Friday, June 15, 2012

Let The Right One In

My friend texted me few days back asking my opinion on what bag and shoe should she get for her 'hantaran'. Her budget is quite high so its not a problem to choose when money isn't in the way. Ahh ... don't we all wish this too?

I suggested her to get a classic designer bag. It is really the only way to go (from my point of view) than buying 'It Bags' which are seasonal. 'It Bags' come and go. But boy was i wrong. Certain 'It Bags' has proven their staying power than being just seasonal arm candy.

For example, the YSL Muse. The bag debuted in 2006 and has seen many different incarnations since then. It became an instant favourite and now with its staying power, it has become an iconic bag. The label brings out the bag in many different version every season. You can find the bag in topaz, magenta and red whiskey. And in different skins such as ostrich, snake and croc skin!

Above, the Muse(s) being one of the bags i suggested to my friend. Others are ...

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato clutch

Chanel GST

Louis Vuitton Alma in Monogram Vernis

Chanel Classic Flap in caviar

I asked her to choose a spacious bag rather than tiny ones (but i simply cannot help myself - i have to point out the Bottega clutch because well hello, it is to-die-for!). I still remember last year being at the GLAM magazine anniversary event, Mia and myself saw someone clutching that purse and we both cried in unison "Soooo painstakingly beautiful!". Damn that beautiful tiny thing! *saving each cents i have starting now*

My friend is going bag-hunting tomorrow with her fiancee. I hope she chooses the right one, in the right material and sizing which i think is truly crucial in choosing bags. Especially if you're getting a Chanel. I'll let you guys know in September which bag she got for the 'hantaran'. Until then, let us wish her for a smooth preparation. I know she's super stressed out (nobody said being a bridezilla is easy, sigh) so i hope the bag and the shoes will cheer her up!

Credit: Photo of the YSLs are taken from The Purse Page, Exotic Excess and Butterboom.

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