss me off seriously. Later on that night, i stayed alone in the room trying to focus on Black Swan but failed miserably while the others went to Sky Bar and came back crazy nuts. Oh, we stayed dekat Impiana KLCC. Because bestie suka sangat hotel tu so i cant say no. Kasi chance lah so we stayed there. Mia too. But too bad no photos with Mia. Asyik lupa, sighhhh. Oh, time sampai tu bestie dok golek sana golek sini macam actress Hindustan atas katil reminiscing apa ke benda tah and before we left to Istana Budaya she noticed her gold bracelet hilang. Terus hilang mood. I dont want to laugh but its funny seriously. And sampai balik pun tak jumpa. Her boyfriend gave it to her. And shes really scared to tell him. Hope all goes well with her explaining how, who, what, where, when to him.

I went to Teh's house on Sunday. The house ... masyaallah super gorgeous the view. We had the chance to catch David Coulthard doing what hes good at in front of Fahrenheit 88 dekat the balcony via teropong HAHAHAHA. Jalan dekat Bukit Bintang semua tutup that day for the first time in history for the Red Bull Speed Street. I honestly never thought car race/racer can be that sexay. Okay, enough on that. Pavilion Residences is a must buy house if you have the dough (in this case you must be a million or billionaire lah cause the house itself worth millions). Celik mata boleh jalan kaki downstairs to Pavilion. Sapa tak nak? Its even better than staying JW Marriot with Starhill in it. They're such lucky people dont you think so?

Cupcakes galore! Cupcakes from Cupcake Chic and Just Heavenly

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