Monday, November 14, 2011

Who Is This?

The situation: Lying motionless on the bed
Feeling: Drop dead tired

The phone rang, with the voice on the other line asking me, "Who is this?"

My goodness i really truly seriously hate whenever people call and ask me that. Sebab its so obvious kot, hang yang call mesti hang tau hang nak cakap dengan sapa kan? Ridiculous question sungguh lah call orang lepas tu nak tanya macamtu.

So i said to her, "You called and now you're asking me who am i?" To cut the story short, she got my phone number for a friend. Dia nak tanya pasal kaftan, sigh. Then she said to me (politely takda lah jerit macam customer psycho hari tu) "Is this how you answer you phone, bla bla bla ..."

I explained to her why i did what i did. Honestly i didnt mean to be a b*tch. Im truly sorry but please please please people dont lah call lepas tu tanya orang tu sapa. You can just say "Can i speak to Addara?" or something else even if you're unsure whether Addara is the name of the label or my real name. Kena pulak time orang bad mood. Eh, tak time bad mood pun memang tak suka orang tanya soalan tu, sigh

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