Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rania, The Baby Not The Queen

Yesterday was my first meeting with the adorable Zahrah Rania Shanley. I went to Teh's house with bestie for dinner because her mother cooked alot. There was siput sedut, lala masak pedas, prawns, kerabu kaki ayam, and a whole lot more. Makan sampai sesak nafas!

Oh Rania, i fell in love with her in an instant! She's such a beautiful baby and very well behaved one too. She smiles a lot and loves to giggle! My friends kept telling me that its hard to be angry at her because she too adorable. She usually wakes up around 4ish in the morning and my friends (they sleep there most of the time) and her mother, sleepy or not always kena entertain her because seriously whenever she smiles or laugh, it is hard to say no to this tiny tot.

While playing with her i got the chance to chit-chat with Teh's mom, or as we call her 'mama'. Mama is a humble person and i am so inspired with the things she has achieved. She told me how hard she worked to get to where she is now. "Perasaan malu kena ketepikan untuk hidup macam sekarang". I will remember that line always. Mama told me the reason why she doesn't hang out with other datin-datin is because she doesn't feel like a datin herself. I think most datin will prance around proudly carrying any label they have, but not mama.

After few minutes of talking, she showed me few bags, few Chanels were in the mix. She said "mahal kan beg ni twelve thousand", i nodded to agree. She is a millionaire and seeing her that humble makes me feel ashamed of myself. I am always wanting to get more Chanels but this person who most probably doesn't have to worry about money anymore feels like the bag is just too much.

Hopefully i can spend more time with her in the future. There's so much to learn and gain from. And i know i would love to cuddle and kiss baby Rania all over anytime soon.

And oh, i've always wanted to sing to my babies the songs from Disney movies and Breakfast At Tiffany's Moonriver ... i got to practice it yesterday masa nak tidurkan Rania. I sang and hummed 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and 'Moonriver' to her, tapi budak ni tak tidoq pun instead my bestie went "Weh aku mengantuk lah" HAHAHA.

Aunty miss you already pretty baby.

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