Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby Its Cold Outside

My girlfriends dragged me to Cameron Highlands and here i am blogging in the hotel room. This place is cold i hate it. I dont like anything cold. Like for example my leftovers if ada orang letak dalam fridge no matter how hungry i am i wont eat. Yes i know what is a microwave but thats just me. I just dont like anything cold.

On our way up yesterday S called a friend, Teh and lucky us, she and the whole family pun kat Cameron Highlands, Equatorial Hotel to be exact. The family is buying bought half of the land/hotels/rooms here to turn into 'Resort Natasya'. Guess who got free rooms? Hehe lucky us.

We'll be checking-out later. I'll upload the photos tonight. Gotta mandi and do lunch with them. Ciao bellas.

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