Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was in KL (Shah Alam to be exact) last week. And this week i am back here in Shah Alam.

I've never heard of Wong Solo before. When we arrived (sister and my aunt) we were really hungry. My sister loves Chinese Muslim food. I don't. So i gave Wong Solo a try after my sister told me that her friends really love the ayam bakar set. And i am hooked ever since! I had it every single day for dinner last week. This week, since my sister and her friends went to Bali on Monday i had no transport to go. So i went out with my girlfriends. I have not seen them since Intan's engagement. I've been hearing about Williams all my life. Intan proposed that place for dinner last night. I didn't know what to order i ended up not eating my food. Duck pasta something something.

Also managed to squeeze in some me time. I've been having Shrek's brows for quite some time now and thank goodness i found the Benefit Browbar in KLCC yesterday, and now my brows are nice and clean. I love the service there. I used to wax my brows in Apronbay Bangsar which is a good place too. But the Benefit lady who did my brows is really good. Im definitely coming back next month. I also got a hair cut. Shoulder length this time cause i cannot tahan tying-up my hair in a bun anymore. Rosak rambut lah. I went to Centro Hair Salon. The haircut was okay, service too. I got charged RM80 for it which is the same price in Penang and they're also kind to give me a welcome treat. So i've got few vouchers now. Worth it lah potong rambut RM80 dapat voucher totaling up to RM100.

I settled most of my work/what i intended to do here. Bought comfy shoes for myself and my aunt. Waxing and haircut done. Tried Williams. Saw Ezar earlier today after a month not seeing each other. Spent time with the people i love. Had a good sleepover at Intan's. Bought few plates (my latest obsession) and few little things for myself. My aunty also is doing much much better alhamdulillah. So grateful for this and i love my friends for always being there for me when i am in need. Texting, tweeting me ... i am so thankful for everything! A magazine texted me earlier asking if they can feature Addara in it, of course why not kan? Great opportunity for the label. Everything is finally going smooothly. I am rebranding Addara in March and this time, its going to be much better than before insyaallah.

Saf and Awi's akad this Saturday. I can't wait to see two of my oldest friends tie the knot!

PS: Oh, Lyanis and Luke's birthday is today so here's wishing you two a veryyyyyyyyyyy happy birthday! x

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