Saturday, October 30, 2010

The World's Coolest Intern

I dont know about you guys but Facebook and Twitter is my breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and supper ever since i found out about them! I get to keep in touch with friends near and far, get updates on the latest gossip and news, and the bestest part is that i can share things with my family whose all over the world in via Facebook and Twitter. I get to see the latest photos and videos of my mother and little brother in Japan, my cousins in Hong Kong and London and so much more in just one click!

I hope theres WiFi. I need to tweet!

I am connected to everyone everywhere. Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, or via ... you name me, i am in it! Yes i am cool like that yo.

I am always updating myself with everything because i don't like feeling clueless whenever i'm around other people. So that is why you'll see me constantly being attached to my phone or my notebook cause they connect me to everything!

You see what i mean? I am always online

You know how pregnant ladies need to fulfill their cravings and they feel uneasy when they don't? Yeah its like that with me. Except that i am not pregnant. I feel uneasy whenever i am not connected. I'll be happy with just 5 minutes if i have to. I don't think i can wait for days not being connected. I am so glad for WiFi and Broadband. Thank you dear technology!

Food untouched. Must check my latest Facebook updates.

20 notifications? Whaaat? *slaps head*

A little birdie told me Standard Chartered Bank is on the look out to find the World's Coolest Intern. Who else could be better for the position than yours truly? I live and breathe the things they require for one to be the World's Coolest Intern. Being connected to Facebook and Tweetdeck is my daily food. 

Friends don't call me Yellow Pages for nothing. That said, that is why i should be chosen as the World's Coolest Intern!

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