Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blaze-r Me Up!

Because i don't write that much anymore, i thought of turning this blog into a WIWT kind of blog. The thought of leaving the blog for good is just sad, so i must do something to make sure its alive.

I have been writing a lot, but mostly i keep it to myself. My daily ramblings are all over my laptop. I can write more personal stuff that way which i can't do here obviously. So yes, WIWT type of blog means less writing and more photos (i don't even have a proper camera) and i've to experiment more with my clothes and accessories rather than buying just blouses and jackets. I am turning into a boring person, i know. Sheesh!

But jackets! I am really addicted to jackets and blazers! Especially proper fitted ones, handsome colorful blazers, the fully beaded ones, ah you name it as long as it's a jacket im sure to fall in love with it.
Here are a few that i am eyeing now ...

Mango Tailored Jacket

ASOS Shrunked Boyfriend Blazer

Ammara Hijabi Cape Blazer
(Photo taken from their Facebook page)

Zara Long Studio Smoking Jacket

Zara Frayed Blazer

Zara Beaded Waistcoat

Oh hey look!

Kate Moss why you look so good in thisssssssss, sigh x infinity.

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Ammara said...

awwwww thanks love!