Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Social Network

Mmmmm feels good to be back after days being away. Cant stay away too long i miss Peaches too much. Its scary how now shes starting to see me as a stranger because i dont play with her that much anymore and because im always away. Kesian baby Peaches ...

After being sleep deprived for days, days and days i had my 10 hour sleeeeeeeeep tadi. I wish i could say it was awesome but it wasnt. That is why i am now blogging at 4 in the morning. Ingatkan boleh bangun and go jog after Subuh but i left my kasut at bff's house. I weigh a terrible 50 kg now God bless me. How do i lost another 8 kilos? 2 months with this body im beginning to hate what i see in the mirror. Bff and i kept on complaining about the losing weight while we're stuffing our face silly with food. Its like a race with her! When she eats you feel like it too and when i try my hardest to starve myself she'll come right in front of my face with finger lickin' good food. Mad woman bad woman, as Bruno Mars would say.

Went to watch The Social Network last week and LMAO i swear bff has the funniest lines ever. While i was stuffing my face with a hotdog she turned to me and say, "That dude looks just like Justin Timberlake!".

I swear i almost muntah the hotdog and all my guts out okay! I told Selina and Firdaus and us friends laughed like man because "Dude, he issssssssss Justin!"

J. Timberlake as Sean Parker - The Napster dude (right; the real Sean Parker)


BTW whose side are you on? Team Zuckerberg or Team Saverin?

For me i would say 30 goes to mark and another 70 percent goes to Eduardo. Come on, how can you not feel sorry watching him drenched up in the rain because Mark forgot to pick him up at the airport. And when Sean opened the door, i feel so sorry for him. Just because Mark was so awed by what that scum Sean was feeding up his nerdy arse doesnt mean Eduardo deserved to be treated that way. They were good friends after all, before Sean came into the picture.

But man aint Andrew Garfield so ... dreamy looking?

The sexiest line, imo is of course when Eduardo told Sean off ... "You better lawyer up asshole, cause im not coming back for 30%, im coming back for EVERYTHING!".

And the saddest is when he said to Mark "I was your only friend. You got one friend. My father wont even look at me."

Sad how money always come between people and crushes relationships ... The last scene broke my heart a little when Mark kept refreshing Erica's page. He's only human. They all are. Semua orang buat salah. Nobody is perfect you should know that by now. Throw in a few thousand of cash, everything will jadi messy eventually because mesti ada someone who'll get blinded by greed. That is life.


Jumie Samsudin said...

Adakah anda rasa gambak ni boleh menang Oscar? Kami rasa tak menang pun mesti ada antara pelakon dia yang buleh menang.

Betui like apa ampa kata"Sad how money always come between people and crushes relationships"....depa ni sebab budak-budak lagi, dapat duit dan kalut. Nanti dah tua-tua pun sama jugak la.

Melissa R. said...

not strong enough for oscar i rasa lagipun message dia pun not tak dalam. impact dia tak last lama. i rasa andrew garfield tu mungkin ada harapan untuk dapat best supporting actor for his portrayal as eduardo saverin. pelakon yang lain biasa biasa saja. tak bagi cukup impact kat hati penonton. dia saja yang buat kita rasa touched and kesian

Jumie Samsudin said...

Yes! Dia pun sangat elok. U olls tau tak watak kembak dalam cita tu dilakonkan oleh orang yang sama. :)