Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kalau dapat cendoi time time ni kan best? Ishhhh.

I am craving for so many things right now macamana badan tak gemok, sighhh. And oh, steamboat too. Mmmhmmmm sedap! But food cravings aside, last night i had the photoshoot thingy with Nadya and Lim the photographer slash stylist HAHAHA. It was tiring, but fun! I dont understand how the supermodels can do that long hours. 5 jam pun kami dah letih gila. Tu baru photoshoot simple je. Lepas photoshoot we had supper. Nadya's mom made us cucur cempedak. Best! One of my faves. I had cucur cempedak too the day before at E's house. And prawns which made me go insane later on that night. I now know not to underestimate those tiny prawns! They're deadly to me. 3 Zyrtecs to tone them down, sighhhh. Nasib baik tak OD.

No photos of me and Lim though, only of Nadya fooling around with the shawls ...

Thats all for today folks kbye!

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