Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now Thats Hot

Dress; Julien MacDonald. Clutch; Chanel (duh!). Shoes; Christian Louboutin.

That dress is approx RM7400.

Err, whaaaaaaaaat? Spending thousands for a bag i get it. For shoes pun i get it sebab kasut boleh pakai sampai rosak. But for a dress that you will only wear less than 5 times is just ridiculous. But its no denying that Fazura is the star of the night at that event, Anugerah Stail EH 2010. Sangaaaaaat stylish and gorgeous! Tapi in my opinion, kasut tu macam tak berapa masuk dengan that outfit. She should've worn something else. But other than that, everything is perfect!

Ada seorang celeb ni p event tu pakai a sporty dress from Ralph Lauren. Wrong move. So wrong.

Photo from Kopipanas2u


reena said...

Err..I think the dress macam tak cun la. Buat dia nampak fat dont u think so? I rasa dress from Farah Khan lagi cun kott.

Melissa R. said...

aah true, dia nampak wider in this dress. but thumbs up for her sebab berani pakai this outfit. leggings dengan kasut mcm tak kena, idk