Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bridezilla Attack!

If you know me or you've been following my blog, you'd know by now that i am a planner. Thats because i find the need to be in control of everything, to make sure everything goes smoothly and perfectly, ... my way.

Crazy? Yep i know.

Obviously this thing is happening right now! Planning a big day is so stressful! And on top of that, i have to juggle my work and an old unwell aunty. Its killing me! Now i cant imagine at all being a wedding planner. Too much stress of wanting everything to be perfect (read; perfect not beautiful not lavish not huge) my way is just too much. I am always awake until Subuh going over things, planning every small detail over and over again.

I went to try on some dresses 2-3 days ago. Found two that i loved. One is in black. Its simple and has embellishments dekat area yang i wanted. But its in black and bila fikir fikir balik, its too simple. I like simple, but this was too simple.

The second one i tried, it was a peplum dress. Not the color that i wanted too. But insyaallah i'll be able to work the color into my color palette (yes i actually googled color palette to see if mine matches and looks nice and on top of that, i made few inspiration boards because just visualizing in my head is simply not enough! ). E loves everything. He really is not helping at all. Everything looks lovely to him. I love that he's being supportive and all but a lot of yes-es im hearing is slowly killing me. Thank god for my sister. She's honest and very helpful alhamdulillah.

Step #1 and #2 is almost done. That is the budgeting and planning part. Im really hoping i could see/talk to my mother soon about all of this before i really start doing anything else, thats the most important part out of all. If only she lives next door ...

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